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New Zealand Cycle Classic

Results 2017 Victorytable Stage victories Year-by-year


Year # Links Winner Second Third
20172.2Results Joseph Cooper Logan Griffin James Oram
20162.2Results Ben O'Connor Mark O'Brien Stephen Williams
20152.2Results Taylor Karl Gunman Jason Christie Dion Smith
20142.2Results Michael Vink James Oram Adam Phelan
20132.2Results Nathan Earle Ben Dyball William Walker
20122.2Results Jay McCarthy Darren Lapthorne Campbell Flakemore
20112.2Results George Bennett--
20102.2Results Michael Torckler--
20092.2Results Peter McDonald--
20082.2Results Travis Meyer--
20072.2Results Hayden Roulston--
20062.2Results Hayden Roulston--
20052.2Results Matthew Lloyd--
20042.5Results Eric Wohlberg--
2003NEResults Matthew Yates--
2002NEResults Robin Reid--
20012.5Results Christopher Jenner--
2000NEResults Brendan Vesty--
19992.5Results Julian Dean--
1998NEResults Hayden Bradbury--
1997NEResults Corey Sweet--
1996NEResults Ric Reid--
1995AmResults Robbie McEwen--
1994AmResults Ric Reid--
1993AmResults Clark Richards--
1992AmResults Brian Fowler--
1991AmResults Brian Fowler--
1990AmResults Brian Fowler--
1989AmResults Brian Fowler--
1988AmResults Darren Rush--


WhatStage race
Nation New Zealand
Last winner Joseph Cooper
First winner Darren Rush
Editions30 (inc.2017)

Most victories

Brian Fowler 4
Ric Reid 2
Hayden Roulston 2