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Pascal Hungerbühler

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2009 PROF Vorarlberg - Corratec 1524(35 p) - 53 0 8322.5
2008 PROF Volksbank - Corratec 3943(2 p) - 18 0 2863.3
2007 PROF Team Volksbank 709(130 p) - 56 0 8893.7
2006 PROF Team Vorarlberg 796(115 p) - 34 0 5554.7
2005 CONT Volksbank - Leingruber - Ideal 875(94 p) - 24 0 3320.7
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2009 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2009-10-031.1One-day race03.10105 198.0 km Münsterland Giro A.Saramotins
2009-09-181.1One-day race18.0950 198.0 km GP de la Somme Y.Hutarovich
2009-09-161.1One-day race16.09104 203.8 km GP de Wallonie N.Nuyens
2009-09-061.1One-day race06.0981 195.6 km Giro della Romagna M.Fischer
2009-08-291.HCOne-day race29.0824 199.8 km Giro del Veneto F.Pozzato
2009-08-191.1One-day race19.08DNF 197.2 km Coppa Agostoni G.Visconti
2009-08-181.HCOne-day race18.0856 189.3 km Tre Valli Varesine M.Santambrogio
2009-07-262.1Stage race22.07-26.0730 Sachsen Tour P.Sinkewitz
2009-06-28CN Nyon28.0610180.4 km CN Switzerland RR F.Cancellara
2009-06-24CN Nyon24.068 36.3 km CN Switzerland ITT R.Bertogliati
2009-06-212.PTStage race13.06-21.0690 Tour de Suisse F.Cancellara
2009-06-212.PTMountains13.06-21.065 Tour de Suisse T.Martin
2009-06-071.HCOne-day race07.0685 196.0 km GP Kanton Aargau P.Velits
2009-06-061.1One-day race06.06DNF 150.0 km GP Triberg-Schwarzwald H.Haussler
2009-06-011.1One-day race01.0680 190.5 km Neuseen Classics A.Greipel
2009-05-312.HCStage race27.05-31.0520 Bayern Rundfahrt L.Gerdemann
2009-05-172.1Stage race15.05-17.0565 Tour de Picardie L.Westra
2009-05-011.HCOne-day race01.0539 190.8 km Eschborn-Frankfurt F.Wegmann
2009-04-192.1Stage race12.04-19.0445 Tour of Turkey D.Impey
2009-04-052.1Stage race31.03-05.0440 Settimana Lombarda D.Pietropolli
2009-03-011.1One-day race01.03DNF 178.5 km Gran Premio di Lugano R.Pauriol
2009-02-281.1One-day race28.02DNF 173.2 km GP Regio Insubria F.Ginanni
2009-02-152.HCStage race09.02-15.0245 Tour de Langkawi J.Serpa
2009-07-262.105.stage26.0731 146 km Sachsen Tour T.Löfkvist
2009-07-252.104.stage25.0785 183 km Sachsen Tour S.Langeveld
2009-07-242.103.stage24.0780 176 km Sachsen Tour P.Sinkewitz
2009-07-232.102.stage23.0753 200 km Sachsen Tour S.Langeveld
2009-07-222.101.stage22.0796 162 km Sachsen Tour A.Greipel
2009-06-212.PT09.stage21.0668 39 km Tour de Suisse F.Cancellara
2009-06-202.PT08.stage20.06101 182 km Tour de Suisse T.Martin
2009-06-192.PT07.stage19.06149 204 km Tour de Suisse K.Kirchen
2009-06-182.PT06.stage18.06148 178 km Tour de Suisse M.Cavendish
2009-06-172.PT05.stage17.06100 202 km Tour de Suisse M.Albasini
2009-06-162.PT04.stage16.0684 197 km Tour de Suisse M.Breschel
2009-06-152.PT03.stage15.06146 195 km Tour de Suisse M.Cavendish
2009-06-142.PT02.stage14.0688 150 km Tour de Suisse B.Eisel
2009-06-132.PT01.stage13.06118 8 km Tour de Suisse F.Cancellara
2009-05-312.HC05.stage31.0586 165 km Bayern Rundfahrt A.Greipel
2009-05-302.HC04.stage30.0543 26 km Bayern Rundfahrt T.Martin
2009-05-292.HC03.stage29.0574 178 km Bayern Rundfahrt A.Greipel
2009-05-282.HC02.stage28.0522 174 km Bayern Rundfahrt M.Eibegger
2009-05-272.HC01.stage27.0569 196 km Bayern Rundfahrt A.Greipel
2009-05-172.104.stage17.0546 96 km Tour de Picardie Y.Offredo
2009-05-172.103.stage17.0595 85 km Tour de Picardie R.McEwen
2009-05-162.102.stage16.0588 179 km Tour de Picardie R.Feillu
2009-05-152.101.stage15.0594 179 km Tour de Picardie L.Westra
2009-04-192.108.stage19.04107 166 km Tour of Turkey S.Siedler
2009-04-182.107.stage18.0414 114.5 km Tour of Turkey R.Förster
2009-04-172.106.stage17.0439 194 km Tour of Turkey M.Finetto
2009-04-162.105.stage16.04106 130 km Tour of Turkey O.Kaisen
2009-04-152.104.stage15.0471 166.9 km Tour of Turkey D.Impey
2009-04-142.103.stage14.04131 166.1 km Tour of Turkey A.Schulze
2009-04-132.102.stage13.04123 132.5 km Tour of Turkey D.García Dapena
2009-04-122.101.stage12.04146 142 km Tour of Turkey M.Finetto
2009-04-052.106.stage05.0458 131 km Settimana Lombarda L.Paolini
2009-04-042.105.stage04.0463 159 km Settimana Lombarda D.Pozzovivo
2009-04-032.104.stage03.0470 184 km Settimana Lombarda A.Petacchi
2009-04-022.103.stage02.0463 164 km Settimana Lombarda M.Gavazzi
2009-04-012.102.stage01.04114 160 km Settimana Lombarda A.Petacchi
2009-03-312.101.stage (TTT)31.0319 19 km Settimana Lombarda A.Petacchi
2009-02-152.HC07.stage15.0291 80.4 km Tour de Langkawi Y.Gène
2009-02-142.HC06.stage14.0261 147.6 km Tour de Langkawi M.Gavazzi
2009-02-132.HC05.stage13.0243 102 km Tour de Langkawi J.Serpa
2009-02-122.HC04.stage12.0274 221 km Tour de Langkawi S.Samai
2009-02-112.HC03.stage11.0268 186 km Tour de Langkawi M.Gavazzi
2009-02-102.HC02.stage10.02104 160.9 km Tour de Langkawi M.Gavazzi
2009-02-092.HC01.stage09.0297 133.8 km Tour de Langkawi M.Gavazzi


Nation Austria

Born41 year, Feb 22nd 1977