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2017 Tucson Bicycle Classic

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Gonzalez, Rolando1980
Wells, Todd1975

303 Project

Greeff, Nicholas1985

Aevolo Cycling

Stites, Tyler1998

Canyon Bicycles - Shimano

Beyer, Chad1986
Winn, Chris1984

Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek

Gardner, Sean1994

Landis Trek team

Bryfogle, Agam1993
Zwart, Wouter1990

Pacific Premier Bank

Piccoli, James1991

Project Echelon Racing

Savre, Tim1990

Silber Pro Cycling Team

Cote, Pier-Andre1997
Ellsay, Nigel1994
Masbourian, Nicolas1994
Roth, Ryan1983
Zukowsky, Nickolas1998

Team RaceClean

Cowan, Alexander1996

Toronto Hutsle

Varabei, Anton1985

UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team

Eaton, Daniel1993
McCabe, Travis1989

Top 10 [2017]

1. McCabe, Travis5t 12' 25"
2. Ellsay, Nigel07"
3. Piccoli, James25"
4. Beyer, Chad25"
5. Zukowsky, Nickolas34"
6. Eaton, Daniel41"
7. Zwart, Wouter41"
8. Bryfogle, Agam1' 03"
9. Masbourian, Nicolas1' 04"
10. Gardner, Sean1' 04"