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Tour de I'Abitibi Juniors

Overview 2018 Jersey Stats

Year # Links Winner Second Third
2018 J-2.NC Results Riley Sheehan Kendrick Boots Michael Garrison
2017 J-2.NC Results Riley Sheehan Fernando Islas Richard Holec
2016 J-2.NC Results Brandon McNulty Mikkel Bjerg Kevin Goguen
2015 J-2.NC Results Adrien Costa Brandon McNulty Theo Menant
2014 J-2.NC Results Rayane Bouhanni Zeke Mostov Mathias Jørgensen
2013 J-2.1 Results Brendan Rhim Olivier Brisebois Jack Burke [*]
2012 J-2.1 Results Taylor Eisenhart Alexey Vermeulen Geoffrey Curran
2011 J-2.NC Results James Oram Dion Smith Colby Wait-Molyneux
2010 J-2.NC Results Lachlan Morton Lucas Eamon Franck Zach Noonan
2009 J-2.NC Results Andrew Barker Charlie Avis Taylor Karl Gunman
2008 J-2.NC Results Arnaud Jouffroy Charlie Avis David Boily
2007 Jr Results Taylor Phinney Tom David Guilaume Blais Dufour
2006 Jr Results Mark Hinnen William Goodfellow Guillaume Boivin
2005 Jr Results David Veilleux --
2004 Jr Results Chris Stockburger --
2003 Jr Results Kai Reus --
2002 Jr Results Tyler Farrar --
2001 Jr Results Jukka Vastaranta --
2000 Jr Results Piotr Mazur --
1999 Jr Results Brad Buccambuso --
1998 Jr Results William Frischkorn --
1997 Jr Results Joshua Thornton --
1996 Jr Results David Rolandez --
1995 Jr Results Neil Grover --
1994 Jr Results Guilaume Belzile --
1993 Jr Results Sean McDonald --
1992 Jr Results Roland Green --
1991 Jr Results Gorazd Stangelj --
1989 Jr Results Bobby Julich --
1988 Jr Results Bobby Julich --
1987 Jr Results Frank McCormack --
1986 Jr Results Michel Zanoli --
1985 Jr Results Andre Van Wijngaarden --
1981 Jr Results Bruno Wojtinek --
1980 Jr Results Alex Stieda --
1969 Jr Results Gerard Rocheleau --


WhatStage race
Nation Canada
Last winner Riley Sheehan
First winner Gerard Rocheleau
Editions 37 (inc.2019)

Most victories

Bobby Julich 2
Riley Sheehan 2