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Guillaume Martin

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2019 PROF Wanty - Groupe Gobert - - 0 0 0.0
2018 PROF Wanty - Groupe Gobert 70(677 p) - 63 2 9601.1
2017 PROF Wanty - Groupe Gobert 79(806 p) - 79 5 12822.1
2016 PROF Wanty - Groupe Gobert 248(344 p) - 60 0 9400.7
2015 C.C. Etupes 621(147 p) - 36 2 4786.1
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2016 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2016-10-061.1One-day race06.1038 190.3 km Paris - Bourges S.Bennett
2016-10-021.1One-day race02.1023 203.8 km Tour de Vendée N.Bouhanni
2016-09-251.HCOne-day race25.0928 196.3 km GP Bruno Beghelli N.Ruffoni
2016-09-241.HCOne-day race24.0960 213.0 km Giro dell'Emilia E.Chaves
2016-09-141.1One-day race14.0948 205.5 km GP de Wallonie T.Gallopin
2016-09-112.HCStage race04.09-11.0911 Tour of Britain S.Cummings
2016-09-112.HCPoints04.09-11.0930 Tour of Britain D.Groenewegen
2016-08-281.WT2One-day race28.0838 235.0 km Bretagne Classic O.Naesen
2016-08-192.1Stage race16.08-19.0826 Tour du Limousin J.Rosskopf
2016-08-192.1Youth16.08-19.085 Tour du Limousin D.Rubio Hernandez
2016-08-132.1Stage race10.08-13.084 Tour de l'Ain S.Oomen
2016-08-132.1Points10.08-13.086 Tour de l'Ain M.Trentin
2016-08-132.1Mountains10.08-13.0811 Tour de l'Ain B.De Clercq
2016-07-311.1One-day race31.0725 168.9 km Polynormande B.Planckaert
2016-07-092.1Stage race02.07-09.072 Österreich-Rundfahrt J.Hirt
2016-07-092.1Points02.07-09.076 Österreich-Rundfahrt F.Backaert
2016-07-092.1Mountains02.07-09.0714 Österreich-Rundfahrt A.Vanotti
2016-06-26CN Vesoul26.0626248.9 km CN France RR A.Vichot
2016-06-19KPOne-day race19.0633170.6 km GP Frans Melckenbeek J.Rickaert
2016-06-122.WTStage race05.06-12.0629 Critérium Dauphiné C.Froome
2016-06-122.WTYouth05.06-12.066 Critérium Dauphiné J.Alaphilippe
2016-05-221.1One-day race22.0538 195.8 km GP de la Somme D.McLay
2016-05-152.2Stage race12.05-15.058 Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour L.Hofstede
2016-05-152.2Points12.05-15.0520 Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour C.Venturini
2016-05-152.2Mountains12.05-15.0520 Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour A.Costa
2016-05-012.WTStage race26.04-01.0542 Tour de Romandie N.Quintana
2016-05-012.WTYouth26.04-01.057 Tour de Romandie P.Latour
2016-04-241.WT1Monument24.04120 253.0 km Liège-Bastogne-Liège W.Poels
2016-04-201.WT2Ardenne20.0462 196.0 km La Flèche Wallonne A.Valverde
2016-04-171.1One-day race17.04DNF 203.3 km Tro-Bro Léon M.Mortensen
2016-04-161.1One-day race16.0428 192.9 km Tour du Finistère B.Planckaert
2016-04-131.HCOne-day race13.0491 205.3 km Brabantse Pijl P.Vakoc
2016-04-082.1Stage race05.04-08.0445 Circuit Sarthe M.Fournier
2016-04-082.1Youth05.04-08.046 Circuit Sarthe M.Fournier
2016-09-112.HC09.stage11.092711 99.2 km Tour of Britain C.Ewan
2016-09-102.HC08.stage10.092211 90 km Tour of Britain R.Dennis
2016-09-102.HC07.stage10.094411 15 km Tour of Britain T.Martin
2016-09-092.HC06.stage09.091210 149.8 km Tour of Britain W.Poels
