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Tour of the Gila

Results 2017 Victorytable Stage victories Year-by-year


Year # Links Winner Second Third
20162.2Results Lachlan Morton Alexander Cataford Rob Britton
20152.2Results Rob Britton Daniel Alexander Jaramillo Gavin Mannion
20142.2Results Carter Jones Gregory Brenes Rob Britton
20132.2Results Philip Deignan Phillip Gaimon Francisco Mancebo
20122.2Results Rory Sutherland Chad Beyer Joe Dombrowski
2011NEResults Francisco Mancebo--
2010NEResults Levi Leipheimer--
2009NEResults Levi Leipheimer--
2008NEResults Gregorio Ladino Vega--
2007NEResults Nathan O'Neill--
2006NEResults Christopher Baldwin--
2005NEResults Burke Swindlehurst--
2004NEResults Scott Moninger--
2003NEResults Andrew Miller--
2002NEResults Chris Wherry--
2001NEResults Scott Moninger--
2000NEResults Eric Wohlberg--
1999NEResults Chris Wherry--
1998NEResults Burke Swindlehurst--
1997NEResults Bart Bowen--
1996NEResults Burke Swindlehurst--
1995NEResults Jonathan Vaughters--
1994NEResults Andrew Miller--
1993NEResults Jose Robles Lopez--
1992NEResults Kevin Livingston--
1991NEResults Björn Bäckmann--
1990NEResults Björn Bäckmann--
1989NEResults John Lieswyn--
1988NEResults Gavin O'Grady--
1987NEResults Andy Bishop--


WhatStage race
Nation USA
Last winner Lachlan Morton
First winner Andy Bishop
Editions31 (inc.2017)