Tour of the Cotswolds

Results Victorytable Year-by-year

Year # Links Winner Second Third
20011.5Results John Tanner Vincent Templier Mark Lovatt
20001.5Results Mark Lovatt Matthew Stephens David McCann
19991.5Results John Tanner Paul Esposti Gordon McCauley
1998AmResults Colin Sturgess--
1997AmResults Tony Bracke--
1996AmResults Mark McKay--
1995AmResults Chris Lillywhite--
1994AmResults David Rayner--
1993AmResults Mark Walsham--
1992AmResults Andrew Perks--
1991AmResults Steve Farrell--
1990AmResults Gary Speight--
1989AmResults Peter Longbottom--
1988AmResults Laurent Madouas--
1987AmResults Paul Curran--
1986AmResults Roger Dunne--
1985AmResults David John Tonks--
1984AmResults Deno Davie--
1983AmResults Peter Longbottom--
1982AmResults Steve Joughin--
1981AmResults Bob Downs--
1980AmResults Steve Lawrence--
1979AmResults Steve Lawrence--
1978AmResults William Tackaert--
1977AmResults Steve Lawrence--
1976AmResults Pat McQuaid--
1975AmResults Bert Scheunemann--
1974AmResults Yvan Ronsee--
1973AmResults Phil Griffiths--
1972AmResults John Clewarth--
1971AmResults Phil Edwards--
1970AmResults Phil Edwards--
1969AmResults Brian Bulmer--
1968AmResults Les West--
1967AmResults Les West--
1966AmResults Alain Lloyd--
1965AmResults Les West--
1964AmResults Les West--
1963AmResults Ramin Minovi--
1962AmResults Bob Newell--
1961AmResults Mick Hesson--
1960AmResults Dave Bedwell--
1958AmResults Arthur Isley--
1957AmResults Gilbert Taylor--
1956AmResults Doug Collins--
1955AmResults Bevis wood--
1954AmResults Jim Turner--
1953AmResults John Hibell--
1952AmResults Fred Nicholls--
1948AmResults Ken Russell--
WhatOne-day race
Nation Great Britain
Last arranged2001
Last winner John Tanner
First winner Ken Russell
Most victories
Les West 4
Steve Lawrence 3
Phil Edwards 2
Peter Longbottom 2
John Tanner 2