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2017 Joe Martin Stage Race

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General Youth Points Mountain Sprint

Results after stage 04

Pos Name Born Nation Team Time
01Robin Carpenter1992 USA Holowesko - Citadel10:08:52
02Adam De Vos1993 Canada Rally Cycling+ 16
03Gavin Mannion1991 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 24
04Rob Britton1984 Canada Rally Cycling+ 24
05Evan Huffmann1990 USA Rally Cycling+ 27
06Kyle Murphy1991 USA Cylance Pro Cycling+ 28
07Nigel Ellsay1994 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 36
08Rui Oliveira1996 Portugal Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 38
09Jack Burke1995 Canada Aevolo Cycling+ 38
10Alexander Cataford1993 Canada UnitedHealthcare+ 38
11Jonathan Clarke1984 Australia UnitedHealthcare+ 40
12Morgan Schmitt1985 USA Arapahoe Resources+ 41
13Stephen Bassett1995 USA Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 44
14Daniel Eaton1993 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 45
15Sepp Kuss1994 USA Rally Cycling+ 48
16Ryan Roth1983 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 49
17Alexander Cowan1996 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 49
18Adam Roberge1997 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 52
19Greg Henderson1976 New Zealand UnitedHealthcare+ 53
20Travis Samuel1994 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team+ 55
21Bryan Steven Gomez1994 Colombia Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek + 56
22Eric Marcotte1980 USA Cylance Pro Cycling+ 01:00
23Peter Disera1995 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team+ 01:02
24Barry Miller1988 USA-+ 01:02
25Michael Rice1996 Australia Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 01:05
26Coulton Hartrich1983 USA Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - Nature's B+ 01:08
27George Simpson1993 USA Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek + 01:13
28Dennis Ramirez Mejia1992 USA Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek + 01:13
29Michael Hernandez1997 USA Aevolo Cycling+ 01:14
30Pier-Andre Cote1997 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 01:17
31Chad Young1995 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 01:19
32Timothy Ahearn1974 USA Team Errace+ 01:20
33Julio Padilla1992 Guatemala Arapahoe Resources+ 01:25
34Quinton Disera1998 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team+ 01:30
35Austin Stephens1993 USA 303 Project+ 01:33
36Isaiah Newkirk1990 USA 303 Project+ 01:33
37Tyler Stites1998 USA Aevolo Cycling+ 01:37
38Gabriel Baca1991 Mexico Elbowz Racing+ 01:37
39Karl Menzies1977 Australia Cylance Pro Cycling+ 01:41
40Sam Fritz1994 USA Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels+ 01:41
41Jokin Etxabe Leturia1994 Spain Aevolo Cycling+ 01:44
42Tanner Putt1992 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 02:01
43Laurent Gervais1997 Canada Aevolo Cycling+ 02:04
44Andrew Dahlheim1988 USA Arapahoe Resources+ 02:04
45Alejandro Padilla1988 Guatemala Arapahoe Resources+ 02:04
46Lance Haidet1997 USA Aevolo Cycling+ 02:19
47Jonathan Brown1997 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 02:20
48Nicholas Torraca1995 USA Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling+ 03:00
49Luis Villalobos Hernandez1998 Mexico Aevolo Cycling+ 03:01
50Samuel Hunter Grove1993 USA Cylance Pro Cycling+ 03:08
51Micah Engle1993 USA Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek + 03:20
52Lucas Sebastian Haedo1983 Argentina UnitedHealthcare+ 03:49
53Justin Mauch1994 USA Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - Nature's B+ 04:16
54Matteo Dal-Cin1991 Canada Rally Cycling+ 04:21
55Connor Dilger1994 USA Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels+ 04:32
56Cristhian Ravelo Avila1992 Colombia 303 Project+ 04:57
57Matthew Zimmer1993 USA Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek + 04:58
58Ricky Randall1992 USA Arapahoe Resources+ 05:15
59Matt Stephens1982 USA Arapahoe Resources+ 05:21
60Andrew Giniat1991 USA Project Echelon Racing+ 05:32
61Taylor Eisenhart1994 USA Holowesko - Citadel+ 05:32
62Anton Varabei1985 Canada Toronto Hutsle+ 05:40
63Andrew Clemence1989 USA Landis Trek team+ 05:45
64Innokenty Zavyalov1991 USA Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling+ 05:50
65Julien Gagne1994 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 06:08
66Taylor Warren1992 USA 303 Project+ 06:12
67James Snitzer- USA-+ 06:20
68Max Ackerman1994 USA Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek + 06:22
69Ben Foster- Australia-+ 06:33
70Colin Joyce1994 USA Rally Cycling+ 06:36
71Stefan Rothe1981 Germany Elbowz Racing+ 06:53
72Jure Rupnik1993 Slovenia H&R Block Pro Cycling Team+ 08:05
73Charles Mac Cassin1991 USA 303 Project+ 08:13
74Noah Granigan1996 USA CCB Team+ 08:22
75Oliver Flautt1993 USA 303 Project+ 08:32
76Stefano Barberi1984 Brazil-+ 08:55
77Jason Saltzman1997 USA Aevolo Cycling+ 08:56
78Grant Koontz1994 USA Arapahoe Resources+ 09:06
79Benoit Boulay1991 Canada Toronto Hutsle+ 09:31
80Conor O'Brien1992 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team+ 09:52
81Marcos Lazzarottos1990 USA-+ 09:59
82Rolly Weaver1990 USA NaturaBlue Cycling Team+ 09:59
83Evan Bybee1989 USA Arapahoe Resources+ 10:08
84Cameron Clark1992 USA-+ 11:04
85Sean Gardner1994 USA Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek + 11:04
86Winston David1987 USA SC Competitive Cyclist+ 11:30
87Adam Farabaugh1989 USA 303 Project+ 12:33
88Matthew Staples1998 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team+ 12:40
89Oliver Behringer1996 Switzerland Team Novo Nordisk Development+ 13:08
90Willem Kaiser1997 USA Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek + 14:59
91Corey Davis1992 USA-+ 18:07
92Tim Savre1990 USA Project Echelon Racing+ 28:50
RaceJoe Martin Stage Race
Nation USA
DateMarch 30th-2nd
Leader R.Carpenter
Youth R.Oliveira
Points R.Carpenter
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Nr.1 Robin Carpenter