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Bayern Rundfahrt

Overview Jersey Stats

Year # Links Winner Second Third
2015 2.HC Results Alex Dowsett Tiago Machado Jan Barta
2014 2.HC Results Geraint Thomas Mathias Frank Vasil Kiryienka
2013 2.HC Results Adriano Malori Geraint Thomas Jan Barta
2012 2.HC Results Michael Rogers Jérôme Coppel Vladimir Gusev
2011 2.HC Results Geraint Thomas Nicki Sørensen Michael Albasini
2010 2.HC Results Maxime Monfort Adriano Malori Simon Spilak
2009 2.HC Results Linus Gerdemann Maxime Monfort David Le Lay
2008 2.HC Results Christian Knees Andreas Dietziker Niki Terpstra
2007 2.HC Results Stefan Schumacher Bert Grabsch Jens Voigt
2006 2.HC Results José Alberto Martinez Beat Zberg Luke Roberts
2005 2.HC Results Michael Rich Alexandre Vinokourov Linus Gerdemann
2004 2.3 Results Jens Voigt Andreas Klöden Tomasz Brozyna
2003 2.3 Results Michael Rich Patrik Sinkewitz Thomas Liese
2002 2.3 Results Michael Rich Jens Voigt Yuriy Krivtsov
2001 2.4 Results Jens Voigt Rolf Aldag Artur Babaitsev
2000 2.4 Results Jens Voigt Michael Rich Tobias Steinhauser
1999 2.5 Results Rolf Aldag Svein Gaute Hølestøl Torsten Schmidt
1998 2.5 Results Steffen Kjærgaard Axel Merckx Daniel Atienza
1997 2.5 Results Christian Henn Bert Dietz Arnaud Pretot
1996 2.5 Results Uwe Peschel Michael Rich Andreas Walzer
1995 Am Results Timo Scholz Volker Ordowski Arnaud Auguste
1994 Am Results Pavel Padrnos Jimmi Madsen Thomas Liese
1993 Am Results Alexander Kastenhuber Jens Zemke Daniel Lanz
1992 Am Results Jacques Jolidon Willy Willems Dirk Schiffner
1991 Am Results Brian Walton Lutz Lehmann Thomas Fleischer
1990 Am Results Jörg Paffrath Lubos Lom Eddy Seigneur
1989 Am Results Kai Hundertmarck Koen Van Rooy Hans Knauer


WhatStage race
Nation Germany
Last winner Alex Dowsett
First winner Kai Hundertmarck
Editions 27 (inc.2015)

Most victories

Michael Rich 3
Jens Voigt 3
Geraint Thomas 2