2018 CN Canada ITT

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Pos Name Born Nation Team Time
01Svein Tuft1977 Canada Mitchelton - Scott46' 38"
02Rob Britton1984 Canada Rally Cycling36"
03Alexander Cataford1993 Canada UnitedHealthcare1' 43"
04Adam Roberge1997 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team1' 57"
05Ryan Roth1983 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team2' 07"
06Jordan Cheyne1991 Canada Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling2' 31"
07Travis Samuel1994 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team2' 33"
08Warren Muir- Canada-2' 46"
09Nickolas Zukowsky1998 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team2' 50"
10Adam Jamieson1996 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team2' 51"
11Nigel Ellsay1994 Canada Rally Cycling3' 09"
12Emile Jean1993 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team3' 10"
13Jack Burke1995 Canada Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis3' 17"
14Dannick Vandale1995 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team3' 19"
15Marc-Antoine Nadon1994 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team3' 33"
16Pier-Andre Cote1997 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team3' 49"
17Alexis Cartier1991 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team3' 55"
18Jay Lamoureux1995 Canada Ind-CAN4' 04"
19Derek Gee1997 Canada Ind-CAN4' 06"
20Laurent Gervais1997 Canada Aevolo Cycling4' 13"
21Ed Veal1976 Canada Realdeal Aquila4' 16"
22Charles-Etienne Chretien1999 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team4' 37"
23Mitchell Ketler1997 Canada Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy4' 42"
24Robert Gutgesell1992 Canada Ind-CAN4' 47"
25Marc Antoine Soucy1995 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team4' 56"
26Connor Toppings1996 Canada Probaclac/Devinci4' 56"
27Christian Meier1985 Canada The Service Course5' 00"
28Chris Ernst- Canada Team RaceClean5' 28"
29Ethan Palamarek1999 Canada Toronto Hutsle5' 31"
30Max Rubarth1996 Canada Probaclac/Devinci5' 43"
31Alexander Amiri1996 Canada Hedrick Racing5' 45"
32Olivier Peloquin1996 Canada Probaclac/Devinci5' 57"
33Nicolas Masbourian1994 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team6' 04"
34James Piccoli1991 Canada Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling6' 07"
35Julien Gagne1994 Canada Probaclac/Devinci6' 08"
36Ryan Primeau1992 Canada VeloSelect-Apogee6' 10"
37Noah Simms1999 Canada Toronto Hutsle6' 20"
38Felix Pelletier- Canada Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell6' 28"
39Jerome McNicoll1984 Canada-6' 36"
40Jordann Jones1998 Canada Team NCCH p/b MGCC6' 43"
41Kyle Buckosky1993 Canada Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic7' 13"
42Michael Sametz- Canada-7' 20"
43Gabriel Guay1999 Canada Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell7' 22"
44Andrew Buzzell1978 Canada-7' 35"
45David Williams1988 USA-7' 40"
46Pierre-Olivier Santerre1997 Canada Espoirs Elite Primeau Velo7' 50"
47Kurt Penno1999 Canada Toronto Hutsle8' 10"
48Graydon Staples1999 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team8' 28"
49David Havill1998 Canada-9' 02"
50Robert Starrs- Canada Team NCCH p/b MGCC9' 54"
51Jonathan Cassivi1999 Canada Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell9' 59"
52Timothy Austen1996 Canada Ride with Rendall p/b Blemme10' 01"
53Edouard Beaudoin1999 Canada Probaclac/Devinci10' 10"
54Antoine Ippersiel1999 Canada Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell10' 21"
55Andre Boudreau- Canada-10' 25"
56Titus Chan- Canada-10' 40"
57Philip Guimond1998 Canada Espoirs Elite Primeau Velo10' 50"
58Olivier Beaulieu1999 Canada Premier Tech p/b Argon 1811' 27"
59Adam Wolfe1999 Canada Team NCCH p/b MGCC12' 29"
60Guillaume Davidson1999 Canada Team Macadam’s Cowboys12' 37"
61Tommy Waldeck1995 Canada Ind-CAN13' 03"
RaceCN Canada ITT
Where Saguenay
Nation Canada
Distance37.2 km
DateJune 21st
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Svein Tuft