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2016 Tour of Alberta

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General Youth Points Mountain Sprint

Results after stage 05

Pos Name Born Nation Team Time
01Robin Carpenter1992 USA Holowesko - Citadel Racing13:35:31
02Bauke Mollema1986 Netherlands Trek - Segafredo+ 01
03Evan Huffman1990 USA Rally Cycling+ 07
04Colin Joyce1994 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 18
05Alexander Cataford1993 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 32
06Daniel Eaton1993 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 35
07Nigel Ellsay1994 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 52
08Antoine Duchesne1991 Canada Direct Energie+ 53
09Alex Howes1988 USA Cannondale - Drapac+ 01:01
10Angus Morton1989 Australia Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 01:03
11Tyler Williams1994 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 02:21
12Andzs Flaksis1991 Latvia Holowesko - Citadel Racing+ 02:22
13Kristoffer Skjerping1993 Norway Cannondale - Drapac+ 02:29
14Kris Dahl1992 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 02:43
15Jack Burke1995 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling+ 02:55
16Fränk Schleck1980 Luxembourg Trek - Segafredo+ 02:55
17Toms Skujins1991 Latvia Cannondale - Drapac+ 02:56
18Gregory Rast1980 Switzerland Trek - Segafredo+ 02:57
19Edward Dunbar1996 Ireland Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 02:57
20Marco Zamparella1987 Italy Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 03:09
21Joseph Lewis1989 Australia Holowesko - Citadel Racing+ 03:11
22Ryan Roth1983 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 03:12
23Chris Horner1971 USA Lupus Racing Team+ 03:13
24John Murphy1984 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 03:16
25Benjamin Perry1994 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 03:25
26Chad Young1995 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 03:27
27Kristjan Koren1986 Slovenia Cannondale - Drapac+ 03:36
28Michael Woods1986 Canada Cannondale - Drapac+ 03:43
29Phil O'Donnell1996 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 03:47
30Edward Walsh1996 Canada Team RaceClean+ 03:52
31Andre Cardoso1984 Portugal Cannondale - Drapac+ 03:54
32Justin Oien1995 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 04:03
33Felix Cote-Bouvette1993 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling+ 04:21
34Edgar Pinto1985 Portugal Sky Dive Dubai+ 04:24
35Matthew Busche1985 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 04:42
36Travis McCabe1989 USA Holowesko - Citadel Racing+ 05:10
37Adam Jamieson1996 Canada Team RaceClean+ 05:25
38Christopher Jones1979 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 05:42
39Jonathan Clarke1984 Australia UnitedHealthcare+ 06:33
40Daniel Summerhill1989 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 06:37
41Travis Samuel1994 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling+ 06:38
42Mac Brennan1990 USA Holowesko - Citadel Racing+ 06:39
43Christopher Prendergast1994 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling+ 07:36
44Piet Allegaert1995 Belgium Trek - Segafredo+ 07:49
45Danny Pate1979 USA Rally Cycling+ 08:26
46Andrei Krasilnikau1989 Belarus Holowesko - Citadel Racing+ 10:39
47Bailey McKnight1990 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling+ 11:15
48Josh Berry1990 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 11:35
49Tanner Putt1992 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 12:23
50Peter Stetina1987 USA Trek - Segafredo+ 13:22
51Jonathan Brown1997 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 14:56
52Redi Halilaj1989 Albania Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 15:13
53Ulises Castillo1992 Mexico Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 15:49
54David Drouin1995 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 15:50
55Ivan Santaromita1984 Italy Sky Dive Dubai+ 15:52
56Phillip Gaimon1986 USA Cannondale - Drapac+ 16:11
57Nicolas Masbourian1994 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 17:57
58Alexander Cowan1996 Canada Team RaceClean+ 18:31
59Jacob Rathe1991 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 19:03
60Pierpaolo Ficara1991 Italy Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 19:25
61Danilo Celano1989 Italy Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 20:24
62Oscar Pelegrí Fernández1994 Spain Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 20:31
63Winston David1987 USA Lupus Racing Team+ 20:32
64Benjamin Wolfe1993 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 20:39
65Simon-Pierre Gauthier1993 Canada Garneau - Quebecor+ 20:44
66Lawson Craddock1992 USA Cannondale - Drapac+ 21:04
67Chad Beyer1986 USA Lupus Racing Team+ 21:45
68Ryder Hesjedal1980 Canada Trek - Segafredo+ 21:58
69Oscar Clark1989 USA Holowesko - Citadel Racing+ 22:19
70Nicola Campigli1994 Italy Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 22:32
71Uri Martins Sandoval1990 Mexico Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 22:39
72Matthieu Jeannes1987 France Lupus Racing Team+ 23:13
73Taylor Shelden1987 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 23:32
74Luke Keough1991 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 23:40
75Matteo Dal-Cin1991 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 24:09
76Bryan Lewis1990 USA Lupus Racing Team+ 25:21
77Jure Rupnik1993 Slovenia H&R Block Pro Cycling+ 27:29
78Miguel Bryon1995 USA Holowesko - Citadel Racing+ 27:43
79Peter Disera1995 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling+ 27:59
80Marc Antoine Soucy1995 Canada Garneau - Quebecor+ 29:05
81Francisco Mancebo1976 Spain Sky Dive Dubai+ 29:15
82Julian Arredondo1988 Colombia Trek - Segafredo+ 33:27
83Andrea Palini1989 Italy Sky Dive Dubai+ 35:03
RaceTour of Alberta
Nation Canada
DateSeptember 1st-5th
Leader R.Carpenter
Youth C.Joyce
Points C.Joyce
Mountain D.Celano
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Robin Carpenter

Manager results
1 Troy The Trader
3 Il Scudetto