Aleksandar Nikacevic

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2002 TT1 Alessio - -
2001 TT2 Alessio - -
2000 TT2 Alessio - Banca SMG (Trainee) - -
1999 TT1 Mapei - Quick Step (Trainee) - -
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2002 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2002-10-19CDMMonument19.10DNF 251.0 km Il Lombardia M.Bartoli
2002-10-161.1One-day race16.10142 199.0 km Milano - Torino M.Bartoli
2002-10-13WCRR Zolder13.10167256.0 km World Championship M.Cipollini
2002-10-042.3Stage race01.10-04.1083 Giro Provincia Lucca F.Fontanelli
2002-09-29GTGrand Tour07.09-29.09DNF Vuelta a España A.Gonzalez
2002-08-042.5Stage race27.07-04.088 Tour of Qinghai Lake T.Danielson
2002-06-282.5Stage race23.06-28.061 Tour de Serbia-
2002-06-092.1Stage race05.06-09.06DNF Euskal Bizikleta M.Zarrabeitia
2002-05-262.3Stage race22.05-26.055 Bayern Rundfahrt M.Rich
2002-04-251.3One-day race25.0469 197.0 km GP de Denain A.Vinale
2002-04-241.1One-day race24.0478 205.0 km Scheldeprijs R.McEwen
2002-04-042.2Stage race02.04-04.04DNF Driedaagse De Panne P.Van Petegem
2002-03-301.1Northern30.0362 200.0 km E3 Harelbeke D.Pieri
2002-03-271.2One-day race27.03DNF 201.0 km Dwars door Vlaanderen B.Cooke
2002-03-172.5Stage race14.03-17.03102 Istrian Spring Trophy J.Golcer
2002-10-042.304.stage04.1074 162 km Giro Provincia Lucca R.Marzoli
2002-10-032.303.stage03.10106 162 km Giro Provincia Lucca P.Bettini
2002-10-022.302.stage02.10108 225 km Giro Provincia Lucca M.Bartoli
2002-09-08GT02.stage08.09DNF 145 km Vuelta a España D.Di Luca
2002-09-07GT01.stage (TTT)07.0920 24 km Vuelta a España J.Beloki
2002-07-302.504.stage30.074 25 km Tour of Qinghai Lake T.Danielson
2002-07-282.502.stage28.071 84 km Tour of Qinghai Lake-
2002-06-272.506.stage27.0625 140 km Tour de Serbia N.White
2002-06-262.505.stage26.062 154 km Tour de Serbia G.Mizbani
2002-06-252.504.stage25.0615 161 km Tour de Serbia J.Winn
2002-06-242.503.stage24.065 230 km Tour de Serbia S.Mori
2002-06-232.502.stage23.066 133 km Tour de Serbia N.Dahlberg
2002-06-232.501.stage23.0634 92 km Tour de Serbia G.Zajc
2002-06-092.106.stage09.06DNF 149 km Euskal Bizikleta J.Beloki
2002-06-082.105.stage08.0671 21 km Euskal Bizikleta M.Zarrabeitia
2002-06-082.104.stage08.0673 94 km Euskal Bizikleta D.Etxebarria
2002-06-072.103.stage07.0675 185 km Euskal Bizikleta M.Perdiguero
2002-06-062.102.stage06.06109 172 km Euskal Bizikleta S.Outschakov
2002-06-052.101.stage05.0627 160 km Euskal Bizikleta P.Horrillo
2002-05-262.306.stage26.0519 163 km Bayern Rundfahrt E.Zabel
2002-05-252.305.stage25.0533 201 km Bayern Rundfahrt D.Casarotto
2002-05-242.304.stage24.053 187 km Bayern Rundfahrt C.Wegmann
2002-05-232.303.stage23.0519 214 km Bayern Rundfahrt G.Cheula
2002-05-222.302.stage22.0535 16 km Bayern Rundfahrt M.Rich
2002-05-222.301.stage22.0518 129 km Bayern Rundfahrt R.Aldag
2002-04-042.204.stage04.04DNS 14 km Driedaagse De Panne P.Van Petegem
2002-04-042.203.stage04.04138 114 km Driedaagse De Panne F.Baldato
2002-04-032.202.stage03.04130 232 km Driedaagse De Panne S.Ruskys
2002-04-022.201.stage02.04152 181 km Driedaagse De Panne S.Zanini
2002-03-172.503.stage17.0386 148 km Istrian Spring Trophy A.Aug
2002-03-162.502.stage16.03121 158 km Istrian Spring Trophy M.Demarin
2002-03-142.5Prologue14.0399 6 km Istrian Spring Trophy J.Werner


Nation Serbia

Born40 year, Jan 26th 1978

Stage victories

1x Tour of Qinghai Lake