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Joe Martin Stage Race p/b Nature Valley

Results 2017 Victorytable Stage victories Year-by-year


Year # Links Winner Second Third
20162.2Results Neilson Powless Nigel Ellsay Janier Alexis Acevedo
20152.2Results John Murphy Gregory Brenes Robinson Chalapud
2014NEResults Ian Crane Ryan Roth Ben Jacques-Maynes
2013NEResults Chad Haga Francisco Mancebo Julian Kyer
2012NEResults Francisco Mancebo Shawn Milne Cesar Grajaels
2011NEResults Frank Pipp--
2010NEResults Luis Romero Amaran--
2009NEResults Rory Sutherland--
2008NEResults Rory Sutherland--
2007NEResults Rory Sutherland--
2006NEResults Gordon Fraser--
2005AmResults Benjamin Brooks--
2004AmResults Adam Bergman--
2003AmResults Jason McCartney--
2002AmResults Gustavo Carrillo--
2001AmResults Steven Cate--
2000AmResults Erin Hartwell--
1999AmResults John Matthews--
1998AmResults Shane Thellman--
1997AmResults Kevin Ross--
1996AmResults Thurlow Rogers--


WhatStage race
Nation USA
Last winner Neilson Powless
First winner Thurlow Rogers
Editions22 (inc.2017)

Most victories

Rory Sutherland 3