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2008 Amgen Tour of California

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Date Km Finish Winner Leader Youth Points Mountains Combative
Pl. 17.Feb 3 Results Stanford University F.Cancellara F.Cancellara E.Boasson Hagen F.Cancellara-
01 18.Feb 156 Results Santa Rosa J.Haedo F.Cancellara G.Ciolek J.Stewart J.Stewart J.Stewart
02 19.Feb 186 Results Sacramento T.Boonen T.Farrar G.Ciolek H.Haussler J.Stewart S.Nydam
03 20.Feb 165 Results San José R.Gesink L.Leipheimer R.Gesink H.Haussler S.Nydam G.Hincapie
04 21.Feb 218 Results San Luis Obispo D.Rollin L.Leipheimer R.Gesink D.Rollin S.Nydam D.Rollin
05 22.Feb 24 Results Solvang L.Leipheimer L.Leipheimer R.Gesink D.Rollin S.Nydam-
06 23.Feb 170 Results Santa Clarita L.Pagliarini L.Leipheimer R.Gesink D.Rollin S.Nydam R.Sutherland
07 24.Feb 150 Results Pasadena G.Hincapie L.Leipheimer R.Gesink D.Rollin S.Nydam-