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2017 Battle Recharge

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General Youth Points Mountain Sprint


Pos Name Born Nation Team Time
01Brendon Davids1993 South Africa Oliver's Real Food Racing Team7t 48' 35"
02Jason Lea1996 Australia IsoWhey - Swiss Welness5' 17"
03Kane Richards1996 Australia-6' 07"
04James Fouche1998 New Zealand Mobius Future Racing6' 33"
05Cameron Bayly1990 Australia IsoWhey - Swiss Welness6' 33"
06Chris Harper1994 Australia IsoWhey - Swiss Welness6' 58"
07Dylan Newbery1994 Australia Mobius Future Racing7' 27"
08Ryan Cavanagh1995 Australia Cobra9 Interbuild Racing7' 28"
09Peter Livingstone1997 Australia Asfra Racing Team Oudenaarde7' 58"
10Jesse Coyle1994 Australia Mobius Future Racing8' 40"
11Ian Talbot- New Zealand-10' 18"
12Ryan Thomas1995 Australia Oliver's Real Food Racing Team10' 20"
13Timothy Roe1989 Australia IsoWhey - Swiss Welness10' 32"
14Alex West1997 New Zealand Team Skoda Racing11' 21"
15Connor Reardon- Australia-11' 37"
16James Whelan1996 Australia-12' 10"
17Michael Potter1997 Australia-12' 26"
18Ayden Toovey1995 Australia Trek - Segafredo14' 09"
19Patrick Kennedy1998 Australia-14' 41"
20Campbell Stewart1998 New Zealand Mobius Future Racing15' 00"
21Tom Robinson1989 Australia NSW Institute of Sport15' 10"
22Calan White1999 Australia-16' 04"
23Jeremy Cameron1993 Australia IsoWhey - Swiss Welness17' 17"
24Jonathan Butler1994 Australia-18' 47"
25Benjamin Andrews1997 Australia Van D'am Racing20' 13"
26Tristan Ward1995 Australia-22' 42"
27Mitch Neumann1993 Australia Cobra9 Interbuild Racing23' 12"
28Stuart Shaw1977 Australia NSW Institute of Sport23' 43"
29Oliver Smith- Australia-25' 59"
30Nick Reddish1996 New Zealand Oliver's Real Food Racing Team26' 51"
RaceBattle Recharge
Nation Australia
DateSeptember 23rd-25th
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