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Aitor Garmendia

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2003 TT1 Team Bianchi - -
2002 TT1 Team Coast - -
2001 TT1 Team Coast - Buffalo - -
2000 TT1 Banesto - -
1999 TT1 Banesto - -
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2003 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2003-10-18CDMMonument18.1012 249.0 km Il Lombardia M.Bartoli
2003-10-161.1One-day race16.1099 189.0 km Gran Piemonte A.Bertolini
2003-10-151.1One-day race15.1041 198.0 km Milano - Torino M.Celestino
2003-10-031.3One-day race03.107 192.0 km LUK Cup Bühl M.Kessler
2003-09-28GTGrand Tour06.09-28.09122 Vuelta a España R.Heras
2003-08-17CDMOne-day race17.08DNF 237.0 km Championship of Zurich D.Nardello
2003-08-152.1Stage race11.08-15.0892 Vuelta a Burgos P.Lastras
2003-07-27GTGrand Tour05.07-27.0770 Tour de France L.Armstrong
2003-06-252.HCStage race16.06-25.06DNF Tour de Suisse A.Vinokourov
2003-06-092.2Stage race03.06-09.0666 Deutschland Tour M.Rogers
2003-04-27CDMMonument27.04DNF 258.5 km Liège-Bastogne-Liège T.Hamilton
2003-04-202.2Stage race16.04-20.0484 Vuelta a Aragón L.Piepoli
2003-03-282.1Stage race24.03-28.03DNF Catalaanse Week D.Frigo
2003-03-092.3One-day race05.03-09.03DNF Vuelta a Murcia J.Pascual Llorente
2003-03-012.3Stage race25.02-01.03120 Comunitat Valenciana D.Frigo
2003-02-231.2One-day race23.0283 172.4 km Trofeo Luis Puig A.Petacchi
2003-09-28GT21.stage28.09118 145 km Vuelta a España A.Petacchi
2003-09-27GT20.stage27.0955 11 km Vuelta a España R.Heras
2003-09-26GT19.stage26.09158 164 km Vuelta a España F.Simeoni
2003-09-25GT18.stage25.09133 143 km Vuelta a España P.Diaz Lobato
2003-09-24GT17.stage24.09138 184 km Vuelta a España D.Millar
2003-09-23GT16.stage23.09105 162 km Vuelta a España F.Cárdenas
2003-09-21GT15.stage21.09142 172 km Vuelta a España A.Valverde
2003-09-20GT14.stage20.09147 167 km Vuelta a España A.Petacchi
2003-09-19GT13.stage19.09133 53 km Vuelta a España I.Nozal Vega
2003-09-18GT12.stage18.0970 168 km Vuelta a España A.Petacchi
2003-09-17GT11.stage17.09132 162 km Vuelta a España E.Zabel
2003-09-15GT10.stage15.09147 194 km Vuelta a España E.Zabel
2003-09-14GT09.stage14.09140 174 km Vuelta a España A.Valverde
2003-09-13GT08.stage13.09160 166 km Vuelta a España J.Rodríguez
2003-09-12GT07.stage12.0996 190 km Vuelta a España M.Rasmussen
2003-09-11GT06.stage11.09140 43 km Vuelta a España I.Nozal Vega
2003-09-10GT05.stage10.09115 166 km Vuelta a España A.Petacchi
2003-09-09GT04.stage09.09145 151 km Vuelta a España U.Etxebarria Arana
2003-09-08GT03.stage08.09108 154 km Vuelta a España A.Petacchi
2003-09-07GT02.stage07.09114 148 km Vuelta a España L.Pérez Rodríguez
2003-09-06GT01.stage (TTT)06.098 28 km Vuelta a España I.González de G.
