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Andreas Sauerborn

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2001 TT2 Gerolsteiner - -
2000 TT2 Gerolsteiner - -
1999 TT2 Gerolsteiner - -
1998 TT2 Die Continentale - Olympia Dortmund - -
1997 TT1 Schauff - RSV Oeschelbronn - -
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2001 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2001-09-232.4Stage race19.09-23.0956 Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt E.Dekker
2001-08-19CDMOne-day race19.08119 251.0 km Cyclassics Hamburg E.Zabel
2001-07-152.4Stage race11.07-15.07DNF GP Torres Vedras A.Palomares
2001-06-172.3Stage race11.06-17.06DNF Österreich-Rundfahrt C.Evans
2001-06-101.4One-day race10.06DNF180.0 km Schynberg Rundfahrt R.Scholz
2001-05-202.3Stage race15.05-20.05DNF Vuelta a Asturias J.Dominguez
2001-05-132.4Stage race12.05-13.05DNF Clasica a Alcobendas A.Olano
2001-05-032.2Stage race30.04-03.05DNF Tour of the Alps F.Casagrande
2001-03-242.4Stage race21.03-24.03126 Volta ao de Santarem I.González de G.
2001-02-182.3Stage race06.02-18.0217 Tour de Langkawi P.Lanfranchi
2001-09-232.405.stage23.0949 172 km Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt D.Jonasson
2001-09-222.404.stage22.0961 167 km Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt T.Schmidt
2001-09-212.403.stage21.0980 191 km Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt M.Ljungqvist
2001-09-202.402.stage20.09102 147 km Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt E.Dekker
2001-09-192.401.stage19.0989 186 km Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt M.Boogerd
2001-07-142.404.stage14.07DNF 150 km GP Torres Vedras R.Förster
2001-07-132.403.stage13.0777 162 km GP Torres Vedras P.Fernandes Ferreira
2001-07-122.402.stage12.0766 218 km GP Torres Vedras T.Wilhelms
2001-07-112.401.stage11.07102 154 km GP Torres Vedras T.Casnedi
2001-06-132.303.stage13.06DNF 173 km Österreich-Rundfahrt F.Morini
2001-06-122.302.stage12.0682 197 km Österreich-Rundfahrt C.Wegmann
2001-06-112.301.stage11.0671 141 km Österreich-Rundfahrt W.Riebenbauer
2001-05-202.307.stage20.05DNS 6 km Vuelta a Asturias J.Dominguez
2001-05-202.306.stage20.0578 98 km Vuelta a Asturias I.Bonciucov
2001-05-192.305.stage19.0583 170 km Vuelta a Asturias A.Lopez
2001-05-182.304.stage18.05110 182 km Vuelta a Asturias J.Horrach
2001-05-172.303.stage17.05127 165 km Vuelta a Asturias I.González de G.
2001-05-162.302.stage16.05107 175 km Vuelta a Asturias F.Fontanelli
2001-05-152.301.stage15.0595 154 km Vuelta a Asturias M.Perdiguero
2001-05-132.403.stage13.05DNS 13 km Clasica a Alcobendas J.Hruska
2001-05-132.402.stage13.05101 63 km Clasica a Alcobendas P.Goncalves
2001-05-122.401.stage12.0592 160 km Clasica a Alcobendas M.Perdiguero
2001-05-012.202.stage01.05DNF 181 km Tour of the Alps R.Ivanov
2001-04-302.201.stage30.04146 161 km Tour of the Alps F.Casagrande
2001-03-242.404.stage24.03124 12 km Volta ao de Santarem I.González de G.
2001-03-232.403.stage23.03133 197 km Volta ao de Santarem Á.Edo
2001-03-222.402.stage22.0358 171 km Volta ao de Santarem I.Gálvez
2001-03-212.401.stage21.0345 212 km Volta ao de Santarem Á.Edo
2001-02-182.312.stage18.0228 76 km Tour de Langkawi F.Colonna
2001-02-172.311.stage17.0220 163 km Tour de Langkawi P.Bettini
2001-02-162.310.stage16.0280 27 km Tour de Langkawi N.O'Neill
2001-02-152.309.stage15.0212 132 km Tour de Langkawi P.Lanfranchi
2001-02-142.308.stage14.0238 154 km Tour de Langkawi P.Lanfranchi
2001-02-132.307.stage13.0283 172 km Tour de Langkawi I.Quaranta
2001-02-112.306.stage11.0255 150 km Tour de Langkawi J.Koerts
2001-02-102.305.stage10.0283 241 km Tour de Langkawi E.Degano
2001-02-092.304.stage09.0280 136 km Tour de Langkawi J.Koerts
2001-02-082.303.stage08.0248 177 km Tour de Langkawi P.Bettini
2001-02-072.302.stage07.0282 226 km Tour de Langkawi E.Degano
2001-02-062.301.stage06.0237 182 km Tour de Langkawi G.Fraser


Nation Germany

Born43 year, Apr 15th 1975

Stage victories

1x Solidarnosc Champions