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Ronde des Vallees Juniors

Results 2017 Victorytable Stage victories Year-by-year


Year # Links Winner Second Third
2016J-2.1Results Ide Schelling Nils Eekhoff Michel Ries
2015J-2.1Results Keagan Girdlestone Derek Gee Ide Schelling
2014J-2.1Results Pavel Sivakov Stepan Kurianov Valentin Madouas
2013J-2.1Results Elie Gesbert David Riviere Davy Gunst
2012J-2.1Results Mathieu Van Der Poel Vadim Deslandes Antoine Raynaud
2011J-1.1Results Piotr Havik Geoffrey Millour David Cherbonnet
2010J-1.1Results Sébastien Bergeret Maxime Cam Vincent Colas
2009J-1.1Results Gregoire Tarride Maxime Le Montagner Romain Guyot
2008J-1.1Results Johan Le Bon Romain Bardet Wesley Kreder
2007JrResults Arnaud Courteille Nicolas Vaillant Wouter Wippert
2006JrResults Jochen Engelen Erwan Clement Romain Berland
2005JrResults Tony Hurel Kevin Cherruault Maxime Vievard


WhatStage race
Nation France
Last winner Ide Schelling
First winner Tony Hurel
Editions13 (inc.2017)