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Giro della Regione Friuli

Results Victorytable Stage victories Year-by-year


Year # Links Winner Second Third
20152.2Results Gaetan Bille Stephan Rabitsch Colin Stüssi
20142.2Results Simone Antonini David Wöhrer Rasmus C. Quaade
20132.2Results Jan Polanc Daniele Dall'Oste Ivan Rovny
20122.2Results Diego Rosa Bob Jungels Edoardo Zardini
20112.2Results Matteo Busato--
20102.2Results Vegard Stake Laengen--
20092.2Results Gianluca Brambilla Pavel Kochetkov Giuseppe Pecoraro
20082.2Results Hrvoje Miholjevic--
20072.2Results Alexander Filippov--
20062.2Results Boris Shpilevsky--
2004AmResults Matej Mugerli--
2003AmResults Ruslan Pidgornyy--
2002AmResults Luca Solari--
2001AmResults Ruslan Pidgornyy--
2000AmResults Raffaele Ferrara--
1999AmResults Aleksandar Nikacevic--
1998AmResults Danilo Di Luca--
1997AmResults Rodolfo Ongarato--
1996AmResults Rodolfo Ongarato--
1995AmResults Marco Fincato--
1994AmResults Rudy Mosole--
1993AmResults Gilberto Simoni--
1992AmResults Cristian Zanolini--
1991AmResults Gilberto Simoni--
1990AmResults Vincenzo Galati--
1989AmResults Carlo Benigni--
1988AmResults Gianluca Zanini--
1987AmResults Ivan Parolin--
1986AmResults Federico Longo--
1985AmResults Bruno Bulic--
1984AmResults Claudio Chiappucci--
1983AmResults Maurizio Bonizzatto--
1982AmResults Massimo Saccani--
1981AmResults Claudio Argentin--
1980AmResults Maurizio Piovani--
1979AmResults Claudio Gosetto--
1978AmResults Tulio Bertacco--
1977AmResults Claudio Corti--
1975AmResults Phil Edwards--
1974AmResults Mario Gualdi--
1973AmResults Alfredo Chinetti--
1972AmResults Alessio Peccolo--
1971AmResults Giovanni Dalla Bona--
1970AmResults Tommaso Giroli--
1969AmResults Alessio Peccolo--
1968AmResults Giorgio Mantovani--
1967AmResults Emilio Santantonio--
1966AmResults Giuseppe Bolzan--
1965AmResults Marino Basso--
1964AmResults Giovanni De Franceschi--
1963AmResults Felice Gimondi--
1962AmResults Giovanni De Franceschi--


WhatStage race
Nation Italy
Last winner Gaetan Bille
First winner Giovanni De Franceschi
Editions52 (inc.2015)