2017 Tour of Alberta

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General Youth Points Mountain Sprint


Pos Name Born Nation Team Time
01Wouter Wippert1990 Netherlands Cannondale - Drapac42 pts
02John Murphy1984 USA Holowesko - Citadel31 pts
03Alex Howes1988 USA Cannondale - Drapac27 pts
04Colin Joyce1994 USA Rally Cycling24 pts
05Evan Huffman1990 USA Rally Cycling20 pts
06Sepp Kuss1994 USA Rally Cycling15 pts
07Michael Hernandez1997 USA Aevolo Cycling14 pts
08Tom Jelte Slagter1989 Netherlands Cannondale - Drapac12 pts
09Nigel Ellsay1994 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team11 pts
10Pier-Andre Cote1997 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team11 pts
11Ryan McCanally1992 Australia H&R Block Pro Cycling Team10 pts
12Rob Britton1984 Canada Rally Cycling9 pts
13Tanner Putt1992 USA UnitedHealthcare9 pts
14Serghei Tvetcov1988 Romania Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis8 pts
15Taylor Shelden1987 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis7 pts
16Christopher Jones1979 USA UnitedHealthcare7 pts
17Lachlan Norris1987 Australia UnitedHealthcare7 pts
18Jack Burke1995 Canada Aevolo Cycling6 pts
19Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria1997 Mexico Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling6 pts
20Bruno Langlois1979 Canada Garneau- Quebecor5 pts
21Elliott Doyle1994 Canada Garneau- Quebecor5 pts
22Weimar Alfonso Roldan1985 Colombia Medellin - Exito-Bavaria4 pts
23Joseph Lewis1989 Australia Holowesko - Citadel4 pts
24Óscar Sevilla1976 Spain Medellin - Exito-Bavaria3 pts
25Robigzon Oyola1988 Colombia Medellin - Exito-Bavaria3 pts
26Eduardo Estrada1995 Colombia Medellin - Exito-Bavaria3 pts
27Daniel Eaton1993 USA UnitedHealthcare3 pts
28Josh Berry1990 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis3 pts
29Alexander Cataford1993 Canada UnitedHealthcare2 pts
30James Piccoli1991 Canada Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling1 pt
31Eder Frayre1991 Mexico Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling1 pt
32Tyler Stites1998 USA Aevolo Cycling1 pt
RaceTour of Alberta
Nation Canada
DateSeptember 1st-4th
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Wouter Wippert

Manager results
1 CT Glory
2 JuhaMieto
3 Bjorn
4 El pistolero
5 Gatto bike