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2017 Tour of Norway

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BartVelo [BartVelo] Sunday 21.May 18:19, 2017
18th FC-manager overall
Is there no combative awarded in the final stage?

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 21.May 10:28, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Well, then EBH is big favourite to win this, even if Groenewegen stays in the redused sprint ... and Weening needs todo something .... great scenario :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 21.May 10:23, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Hahaha .... well, to be fair to PCS, it IS 3 seconds between Weening and EBH .... a little gap in the sprint yesterday :D

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 20.May 20:27, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Not quite sure anyone will get that reference apart from Aragonite :)

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 20.May 20:24, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Well PCS are about as trustworthy as a 1970's Radio DJ Goon, it's no surprise they messed up

Nathan [CT Glory] Saturday 20.May 19:33, 2017
14th FC-manager overall
pcs... where dit it go wrong?

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 20.May 19:08, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
I thought he was 6 behind ... but I didn't see the stage so .... ?

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 20.May 19:07, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Actually, if Edvald wins Oslo stage he wins gc ... that simple ... he is for some reason only 3 sec behind according to procyclingstats

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 20.May 19:03, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Yeah ... if Edvald wins the stage ( obviously biggest favourite ) .... and Weenig miss the bonus seconds, Evald win gc .... exiting and ALOT of fun :)))

Ole A.Fikerud [The Rockets] Saturday 20.May 18:04, 2017
24th FC-manager overall
I think this years edition has been a lot more fun and unpredictable as the past editions. Looking forward to the stage tomorrow which will be a thriller for bonus Seconds and stage win.

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 17.May 19:19, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Norways big national day, 17th of may, EBHs birthday, stage win, point jersey and leaders jersey ...... yeah ... a good day for Edvald Boasson Hagen :)))

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 17.May 18:17, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Fløtten 3/129
Jensen 6/129
Kamp 8/129

Hopefully this pays off. They should all have a good chance of good results today. More likely this will be the reason for me not coming even top 100 here as usual.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Wednesday 17.May 11:32, 2017
I'm going for a Partyteam.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 17.May 00:40, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Good luck to Dimension to control the race, not easy with 6-men teams. Especially when Debesay is known for racing in the wrong direction. Expect Edvald to win tomorrow on his 30th birthday, kinda strange that he is that old, always seen him as a young rider actually. Overall we could see a surprising winner like Paterski in 2014 because of the domestiques to the teams are not very good. Finally I look forward to see the Norwegian teams and Team Riis here, they can do well in my opinion.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 16.May 15:48, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
One of each mentioned plus a coconut one,just to make sure you get sufficient calories. I'll have mine with a nice cup of tea please.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Tuesday 16.May 14:48, 2017
@Aragonite: Today's haul:

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Tuesday 16.May 11:27, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
I just hope i did the right choice about Cannondale. I think Sep is going to ride just to get fit to Belgium and Dylan will be the man to win!
Lotto Soudal was much more dificult to me so i went with both, Sander and Tony.

The rest of the team, well, clean and clear. Meaning nothing, of course... :)

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 16.May 10:31, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Just read the course description for this race, and I gotta say ..... I will be very disappointed if this wasn't one of the most action packed races of the year when october comes ... the profiles and the startlist sais nothing less :))) at least it has the potential to be like Eneco ... a bunch of one days with different scenario posibileties every day ..... I hope this is available for all the users in here :)))

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Monday 15.May 16:55, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
To those who like to cook or to their wives, these 5 minutes can really change your life... :D
Take it, don't leave it... :D

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Monday 15.May 16:47, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Touché Aragonite :)

With the recipe and a girl that could be from the mid XXth century... anyway not so glamorous as our finn and norwegian examples... :D

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Monday 15.May 15:41, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Breast implants gone wrong?

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Monday 15.May 15:29, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
Nice guess EPO! Is it you showing your guns here?

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 15.May 15:00, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Hahaha talk about OFF topic :D fat sons of bitches :D ..... Who am i to speak ... this weekend i consumed two big slices of marzipan cake, a big bag of ships and 200 g melkesjokolade .... Milk choclate :D stake dinner with some really fat bernaisesauce :D .... nothing a 10 km run can't handle though :D

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Monday 15.May 14:54, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
i thought this was you

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Monday 15.May 14:53, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
Looks like shite - tastes like it as well.

and Berlusconi started his anti-Finnish food campaign without even knowing this yummy..

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Monday 15.May 14:46, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
Here's picture of me eating my favorite dish :

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Monday 15.May 14:29, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
I'd be surprised if Francisco wasn't partial to a custard tart. The Portuguese versions are particularly delicious.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Monday 15.May 14:22, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Chelsea buns are our equivalent of your Skillingbolle. Of the small cakes/breads it was the Skolebrod which took my fancy. All much more preferable to a gel, any day of the week!

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Monday 15.May 13:45, 2017
That's the reason I'm fat, Aragonite - all that lovely Skillingsbolle we have here :'(

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Monday 15.May 12:57, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Some changes needed: Tsatevitch at Giro and Arroyo in Castilla y Leon, it seems..

Ole A.Fikerud [The Rockets] Saturday 13.May 01:30, 2017
24th FC-manager overall
It will be fun to see Gerrans back at Ringerike and familiar ground. The race suits both him and Albasini well and I'm sure they will stir things up on the more lumpy stages.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 10.May 16:04, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Watched a cookery prog. last night,about the baking delights of Bergen. The brod and bolle, looked nice, the white lady cake even nicer. But most stunning of all was the city itself. What a hidden gem.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 9.May 17:07, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
2015 was better because of Fränk! And the signed jersey was for Tour des Fjords, not this race.

Ole A.Fikerud [The Rockets] Tuesday 9.May 16:43, 2017
24th FC-manager overall
The 2015 edition was pretty good too, With Ewan, Mollema, Jungels and Schleck amongst other good riders.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 9.May 14:21, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Didn't you once have a Kristoff signed jersey for the winning Norway fantasy manager? How come? And why no longer?

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 9.May 14:09, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Nice startlist ... Groenewegen, Albasini, Gerrans ( Andys favourite :D ) Galopin, Van Aert and Sep Vanmarcke. .... not bad for a midle of Giro and California race :))) I can't remember this kind of names in ToN before :)))

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 9.May 13:14, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
A warning to all, both Boeckmans and Jules is on startlist!

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 9.May 08:24, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Maybe a little drawback that the Hønefoss Eggemoen finish is gone from this edition, but Oslo makes up for it :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 9.May 08:07, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Really nice parcours this year .... I love stage 5 .... my birth/grow up town Oslo and 4 laps in the course from wcrr 1993 .... otherwice .. all the stages looks like alot of action and fun