2018 Tour de Beauce

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General Youth Points Mountain Sprint

Results after stage 06

Pos Name Born Nation Team Time
01James Piccoli1991 Canada Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling15:11:52
02Daniel Whitehouse1995 Great Britain Interpro Stradalli Cycling+ 11
03Serghei Tvetcov1988 Romania UnitedHealthcare+ 27
04Jack Burke1995 Canada Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 49
05Rob Britton1984 Canada Rally Cycling+ 01:03
06Alexey Vermeulen1994 USA Interpro Stradalli Cycling+ 01:23
07Thomas Revard1997 USA Hagens Berman - Axeon+ 01:32
08Keegan Swirbul1995 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 02:17
09Jordan Cheyne1991 Canada Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling+ 02:23
10Svein Tuft1977 Canada Mitchelton - Scott+ 02:28
11Adam Roberge1997 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 02:44
12Ian Garrison1998 USA Hagens Berman - Axeon+ 04:14
13Roman Villalobos1990 Costa Rica Canel's-Specialized+ 04:22
14Francisco Mancebo1976 Spain Inteja - MMR+ 04:28
15Jonathan Brown1997 USA Hagens Berman - Axeon+ 04:42
16Nigel Ellsay1994 Canada Rally Cycling+ 04:43
17Gavin Mannion1991 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 05:42
18Bernat Font Mas1994 Spain 303 Project+ 06:27
19Kaler Marshall1986 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles+ 07:27
20Charles-Etienne Chretien1999 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 08:19
21Pier-Andre Cote1997 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 08:39
22Aria Kiani1992 USA Ride with Rendall p/b Blemme+ 08:42
23Lachlan Norris1987 Australia UnitedHealthcare+ 09:28
24Maxx Chance1996 USA 303 Project+ 11:48
25Pablo Andrés Alarcon Cares1988 Chile Canel's-Specialized+ 12:21
26Dannick Vandale1995 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 12:32
27Alistair Slater1993 Great Britain JLT - Condor+ 13:04
28Griffin Easter1991 USA 303 Project+ 13:10
29Laurent Gervais1997 Canada Aevolo Cycling+ 13:11
30Bruno Langlois1979 Canada E.C.Velo Cartel+ 13:19
31Jean-Denis Thibault1998 Canada H&R Block Pro Cycling Team+ 13:24
32Connor Toppings1996 Canada Probaclac/Devinci+ 15:46
33Kyle Murphy1991 USA Rally Cycling+ 16:55
34Benjamin Perry1994 Canada Israel Cycling Academy+ 17:59
35Brendan Rhim1995 USA Holowesko - Citadel+ 19:07
36Matthieu Jeannes1987 France Probaclac/Devinci+ 19:09
37Derek Gee1997 Canada Ind-CAN+ 19:39
38Ryan Anderson1987 Canada Rally Cycling+ 20:36
39Jake Sitler1989 USA CCB Foundation - Sicleri+ 20:38
40Eduardo Corte Cordero1992 Mexico Canel's-Specialized+ 21:37
41Olivier Brisebois1995 Canada Probaclac/Devinci+ 22:13
42Taylor Shelden1987 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 22:20
43Alexander Amiri1996 Canada Hedrick Racing+ 23:56
44Rui Oliveira1996 Portugal Hagens Berman - Axeon+ 24:00
45Jacob Rathe1991 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 25:54
46Jonathan Sandoval Ulloa1993 Mexico CCB Foundation - Sicleri+ 26:23
47Jonathan Clarke1984 Australia UnitedHealthcare+ 28:11
48Cullen Easter1987 USA 303 Project+ 28:21
49Timothy Rugg1985 USA Ride with Rendall p/b Blemme+ 31:48
50Steve Fisher1990 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 32:54
51Patrick Collins1995 USA CCB Foundation - Sicleri+ 39:16
52Emerson Oronte1990 USA Rally Cycling+ 40:53
53Joshua Kropf1996 Canada Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy+ 44:57
54William Guzman1992 Dom. Rep Inteja - MMR+ 01:16:46
55Mitchell Ketler1997 Canada Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy+ 01:17:39
RaceTour de Beauce
Nation Canada
DateJune 13th-17th
Leader J.Piccoli
Youth T.Revard
Points S.Tvetcov
Mountain B.Perry
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James Piccoli