2017 Vuelta a España

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Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Thursday 21.Dec 14:28, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
That's what concern me most, this terrible stigma about cycling.
To people in general cycling is cheating, mainly, and i can't be confortable with that (nor we all, i'm sure). We all know this "fame" was caused by cycling himself but i don't believe other sports are better than this one.
Still (and as you say) is good to see the system "working".. :)

About André, maybe i'm taking this very personnaly. Not that i know him but his image and the words from those who know him says he's a nice and friendly guy. When his result was public it was a shock, then there were these rumours and also the delay about a veredict. You are right about a divergant B sample being rare but i hope this one can be the exception that confirm the rule...:)
If not, no defense possible, no matter how nice the guy is!

A very nice Christmas and New Year, triple J!
And to all of you, people!

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Thursday 21.Dec 14:01, 2017
I'm giving him the same benefit of a doubt as any rider. My words were: "That André Cardoso's second probe was negative is a rumour. I think it's way more likely it was positive" I like to talk about facts more and a divergant B probe is rare. So the current situation is a positive test.

I hope to get an offical response soon of course, but I can understand when court cases are being held confidential. If the B probe should be negative, then the UCI fucked up big time and Andre will have to be compensated greatly.

On the one side you have to be happy about positives, because it means to an extent that riders can't feel to safe and it shows that the system is "working" (don't know if you can use that word in regard of the UCI :D), on the other side every positive is also sad of course. I wonder if cycling can ever get away from this stigma...

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Thursday 21.Dec 13:20, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
You don't defend and i also don't...
You are not giving André the benefit of doubt until the B sample result turn public. It's been almost half year, there are rumours, at least don't judge him until that be proved..

Couldn't agree more with you about Froome and the non comparable situation with André Cardoso.
Anyway, always sad to hear these news, no matter who the rider is!

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Thursday 21.Dec 12:49, 2017
> I would love to see you be so drastic and peremptory about other riders.

Show me a rider where I reacted differently. Can't remember defending an EPO positive.

> Starting with Mr Chris Froome, don't see you trying to explain, how in the hell, he had those pornographic values.

He used too much Salbutamol. He should be punished and hopefully will. But the two are not comparable.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Thursday 21.Dec 10:58, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Yes, he's suspended... since July...
Maybe fair, maybe not. We need to know the B sample result...

I would love to see you be so drastic and peremptory about other riders.
Starting with Mr Chris Froome, don't see you trying to explain, how in the hell, he had those pornographic values.
It's all about marginal gains, isn't it?..

Still about Cardoso. He's 33, if he gets a 2 year ban he will be 35. Not easy but possible!
If he wants he can get a gig in many countries not only in Portugal. He has the quality and hability to race agaisn't the best as he proved in the past years...

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Thursday 21.Dec 07:54, 2017
> If B sample proves he's guilty, he should be suspended, of course, no matter how friendly he is.

Cardoso is suspended. Just the length hasn't been decided yet, so most likely 4 years, but Cardoso is surely trying to explain it down to two. He could surely get a gig in Portugal in 2019 after a two year ban if he wanted to.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Wednesday 20.Dec 13:52, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Agree with you, very different cases and not asking for equal treatment BUT reminding André's delay about his sample results and/or veredict.
If B sample proves he's guilty, he should be suspended, of course, no matter how friendly he is.

About Froome, no special pleasure with these news BUT those numbers... just want same procedures than those with Ulissi, etc...
I would love to watch him race the double, i even expect he choses Algarve instead Andaluzia to start his season.

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Wednesday 20.Dec 12:54, 2017
> why nothing is declared from UCI?

Because there is probably an open court case about the issue and they are awaiting the verdict.

And Froome was not found positive of an illegal substance, but of a controlled substance.
André Cardoso was found positive for EPO. There is a difference and rules are different.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Wednesday 20.Dec 11:56, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
I'm not sure about anything, triple J...
The truth is he's since July without racing but with no veredict determined... If it is like you say: B negative a rumour, most likely a B positive, why nothing is declared from UCI?
Meanwhile, his sporting carreer probably ended, at least in WT peloton.
If he's guilty he must be suspended, of course. If sample B result contradicts sample A, someone has to act not delay...

Meanwhile, Chris is at Maiorca (or wherever) training and planning his 2018 season, when he had such a gigantic result in September, a value that cannot be explained by inhalation BUT (using your words) his lawyers are trying some crazy explanations for...

P.S. I'm always sad with these news no matter who the rider is. It damage the sport i (we) love!

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Monday 18.Dec 17:21, 2017
That André Cardoso's second probe was negative is a rumour. I think it's way more likely it was positive and he's shutting up about it, because he doesn't want it back in the spotlight while his lawyers are trying some crazy explanations in closed court.

If a B probe is negative he'd be riding again. There is no case against him without a B probe and he would be all over social media.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Monday 18.Dec 13:24, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
The "world" discussing Froome's case (both A and B with the same results), meanwhile André Cardoso still waiting for a veredict with a positive and a negative result...
Concerning countries and teams, seize matters after all...

Koronin [Koronin] Saturday 16.Dec 04:52, 2017
Viktor86, good write up of the recent favoritism. Hopefully with Cookson gone some of this we won't see in the future.
This is looking really bad for the UCI and if nothing happens could be a bigger disaster for the UCI than either the Italian doping scandal or Operation Puerto. We already have precident for this exact doping offense with Pattichi and Ulissi who both had results stripped and were given bans of between 9 and 12 months.
Movistar's riders basically had diplomatic responses to the Froome scandal. However Valverde did say at the end of his comment that Froome's results were twice the allowed amount and there should be consequences for the offense.

goon1221 [BMC] Friday 15.Dec 16:46, 2017
19th FC-manager overall

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Friday 15.Dec 07:44, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
+ JTL, Henao's blood values and Leinders.

but also

"These actions are a major blow to the difficult anti-doping fight, which I am leading with riders like Marcel Kittel.

hahahaha, same Kittel who's been playing with his own blood when it wasn't banned by WADA/CAS. Good one.

