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2017 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal

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Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Monday 11.Sep 12:15, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Strange is the minimum Andy. I'm furious!
With Colbrelli, Stuyven and Naesen in my team, all in the chasing group and they couldn't reach the front...

All the reason to Sagan, he's right to complain. He's the next Cancellara...

P.S. Good for you... :)

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 10.Sep 23:16, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Goon, just for u, i remembered to run ELO at same time :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 10.Sep 22:11, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Strange edition this, break likely to win given the speed of peloton last time they passed finish line.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 10.Sep 10:36, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Startlist final. No changes