2016 Sibiu Cycling Tour

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World Championship
Koronin [Wed 5.Dec 19:09]
Maria Auxiliadora-Novelda
Javier Rico [Tue 27.Nov 18:00]
CN Spain RR-Elites
Cordi3 [Fri 2.Nov 08:45]
Giro d'Italia
zKobalt [Thu 1.Nov 08:41]
Tour de France
goon1221 [Mon 29.Oct 09:38]
Japan Cup Cycle Road Race
Assassin [Sun 21.Oct 16:16]
Gree - Tour of Guangxi
Aragonite [Sun 21.Oct 15:53]
Tour of Guangxi Women's WorldTour
Assassin [Thu 18.Oct 22:04]
Tour of Hainan
Viktor86 [Tue 16.Oct 13:36]
Trofeo San Jeronimo-Benferri
Javier Rico [Mon 15.Oct 11:07]
Chrono des Nations
Viktor86 [Sun 14.Oct 18:38]
Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey
Andy [Sun 14.Oct 13:53]

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Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Friday 8.Jul 18:24, 2016
4th FC-manager overall
Looks like the two biggest GC teams CCC and Androni both were confident in their riders in the break, Mihaylov and Gavazzi, and decided not to chase. Only 6 riders per team here too.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 8.Jul 18:06, 2016
11th FC-manager overall
What happened here today? The favorites in 13 min after the winner on the queen stage.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 6.Jul 21:26, 2016
14th FC-manager overall
I agree with Tomas, apart from the Rebellin bit.

Tomas [Second Coming] Wednesday 6.Jul 20:00, 2016
27th FC-manager overall
This race is gonna be Rebellin's last victory some might say. I actually had a fun time setting up my team for this one. Several hard choices, atleast compared to the ongoing Tour de France competition.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 6.Jul 18:29, 2016
Probably because they're one of the only teams to have a complete and well known name. I've chosen 2 btw. But serious, what the hell is this for race...

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 6.Jul 09:51, 2016
3rd FC-manager overall
I pick 3 of them :D

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 6.Jul 09:47, 2016
3rd FC-manager overall
Another uhaaaah race i don't have a clue what i'm looking at .... But i notice Androni is highly trusted here with all riders with a star :D