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PostNord Danmark Rundt

Overview 2018 Jersey Stats

Year # Links Winner Second Third
2018 2.HC Results Wout Van Aert Rasmus Christian Quaade Lasse Norman Hansen
2017 2.HC Results Mads Pedersen Michael Valgren Casper Pedersen
2016 2.HC Results Michael Valgren Magnus Cort Mads Würtz Schmidt
2015 2.HC Results Christopher Juul Jensen Lars Bak Marco Marcato
2014 2.HC Results Michael Valgren Lars Bak Manuele Boaro
2013 2.HC Results Wilco Kelderman Lars Bak Matti Breschel
2012 2.HC Results Lieuwe Westra Ramunas Navardauskas Manuele Boaro
2011 2.HC Results Simon Gerrans Daniele Bennati Michael Mørkøv
2010 2.HC Results Jakob Fuglsang Svein Tuft Matthew Busche
2009 2.HC Results Jakob Fuglsang Maurizio Biondo Roger Hammond
2008 2.HC Results Jakob Fuglsang Steve Cummings Tom Stamsnijder
2007 2.HC Results Kurt Asle Arvesen Enrico Gasparotto Matti Breschel
2006 2.HC Results Fabian Cancellara Stuart O'Grady Thomas Ziegler
2005 2.HC Results Ivan Basso Kurt Asle Arvesen Rory Sutherland
2004 2.2 Results Kurt Asle Arvesen Jens Voigt Stuart O'Grady
2003 2.2 Results Sebastian Lang Jurgen Van Goolen Laurent Brochard
2002 2.2 Results Jakob Piil Kurt Asle Arvesen László Bodrogi
2001 2.2 Results David Millar Jaan Kirsipuu Daniele Nardello
2000 2.2 Results Rolf Sørensen Andreas Klöden Stéphane Barthe
1999 2.2 Results Tyler Hamilton Rolf Sørensen Martin Hvastija
1998 2.3 Results Marc Streel Rolf Sørensen Peter Meinert Nielsen
1997 2.3 Results Servais Knaven Peter Meinert Nielsen Jesper Skibby
1996 2.4 Results Fabrizio Guidi Rolf Sørensen Bjarne Riis
1995 NE Results Bjarne Riis Bo Hamburger Kaspars Ozers
1988 CB-1 Results Phil Anderson Rolf Sørensen Søren Lilholt
1987 CB-1 Results Kim Andersen Rolf Sørensen Søren Lilholt
1986 CB-1 Results Jesper Worre Jørgen-Vagn Pedersen Jelle Nijdam
1985 CB-1 Results Moreno Argentin Kim Andersen Etienne De Wilde


WhatStage race
Nation Denmark
Last winner Wout Van Aert
First winner Moreno Argentin
Editions 31 (inc.2019)
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Most victories

Jakob Fuglsang 3
Kurt Asle Arvesen 2
Michael Valgren 2