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2017 White Spot / Delta Road Race

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Pos Name Born Nation Team Time
01John Murphy1984 USA Holowesko - Citadel3t 25' 24"
02Ryan McCanally1992 Australia H&R Block Pro Cycling Team00"
03Scott Law1991 Australia Cylance Pro Cycling00"
04Florenz Knauer1989 Germany Stradalli Cycle-Saffeti00"
05Nick Kergozou de la Boessiere1996 New Zealand-00"
06Elliott Doyle1994 Canada Garneau- Quebecor00"
07Ryan Anderson1987 Canada Direct Energie00"
08Miguel Bryon1995 USA Holowesko - Citadel00"
09Liam White1994 Australia Drapac Pat's Veg Holistic DT00"
10Todd Satchell1993 Australia-00"
11Pier-Andre Cote1997 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team00"
12Anton Varabei1985 Canada Toronto Hutsle00"
13Pierrick Naud1991 Canada Rally Cycling00"
14Campbell Stewart1998 New Zealand Mobius Future Racing00"
15Steve Fisher1990 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles00"
16Hendrik Pineda1995 Canada Transports Lacombe/Devinci 00"
17Simon Ouellette1998 Canada Lowestrates CT00"
18Felix Cote-Bouvette1993 Canada Garneau- Quebecor00"
19Joshua Taylor1991 Australia NSW Institute of Sport00"
20Laurent Gervais1997 Canada Aevolo Cycling00"
21Jem Arnold1988 Canada-00"
22Alex Murison1992 Great Britain-00"
23Philip Lavery1990 Ireland H&R Block Pro Cycling Team00"
24Erik Slack1988 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles00"
25Trevor O'Donnell1996 Canada Toronto Hutsle00"
26Liam Magennis1997 Australia NSW Institute of Sport00"
27Jordan Jones1998 Canada-00"
28Jack Burke1995 Canada Aevolo Cycling00"
29Eric Marcotte1980 USA Cylance Pro Cycling00"
30Alberto Covarrubias1994 Mexico Orven NL00"
31Benoit Boulay1991 Canada Toronto Hutsle00"
32Robert Gutgesell1992 Canada Transports Lacombe/Devinci 00"
33Nigel Kinney1985 Canada-00"
34Bryan Lewis1990 USA Cylance Pro Cycling00"
35Kaler Marshall1986 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles00"
36Jure Rupnik1993 Slovenia H&R Block Pro Cycling Team00"
37Kyle Buckosky1993 Canada Battley Harley Davidson-Spokes00"
38Lukas Conly1997 Canada Giant Langley/Smart Savvy+ p/b Woun00"
39Cory Greenberg1988 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles00"
40Connor Toppings1996 Canada Giant Langley/Smart Savvy+ p/b Woun00"
41Brett Wakefield1989 Canada-00"
42Chris Winn1984 Australia Hangar 15 Bycicles00"
43Ryan Roth1983 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team00"
44Justin Mauch1994 USA Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - Nature's B00"
45Emile Jean1993 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team09"
46Karl Menzies1977 Australia Cylance Pro Cycling15"
47Jordan Cheyne1991 Canada Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis15"
48Curtis White1995 USA Rally Cycling15"
49Alexander Cowan1996 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team16"
50Jesse Anthony1985 USA Rally Cycling19"
51Bruno Langlois1979 Canada Garneau- Quebecor19"
52Marc Antoine Soucy1995 Canada Garneau- Quebecor24"
53Christopher Prendergast1994 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team24"
54Craig Richey1984 Canada-44"
55Cortlan Brown1989 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles48"
56Travis Samuel1994 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team1' 13"
57Allan Satchell1990 Australia-1' 19"
58Yuri Hrycaj1989 USA Toronto Hutsle1' 19"
59Wilson Tran- Canada-1' 19"
60Joshua Kropf1996 Canada Giant Langley/Smart Savvy+ p/b Woun1' 28"
61Shawn Litster- Canada-1' 47"
62Nicolas Ducharme1995 Canada Transports Lacombe/Devinci 1' 52"
63Olivier Brisebois1995 Canada Garneau- Quebecor2' 01"
64Nigel Ellsay1994 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team2' 01"
65Dylan Davies1985 Canada Lowestrates CT2' 01"
66Justin Homewood1990 Great Britain-2' 03"
67Ty Magner1991 USA Holowesko - Citadel2' 19"
68Mac Brennan1990 USA Holowesko - Citadel2' 19"
69Simon-Pierre Gauthier1993 Canada Garneau- Quebecor2' 32"
70Dylan Kennett1994 New Zealand-2' 53"
71Oscar Clark1989 USA Holowesko - Citadel3' 16"
72Brendan Rhim1995 USA Holowesko - Citadel3' 18"
73Charles Bradley Huff1979 USA Rally Cycling3' 18"
74Shane Kline1989 USA Rally Cycling3' 46"
75Conor O'Brien1992 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team4' 32"
76Ryan Cavanagh1995 Australia Cobra9 Interbuild Racing5' 17"
77Michael Van der Ham1992 Canada-6' 26"
DNFBrendan Armstrong1997 Canada-
DNFPieter Bulling1993 New Zealand-
DNFBrendan Cowley- Canada-
DNFEmilie De Rosnay1973 Canada-
DNFAmiel Flett-Brown1994 Canada-
DNFRyan Golbeck1981 Canada-
DNFJaryd Gray- New Zealand-
DNFAdam Holcombe- Canada-
DNFAdam Lefebvre- Canada-
DNFAlex-Fraser Maraun- Canada-
DNFIsaac Niles1995 Canada-
DNFCorey Ostertag1986 Canada-
DNFNormand Richard1988 Canada-
DNFTom Sexton- New Zealand-
DNFThomas Wallace- Ireland-
DNFSamuel Hunter Grove1993 USA Cylance Pro Cycling
DNFJustin Williams1989 USA Cylance Pro Cycling
DNFJake Cullen- Canada Giant Langley/Smart Savvy+ p/b Woun
DNFMitchell Ketler1997 Canada Giant Langley/Smart Savvy+ p/b Woun
DNFKellen Viznaugh1997 Canada Giant Langley/Smart Savvy+ p/b Woun
DNFSam Bassetti1991 USA Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - Nature's B
DNFSamuel Boardman1995 USA Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - Nature's B
DNFNate Freed1981 USA Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - Nature's B
DNFChristopher Harland-Dunaway1988 USA Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - Nature's B
DNFStephen Keeping1986 Canada Lowestrates CT
DNFStuart Shaw1977 Australia NSW Institute of Sport
DNFThomas Soladay1983 USA Rally Cycling
DNFEd Veal1976 Canada RealDeal Racing
DNFDannick Vandale1995 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team
DNFPeter Förster1995 Germany Stradalli Cycle-Saffeti
DNFAndrew Scarano1987 USA Stradalli Cycle-Saffeti
DNFJay Lamoureux1995 Canada Team RaceClean
DNFKyle Boorsma1988 Canada Toronto Hutsle
DNFBrad Bradford1986 Canada Toronto Hutsle
DNFOlivier Peloquin1996 Canada Transports Lacombe/Devinci
DNFMax Rubarth1996 Canada Transports Lacombe/Devinci
RaceWhite Spot / Delta Road Race
Nation Canada
Distance155.5 km
DateJuly 9th
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Nr.1 John Murphy