Luca Cei

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2000 TT2 Panaria - Gaerne - -
1999 TT2 Navigare - Gaerne - -
1998 TT2 Scrigno - Gaerne - -
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2000 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2000-06-182.3Stage race14.06-18.06102 Tour of Sweden M.Andersson
2000-06-04GTGrand Tour13.05-04.06DNF Giro d'Italia S.Garzelli
2000-04-272.2Stage race24.04-27.04DNF Tour of the Alps S.Borgheresi
2000-02-062.4Stage race26.01-06.02119 Tour de Langkawi C.Horner
2000-06-182.306.stage18.066 143 km Tour of Sweden D.Galli
2000-06-172.305.stage17.0696 20 km Tour of Sweden N.O'Neill
2000-06-162.304.stage16.0679 204 km Tour of Sweden E.Dekker
2000-06-152.303.stage15.06110 205 km Tour of Sweden M.Andersson
2000-06-142.302.stage14.06103 131 km Tour of Sweden D.Hondo
2000-06-142.301.stage14.06114 3 km Tour of Sweden E.Dekker
2000-05-28GT14.stage28.05DNF 205 km Giro d'Italia G.Simoni
2000-05-27GT13.stage27.05136 195 km Giro d'Italia J.Rubiera
2000-05-26GT12.stage26.05141 184 km Giro d'Italia E.Cassani
2000-05-24GT11.stage24.05120 45 km Giro d'Italia V.Pena
2000-05-23GT10.stage23.056 253 km Giro d'Italia I.Quaranta
2000-05-22GT09.stage22.05153 140 km Giro d'Italia F.Casagrande
2000-05-21GT08.stage21.05107 255 km Giro d'Italia A.Merckx
2000-05-20GT07.stage20.05157 171 km Giro d'Italia D.McKenzie
2000-05-19GT06.stage19.0519 160 km Giro d'Italia D.Konyshev
2000-05-18GT05.stage18.05111 232 km Giro d'Italia D.Di Luca
2000-05-17GT04.stage17.05154 223 km Giro d'Italia M.Cipollini
2000-05-16GT03.stage16.05131 177 km Giro d'Italia J.Svorada
2000-05-15GT02.stage15.05156 225 km Giro d'Italia C.Moreni
2000-05-14GT01.stage14.0510 125 km Giro d'Italia I.Quaranta
2000-05-13GTPrologue13.05161 5 km Giro d'Italia J.Hruska
2000-04-272.205.stage27.04DNF 166 km Tour of the Alps D.Frigo
2000-04-242.202.stage24.04162 70 km Tour of the Alps J.Svorada
2000-04-242.201.stage24.0495 11 km Tour of the Alps S.Borgheresi
2000-02-062.412.stage06.0245 76 km Tour de Langkawi J.Bratowski
2000-02-052.411.stage05.0224 135 km Tour de Langkawi I.Quaranta
2000-02-042.410.stage04.02129 111 km Tour de Langkawi J.Perez Cuapio
2000-02-032.409.stage03.0265 115 km Tour de Langkawi G.Trenti
2000-02-022.408.stage02.025 143 km Tour de Langkawi I.Quaranta
2000-02-012.407.stage01.022 134 km Tour de Langkawi I.Quaranta
2000-01-312.406.stage31.0176 191 km Tour de Langkawi A.Cruz
2000-01-302.405.stage30.01118 169 km Tour de Langkawi G.Mitchell
2000-01-292.404.stage29.01119 163 km Tour de Langkawi K.Wong
2000-01-282.403.stage28.0113 86 km Tour de Langkawi D.Nazon
2000-01-272.402.stage27.01126 174 km Tour de Langkawi J.Drew
2000-01-262.401.stage26.0182 9 km Tour de Langkawi F.Landis


Nation Italy

Born43 year, May 7th 1975

Stage victories

2x Tour de Langkawi

Sprint jerseys

Tour of Sweden (1998)