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Evan Huffman

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Year Date # What Km Race
2012-06-21201221.06CNOne-day race CN USA ITT-U23
2016-06-19201615.06-19.062.NRCGC North Star Grand Prix
2016-08-21201621.08NEOne-day race University RR-Moustly Cloudy
2017-04-23201719.04-23.042.2GC Tour of the Gila
2017-09-04201701.09-04.092.1GC Tour of Alberta


Year Date # What Km Race
2015-03-01201522.02-01.032.2Mountains Vuelta Independencia Nacional
2016-05-22201615.05-22.052.HCMountains Amgen Tour of California

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2012-05-04201204.052.203.stage 27 km Tour of the Gila
2015-02-24201524.022.203.stage 171 km Vuelta Independencia
2016-06-16201616.062.NRC03.stage 136.8 km North Star Grand Prix
2016-09-03201603.092.103.stage 181.2 km Tour of Alberta
2017-04-21201721.042.203.stage 26 km Tour of the Gila
2017-05-17201717.052.WT304.stage 159.5 km Tour of California
2017-05-20201720.052.WT307.stage 125 km Tour of California
2017-07-20201720.072.202.stage 23 km Cascade Cycling Classic
2017-09-01201701.092.101.stage 162 km Tour of Alberta


Nation USA

Born28 year, Jan 7th 1990

Height1.83 m

Mountain jerseys

Tour of California (2016)
Vuelta Independencia (2015)


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