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Velo d'Or francais

Overview Stats

Year # Links Winner Second Third
2017 - Results Romain Bardet Warren Barguil Thibaut Pinot
2016 - Results Romain Bardet Arnaud Démare Julian Alaphilippe
2015 - Results Thibaut Pinot Pauline Ferrand Prevot Romain Bardet
2014 - Results Jean-Christophe Péraud Pauline Ferrand Prevot Francois Pervis
2013 - Results Christophe Riblon Julie Bresset Warren Barguil
2012 - Results Thomas Voeckler Julie Bresset Thibaut Pinot
Arnaud Démare
2011 - Results Thomas Voeckler Pierre Rolland Gregory Bauge
2010 - Results Thomas Voeckler Sylvain Chavanel Gregory Bauge
2009 - Results Gregory Bauge Pierrick Fedrigo Thomas Voeckler
2008 - Results Sylvain Chavanel Julien Absalon Cyril Dessel
2007 - Results Julien Absalon Christophe Moreau Sandy Casar
2006 - Results Julien Absalon Frédéric Guesdon Cyril Dessel
2005 - Results Julien Absalon David Moncoutié Anthony Geslin
2004 - Results Julien Absalon Thomas Voeckler Richard Virenque
2003 - Results Laurent Gane Richard Virenque Jean-Patrick Nazon
2002 - Results Laurent Jalabert Patrice Halgand David Moncoutié
2001 - Results Arnaud Tournant Laurent Jalabert Jeannie Longo
2000 - Results Felicia Ballanger Florian Rousseau Miguel Martinez
1999 - Results Laurent Gane Felicia Ballanger Laurent Jalabert
1998 - Results Florian Rousseau Felicia Ballanger Arnaud Tournant
1997 - Results Laurent Brochard Florian Rousseau Laurent Jalabert
1996 - Results Florian Rousseau Jeannie Longo Felicia Ballanger
1995 - Results Laurent Jalabert Richard Virenque Jeannie Longo
1994 - Results Luc Leblanc Richard Virenque Florian Rousseau
1993 - Results Florian Rousseau Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle Philippe Ermenault
1992 - Results Laurent Jalabert Luc Leblanc Thierry Marie


Nation France
Last winner Romain Bardet
First winner Laurent Jalabert
Editions 26 (inc.2017)

Most victories

Julien Absalon 4
Laurent Jalabert 3
Florian Rousseau 3
Thomas Voeckler 3
Romain Bardet 2
Laurent Gane 2