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Nathan Dahlberg

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2005 CONT Marco Polo Cycling Team 2779(6 p) - 9 0 1154.9
2004 TT3 Marco Polo Cycling Team - -
2003 TT3 Marco Polo Cycling Team - -
1999 TT3 Team Hohenfelder - Concorde - -
1997 TT1 Village - Peddler - -
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2011 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2011-10-122.2Stage race02.10-12.1039 Tour d'Indonesia E.Sheppard
2011-09-252.2Stage race24.09-25.09DNF Tour of East Java H.Jahanbanian
2011-06-122.2Stage race06.06-12.06DNF Tour de Singkarak A.Zargari
2011-05-292.2Stage race25.05-29.05DNF Presidental Tour of Iran M.Pourseyedi
2011-05-182.2Stage race13.05-18.0582 Tour of Iran M.Sohrabi
2011-04-062.2Stage race01.04-06.0432 Tour of Thailand T.Erler
2011-10-122.210.stage12.1035 97 km Tour d'Indonesia S.Fukushima
2011-10-112.209.stage11.1048 137 km Tour d'Indonesia H.De Vries
2011-10-102.208.stage10.1056 185 km Tour d'Indonesia S.Fukushima
2011-10-092.207.stage09.1058 160 km Tour d'Indonesia M.Mat Amin
2011-10-082.206.stage08.1041 123 km Tour d'Indonesia W.Botman
2011-10-062.205.stage06.1063 127 km Tour d'Indonesia D.Lesmana
2011-10-052.204.stage05.1041 160 km Tour d'Indonesia E.Sheppard
2011-10-042.203.stage04.1030 114 km Tour d'Indonesia Y.Yeung
2011-10-032.202.stage03.1041 113 km Tour d'Indonesia K.Wong
2011-10-022.201.stage02.106 98 km Tour d'Indonesia E.Hollands
2011-09-252.202.stage25.09DNF 185 km Tour of East Java Y.Yeung
2011-09-242.201.stage24.0950 164.3 km Tour of East Java B.Shpilevsky
2011-06-112.207.stage11.06OOT 39 km Tour de Singkarak W.Lee
2011-06-112.206.stage11.0670 94.6 km Tour de Singkarak Y.Zhao
2011-06-102.205.stage10.0630 79 km Tour de Singkarak A.Zargari
2011-06-092.204.stage09.0690 59 km Tour de Singkarak Y.Nakajima
2011-06-082.203.stage08.0692 120 km Tour de Singkarak M.Pourseyedi
2011-06-072.202.stage07.0642 105 km Tour de Singkarak A.Zargari
2011-06-062.201.stage06.0695 85.4 km Tour de Singkarak N.Ferry
2011-05-282.204.stage28.05DNF - Presidental Tour of Iran M.Sohrabi
2011-05-272.203.stage27.0557 - Presidental Tour of Iran M.Nino Corredor
2011-05-262.202.stage26.0558 - Presidental Tour of Iran R.Emami
2011-05-252.201.stage25.0566 137 km Presidental Tour of Iran L.Nino Corredor
2011-05-182.205.stage18.0575 124 km Tour of Iran S.Schumacher
2011-05-172.204.stage17.0562 185 km Tour of Iran M.Nino Corredor
2011-05-162.203.stage16.0585 130 km Tour of Iran M.Eichler
2011-05-152.202.stage (TTT)15.0519 50 km Tour of Iran H.Alizadeh
2011-05-142.201.stage14.0585 177 km Tour of Iran A.Lyalko
2011-05-132.2Prologue13.0593 4 km Tour of Iran S.Schumacher
2011-04-062.205.stage06.0439 213.3 km Tour of Thailand H.Cho
2011-04-052.204.stage05.0479 91.1 km Tour of Thailand D.Omiryakov
2011-04-042.203.stage04.0479 166.1 km Tour of Thailand H.Cho
2011-04-032.202.stage03.0483 141.5 km Tour of Thailand H.Cho
2011-04-022.201.stage02.0490 195.5 km Tour of Thailand A.Fahrullah Alias
2011-04-012.2Prologue01.0456 4 km Tour of Thailand T.Erler


Nation New Zealand

Born53 year, Feb 22nd 1964


Tour d'Indonesia (2004)
Tour du Maroc (2001)