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Gp Comune di Cerreto Guidi

Results Victorytable Year-by-year


Year # Links Winner Second Third
20161.19Results Marco Bernardinetti Tommaso Fiaschi Nicolo Pacinotti
20151.19Results Davide Gabburo Marco Bernardinetti Devid Tintori
20141.19Results Nicola Bagioli Stefano Verona Niko Colonna
20131.19Results Christian Grazian Luca Benedetti Marco Ceglia
20121.19Results Siarhei Papok Mirko Ulivieri Mantas Bliakevicius
20111.19Results Winner Anacona Davide Mucelli Giorgio Cecchinel
20101.19Results Antonino Parrinello Gianluca Randazzo Alexander Serebryakov
2009AmResults Diego Ulissi--
2008AmResults Richie Porte--
2007AmResults Simone Stortoni--
2006AmResults Marco Da Castagnori--
2005AmResults Emanuele Bindi--
2004AmResults Massimiliano Grazia--
2003AmResults Emanuele Bindi--
2002AmResults Ivan Fanelli--
2001AmResults Alessandro Del Sarto--
2000AmResults Luca De Angeli--
1999AmResults Leonardo Scarselli--
1998AmResults Giuseppe Di Grande--
1997AmResults Federico Morini--
1996AmResults Aldo Zanetti--
1995AmResults Alessandro Petacchi--
1994AmResults Fabrizio Giacomelli--
1993AmResults Elia Aggiano--
1992AmResults Michele Paletti--
1991AmResults Angelo Citracca--
1990AmResults Franco Cavallini--
1989AmResults Marco Masetti--
1988AmResults Massimiliano Lelli--
1987AmResults Fabiano Pollastri--
1986AmResults Sandro Manzi--
1985AmResults Salvatore Caruso--
1984AmResults Valerio Franchesini--
1983AmResults Fabrizio Vanucci--
1982AmResults Angelo Canzonieri--
1981AmResults Roberto Bottiglioni--
1980AmResults Ivano Maffei--
1979AmResults Roberto Ciampi--
1978AmResults Uriano Goffetti--
1977AmResults Dante Morandi--
1976AmResults Giuseppe Saronni--
1975AmResults Giuseppe Fatato--
1974AmResults Carlo Gori--
1973AmResults Giuseppe Mori--
1972AmResults Andrea Checchi--
1971AmResults Riccardo Sbiolchi--
1970AmResults Silvano Ravagli--
1969AmResults Fabrizio Fabbri--
1968AmResults Pierino Primavera--
1967AmResults Renzo Mossi--
1966AmResults Sigfrido Fontanelli--
1965AmResults Primo Franchini--
1964AmResults Sergio Tendola--
1963AmResults Gianfranco Gallon--
1962AmResults Carlos Storai--
1961AmResults Piero Baracchini--
1960AmResults Roberto Nencioli--
1959AmResults Marino Minieri--
1958AmResults Giancarlo Calistri--
1957AmResults Oreste Magni--
1956AmResults Romano Bani--
1955AmResults Aldo Bargagni--
1954AmResults Nedo Fagni--
1953AmResults Dismo Innocenti--
1952AmResults Roberto Falaschi--
1951AmResults Vasco Ciapini--
1950AmResults Athos Rossi--
1949AmResults Alviero Buscioni--
1948AmResults Giordano Tognarelli--
1947AmResults Rino Burchi--
1946AmResults Sergio Pagliazzi--


WhatOne-day race
Nation Italy
Last winner Marco Bernardinetti
First winner Sergio Pagliazzi
Editions71 (inc.2016)

Most victories

Emanuele Bindi 2