2003-08-152.105.stage15.08107 150 km Vuelta a Burgos G.Gonzalez
2003-08-142.104.stage14.0832 14 km Vuelta a Burgos D.Millar
2003-08-132.103.stage13.0898 162 km Vuelta a Burgos D.Bruylandts
2003-08-122.102.stage12.08105 169 km Vuelta a Burgos J.García
2003-08-112.101.stage11.0884 175 km Vuelta a Burgos C.Garcia Quesada
2003-07-27GT20.stage27.07120 152 km Tour de France J.Nazon
2003-07-26GT19.stage26.07101 49 km Tour de France D.Millar
2003-07-25GT18.stage25.07144 203.5 km Tour de France P.Lastras
2003-07-24GT17.stage24.0768 181 km Tour de France S.Knaven
2003-07-23GT16.stage23.0748 197.5 km Tour de France T.Hamilton
2003-07-21GT15.stage21.0741 159.5 km Tour de France L.Armstrong
2003-07-20GT14.stage20.0763 191.5 km Tour de France G.Simoni
2003-07-19GT13.stage19.07102 197.5 km Tour de France C.Sastre
2003-07-18GT12.stage18.07116 47 km Tour de France J.Ullrich
2003-07-17GT11.stage17.0754 153.5 km Tour de France J.Flecha
2003-07-15GT10.stage15.0787 219.5 km Tour de France J.Piil
2003-07-14GT09.stage14.0782 184.5 km Tour de France A.Vinokourov
2003-07-13GT08.stage13.0749 219 km Tour de France I.Mayo
2003-07-12GT07.stage12.07158 230.5 km Tour de France R.Virenque
2003-07-11GT06.stage11.0792 230 km Tour de France A.Petacchi
2003-07-10GT05.stage10.07156 196.5 km Tour de France A.Petacchi
2003-07-09GT04.stage (TTT)09.073 69 km Tour de France J.Rubiera
2003-07-08GT03.stage08.07163 167.5 km Tour de France A.Petacchi
2003-07-07GT02.stage07.07115 204.5 km Tour de France B.Cooke
2003-07-06GT01.stage06.07164 168 km Tour de France A.Petacchi
2003-07-05GTPrologue05.07111 6.5 km Tour de France B.McGee
2003-06-232.HC07.stage23.06DNF 231 km Tour de Suisse S.Yakovlev
2003-06-222.HC06.stage22.0688 135 km Tour de Suisse Ó.Pereiro Sio
2003-06-212.HC05.stage21.0666 178 km Tour de Suisse F.Casagrande
2003-06-202.HC04.stage20.0686 168 km Tour de Suisse S.Casar
2003-06-192.HC03.stage19.0669 205 km Tour de Suisse F.Casagrande
2003-06-182.HC02.stage18.0689 175 km Tour de Suisse R.McEwen
2003-06-172.HC01.stage17.0646 163 km Tour de Suisse A.Vinokourov
2003-06-162.HCPrologue16.0636 7 km Tour de Suisse F.Cancellara
2003-06-092.207.stage09.0672 175 km Deutschland Tour O.Pollack
2003-06-082.206.stage08.0685 41 km Deutschland Tour M.Rogers
2003-06-072.205.stage07.0649 191 km Deutschland Tour J.Azevedo
2003-06-062.204.stage06.0689 222 km Deutschland Tour I.Quaranta
2003-06-052.203.stage05.0649 188 km Deutschland Tour L.van Bon
2003-06-042.202.stage04.0698 183 km Deutschland Tour G.Löwik
2003-06-032.201.stage03.0644 184 km Deutschland Tour E.Zabel
2003-04-202.205.stage20.0487 149 km Vuelta a Aragón A.Petacchi
2003-04-192.204.stage19.0488 168 km Vuelta a Aragón A.Petacchi
2003-04-182.203.stage18.0490 157 km Vuelta a Aragón A.Valverde
2003-04-172.202.stage17.0495 185 km Vuelta a Aragón A.Petacchi
2003-04-162.201.stage16.04106 152 km Vuelta a Aragón L.Piepoli
2003-03-282.105.stage28.03DNF 176 km Catalaanse Week E.Zabel
2003-03-272.104.stage27.03116 144 km Catalaanse Week D.Frigo
2003-03-262.103.stage26.03122 174.8 km Catalaanse Week M.Zanotti
2003-03-252.102.stage25.03130 158.7 km Catalaanse Week B.Zberg
2003-03-242.101.stage24.03132 146.7 km Catalaanse Week E.Zabel
2003-03-082.304.stage08.03DNF 167 km Vuelta a Murcia V.Pena
2003-03-072.303.stage07.03109 161 km Vuelta a Murcia E.Zabel
2003-03-062.302.stage06.03118 154 km Vuelta a Murcia J.Pascual Llorente
2003-03-052.301.stage05.03108 162 km Vuelta a Murcia J.Svorada
2003-03-012.305.stage01.03102 165 km Comunitat Valenciana A.Petacchi
2003-02-282.304.stage28.02125 158 km Comunitat Valenciana M.Perdiguero
2003-02-272.303.stage27.02105 158 km Comunitat Valenciana I.Astarloa
2003-02-262.302.stage26.02129 160 km Comunitat Valenciana R.Casero Moreno
2003-02-252.301.stage25.02127 10 km Comunitat Valenciana D.Frigo