2016-09-082.HC05.stage08.094012 194.6 km Tour of Britain J.Bauer
2016-09-072.HC04.stage07.09399 218 km Tour of Britain D.Groenewegen
2016-09-062.HC03.stage06.09308 179 km Tour of Britain I.Stannard
2016-09-052.HC02.stage05.0978 187.7 km Tour of Britain J.Vermote
2016-09-042.HC01.stage04.093942 161.5 km Tour of Britain A.Greipel
2016-08-192.104.stage19.082926 185.3 km Tour du Limousin S.Colbrelli
2016-08-182.103.stage18.082829 179.9 km Tour du Limousin S.Colbrelli
2016-08-172.102.stage17.082538 173.6 km Tour du Limousin R.Maikin
2016-08-162.101.stage16.084448 165.4 km Tour du Limousin J.Rosskopf
2016-08-132.104.stage13.0854 132.2 km Tour de l'Ain A.Geniez
2016-08-122.103.stage12.0844 141.4 km Tour de l'Ain S.Oomen
2016-08-112.102.stage11.083123 173.2 km Tour de l'Ain T.Van der Sande
2016-08-102.101.stage10.084141 149.6 km Tour de l'Ain M.Trentin
2016-07-092.107.stage09.0762 179.8 km Österreich-Rundfahrt F.Backaert
2016-07-082.106.stage08.07302 204.3 km Österreich-Rundfahrt N.Ruffoni
2016-07-072.105.stage07.0752 147.3 km Österreich-Rundfahrt S.Sterbini
2016-07-062.104.stage06.0732 183 km Österreich-Rundfahrt J.Hirt
2016-07-052.103.stage05.0754 181.3 km Österreich-Rundfahrt B.Canty
2016-07-042.102.stage04.072525 205.5 km Österreich-Rundfahrt C.Venturini
2016-07-032.101.stage03.074050 186.2 km Österreich-Rundfahrt N.Ruffoni
2016-07-022.1Prologue02.075656 0.6 km Österreich-Rundfahrt W.Clarke
2016-06-122.WT07.stage12.063829 151 km Critérium Dauphiné S.Cummings
2016-06-112.WT06.stage11.063028 141 km Critérium Dauphiné T.Pinot
2016-06-102.WT05.stage10.062828 140 km Critérium Dauphiné C.Froome
2016-06-092.WT04.stage09.065435 176 km Critérium Dauphiné E.Boasson Hagen
2016-06-082.WT03.stage08.065035 187.5 km Critérium Dauphiné F.Aru
2016-06-072.WT02.stage07.061136 168 km Critérium Dauphiné J.Herrada Lopez
2016-06-062.WT01.stage06.066867 186 km Critérium Dauphiné N.Bouhanni
2016-06-052.WTPrologue05.067777 4 km Critérium Dauphiné A.Contador
2016-05-152.204.stage15.05218 168.4 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour Y.Yssaad
2016-05-142.203.stage14.05118 153.5 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour J.Baugnies
2016-05-132.202.stage13.05148 170.2 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour L.Hofstede
2016-05-122.201.stage12.051011 137.1 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour D.Schorn
2016-05-012.WT05.stage01.058842 172 km Tour de Romandie M.Albasini
2016-04-302.WT04.stage30.044948 173.2 km Tour de Romandie C.Froome
2016-04-292.WT03.stage29.0410648 15.1 km Tour de Romandie T.Pinot
2016-04-282.WT02.stage28.044545 173 km Tour de Romandie N.Quintana
2016-04-272.WT01.stage27.0478100 100.5 km Tour de Romandie M.Kittel
2016-04-262.WTPrologue26.04123123 4 km Tour de Romandie I.Izagirre
2016-04-082.105.stage08.043145 176 km Circuit Sarthe J.Lobato Del Valle
2016-04-072.104.stage07.043548 190.3 km Circuit Sarthe A.Vorobyev
2016-04-062.103.stage06.048475 6.8 km Circuit Sarthe A.Vorobyev
2016-04-062.102.stage06.044269 85.1 km Circuit Sarthe B.Coquard
2016-04-052.101.stage05.046465 182.8 km Circuit Sarthe M.Fournier