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2017 FC Rank Amateur Italy

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# Rider Born Nation Points
1Leonardo Bonifazio1991 Italy200
2Damiano Cima1993 Italy160
3Andrea Toniatti1992 Italy120
4Filippo Tagliani1995 Italy100
4Gabriele Bonechi1995 Italy100
6Matteo Moschetti1996 Italy90
7Simone Bettinelli1994 Italy80
7Paolo Baccio1997 Italy80
9Leonardo Basso1993 Italy72
10Umberto Marengo1992 Italy64
11Emanuele Onesti1995 Italy60
12Leonardo Moggio1992 Italy58
13Andre Carvalho1997 Portugal52
14Federico Burchio1996 Italy50
15Fabrizio Titi1995 Italy45
16Marco Negrente1997 Italy40
17Mirco Sartori1996 Italy36
18Gabriele Gianelli1996 Italy32
19Nicolas Nesi1997 Italy29
20Andrea Colnaghi1997 Italy26