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CC Europe ITT-JR

Results 2017 Victorytable Year-by-year


Year Where # Links Winner Second Third
2016 Plumelec - Morbihan - BretagneJ-CCResults A.Brunel M.Hirschi I.Knotten
2015 TartuJ-CCResults N.Ilichev T.Foss M.Singer
2014 NyonJ-CCResults L.Kämna C.Ermenault T.Foss
2013J-CCResults N.Cherkasov--
2012J-CCResults M.Krigbaum--
2011J-CCResults A.Bettiol--
2010J-CCResults K.Yatsevich--
2009J-CCResults J.Perrett--
2008J-CCResults M.Kwiatkowski--
2007JrResults I.Zakarin--
2006JrResults D.Sokolov--
2005JrResults D.Sokolov--


WhatTime Trial
Nation World Championship
Last winner A.Brunel
First winner Dmitry Sokolov
Editions13 (inc.2017)

Most victories

Dmitry Sokolov 2