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Evan Huffman

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PROF Rally Cycling 1675(15 p) - 18 0 2453.6
2017 CONT Rally Cycling 298(297 p) - 48 7 6474.5
2016 CONT Rally Cycling 482(187 p) - 38 1 5105.5
2015 CONT Team SmartStop 873(88 p) - 39 1 5338.2
2014 PRT Astana Pro Team - - 40 0 5302.4
2013 PRT Astana Pro Team - - 47 0 6820.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2015 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2015-09-072.1Stage race02.09-07.0912 Tour of Alberta B.Mollema
2015-09-072.1Points02.09-07.0929 Tour of Alberta M.Matthews
2015-09-072.1Mountains02.09-07.0910 Tour of Alberta B.Perry
2015-08-232.HCStage race17.08-23.0841 USA Challenge R.Dennis
2015-06-142.2Stage race10.06-14.06DNF Tour de Beauce P.Bilbao
2015-06-071.2One-day race07.06DNF 173.0 km Philly Cycling Classic C.Barbero Cuesta
2015-05-311.2One-day race31.058 177.8 km Winston Cycling Classic T.Skujins
2015-05-25CN Chattanooga25.05DNF 165.0 km CN USA RR M.Busche
2015-05-23CN Chattanooga23.059 30.9 km CN USA ITT A.Talansky
2015-05-172.HCStage race10.05-17.0550 Tour of California P.Sagan
2015-05-172.HCPoints10.05-17.0535 Tour of California M.Cavendish
2015-05-172.HCMountains10.05-17.056 Tour of California D.Oss
2015-05-032.2Stage race29.04-03.0534 Tour of the Gila R.Britton
2015-04-122.NRCStage race08.04-12.0439 Redlands Classic P.Gaimon
2015-04-122.NRCMountains08.04-12.0428 Redlands Classic G.Brenes
2015-03-012.2Stage race22.02-01.0312 Vuelta Independencia R.Oyola
2015-03-012.2Points22.02-01.034 Vuelta Independencia J.Castaneda
2015-03-012.2Mountains22.02-01.031 Vuelta Independencia-
2015-09-072.106.stage07.092112 124.1 km Tour of Alberta N.Arndt
2015-09-062.105.stage06.095412 206.2 km Tour of Alberta L.Norman Hansen
2015-09-052.104.stage05.09511 162.1 km Tour of Alberta T.Slagter
2015-09-042.103.stage04.091027 181.8 km Tour of Alberta T.Slagter
2015-09-032.102.stage03.0910469 171.6 km Tour of Alberta M.Matthews
2015-09-022.101.stage (TTT)02.091371 19.6 km Tour of Alberta B.Mollema
2015-08-232.HC07.stage23.086841 110 km USA Challenge J.Murphy
2015-08-222.HC06.stage22.086541 165 km USA Challenge R.Kreuziger
2015-08-212.HC05.stage21.081831 14 km USA Challenge R.Dennis
2015-08-202.HC04.stage20.085131 203 km USA Challenge R.Dennis
2015-08-192.HC03.stage19.083427 163 km USA Challenge K.Reijnen
2015-08-182.HC02.stage18.082036 186 km USA Challenge B.Bookwalter
2015-08-172.HC01.stage17.087070 156 km USA Challenge T.Phinney
2015-06-142.206.stage14.06DNF 122.4 km Tour de Beauce B.Perry
2015-06-132.205.stage13.065875 124.8 km Tour de Beauce C.Barbero Cuesta
2015-06-122.204.stage12.066778 60 km Tour de Beauce G.Boivin
2015-06-122.203.stage12.061585 21 km Tour de Beauce B.Canty
2015-06-112.202.stage11.067996 169 km Tour de Beauce A.Txurruka
2015-06-102.201.stage10.06118119 186.2 km Tour de Beauce C.Barbero Cuesta
2015-05-172.HC08.stage17.058250 105 km Tour of California M.Cavendish
2015-05-162.HC07.stage16.054552 128.7 km Tour of California J.Alaphilippe
2015-05-152.HC06.stage15.054462 10.6 km Tour of California P.Sagan
2015-05-142.HC05.stage14.059261 154 km Tour of California M.Cavendish
2015-05-132.HC04.stage13.058863 173.1 km Tour of California P.Sagan
2015-05-122.HC03.stage12.055065 169.8 km Tour of California T.Skujins
2015-05-112.HC02.stage11.05118112 193.7 km Tour of California M.Cavendish
2015-05-102.HC01.stage10.05108109 203.1 km Tour of California M.Cavendish
2015-05-032.205.stage03.052234 161.9 km Tour of the Gila M.Woods
2015-05-022.204.stage02.055869 69.5 km Tour of the Gila L.Haedo
2015-05-012.203.stage01.05671 26 km Tour of the Gila T.Zirbel
2015-04-302.202.stage30.048982 122.6 km Tour of the Gila E.Young
2015-04-292.201.stage29.04107107 148 km Tour of the Gila R.Montiel
2015-04-122.NRC05.stage12.044239 151.4 km Redlands Classic L.Haedo
2015-04-112.NRC04.stage11.0410364 72.4 km Redlands Classic B.Rhim
2015-04-102.NRC03.stage10.047459 122.1 km Redlands Classic P.Gaimon
2015-04-092.NRC02.stage09.042111 12.6 km Redlands Classic T.Zirbel
2015-04-082.NRC01.stage08.041819 93.5 km Redlands Classic L.Haedo
2015-03-012.208.stage01.03512 110 km Vuelta Independencia R.Sweeting
2015-02-282.207.stage28.028613 146 km Vuelta Independencia N.Tavera Sanchez
2015-02-272.206.stage27.022213 104 km Vuelta Independencia J.Castaneda
2015-02-252.204.stage25.02913 153 km Vuelta Independencia Y.Mayer
2015-02-242.203.stage24.02114 171 km Vuelta Independencia-
2015-02-232.202.stage23.02726 187 km Vuelta Independencia J.Castaneda
2015-02-222.201.stage22.026969 200 km Vuelta Independencia E.Colon Ortiz


Nation USA

Born28 year, Jan 7th 1990

Height1.83 m

Mountain jerseys

Tour of California (2016)
Vuelta Independencia (2015)


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