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Friday 15.Dec 07:35, 2017
People are still complaining about Ventoux? How can you be angry at Froome for that?

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 15.Dec 06:50, 2017
The allowed amount is already sky high and has hardly been hit by any professional. According to things I read from people who know about asthma, both patients and specialists, and that 2000 is way above the daily amount of a regular patient, but this time only taken within a matter of hours, by a well trained pro athlete. Plus, if you really have this form of illness, you can't even be a pro cyclist. Especially not on this level.

And of course Martin is rightfully pissed. Both tests were positive, but Froome still isn't (temporarily) suspended, while others already face this punishment after the first test. Also in other cases athletes were given time to prove their innocence. It's just adds to the long list of strange advantages of Sky and/or other British athletes in cycling.

- Ventouxgate, where Froome not punished after Sky entered the judges room. He even got an advantage out of it (deficit on Mollema was void), while UCI rules are pretty clear on competing without a bike.
- packagegate, so called fluimucil in it (sold at any random French pharmacy), vague explanation and no administration. No punishment
- Wiggins and his dubious TUE's
- Armitstead should have been banned after missing 3 tests, but suddenly 1 was an administrative mistake by the British Union. Result: No punishment.
- Kenny and Cav no DSQ at the Olympics in track, while rules are clear. Plus the ''form'' of British athletes pre and during the track events on the Olympics are just so extreme. That's not just better form management.
- Sagangate. Cav was ''victim'', despite his actions were odd during the sprint (you could have said he was the perp, not Sagan). Sagan got a DSQ after 2 or 3 different other punishments. Curious if a non British or Sky ''victim'', let alone without a broken arm, would have resulted in a triple added penalty.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 14.Dec 23:17, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Well no doubt Cookson would be involved in a cover up, the dude is about as clean as Oscar Pistorius's conscience.

Koronin [Koronin] Thursday 14.Dec 21:53, 2017
Agree about how the UCI has handled it. It really has the feeling that Cookson was trying to cover it up.
I also agree with Tony Martin. Now I do fully understand why some of the other riders when asked are being very diplomatic about it. Valverde basically said that Froome must explain himself. However, he went on to say that it was double the allowed amount and there must be some sort of punishment.

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Thursday 14.Dec 12:56, 2017
I know bashing on Froome is big in fashion, but about this situation I can't believe Froome doped with Salbutamol to "cheat" on that stage. He was in red, he knew he would be tested, I can't believe this was on purpose especially as Salbutamol is proven to not be performance enhancing if you don't suffer from performance induced asthma.

That Sky is abusing the system (TUE's going to the max limits with all medication that is allowed etc) to the max is known since the Wiggins case at least. Wether he dopes with other illegal substances or so I don't know.

The Schadenfreude that the Sky method has now hit Froome is big, but this isn't the doping posiitve you can be happy about. The big scandal in my opinion is the UCI handling of it. Tony Martin hit the nail on the head I think.

The other discussion about the legality of drugs that allow ill riders to compete is another completely.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Thursday 14.Dec 11:50, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
and still he gets busted for a substance which is allowed to the certain limits :D Doping control is losing this battle anyway if he goes down with a this one, the transform you mention below hasn't been done by inhaling Salbutamol.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 14.Dec 07:16, 2017
Why doesn't this news surprise me. From one day to another Froome transformed from not even good enough for World Tour, he was originally forced to leave Sky after that one Wiggins Vuelta he only rode because Nordhaug was injured, to being the best Grand Tour rider of his generation, which in includes Contador.

This happened while Froome already was 27/28, while he never showed anything of any cycling talent before, let alone Grand Tour winner potential. At Barloworld he was even one of the weaker Tour riders. Soler and Augustyn were the true talents.

Even the transformation of Armstrong was not that big. Let alone Wiggins.

Koronin [Koronin] Wednesday 13.Dec 23:12, 2017
To me there is already precedent to give Froome some sort of ban and take away the Vuelta win. Contador's ban for a minute amount of whatever it was. However, there is also the one Yates twin's case that Orica didn't get the paper work filed or something. He was given a 3 month ban even because of forgotten paper work.

Akira67 [Team-G] Wednesday 13.Dec 14:25, 2017
it's boring to know that in the world there are so many sick athletes, or that doctors give them wrong dosages of drugs or that someone takes their mother's or father's pills by mistake ... it's boring to allow someone sick to compete .. . if you are sick you withdraw and you care yourself or maybe better if you stay at home --- some people are hilarious but some WADA rules sucks much more

Nathan [CT Glory] Wednesday 13.Dec 13:49, 2017
14th FC-manager overall

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 13.Dec 10:57, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
I think Contador didn't wanted to be on podium in a GT without win, he never did that in his career. Nelson Oliveira also looks like a medalist in Worlds. Pure fact; I stood max 1 meter in front of him the day before the race.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Wednesday 13.Dec 10:36, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Well i wouldn't count on it yet but this would be new president's chance to go by his word to get rid of doping. RIP Froome's Uk Sports Personality of the year hopes as well :D

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 13.Dec 10:32, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
I guess we can congratulate Nibali with his second Vuelta and Kelderman with his first GT podium .... Contador 3 sec behind podium in his last race ....

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 13.Dec 10:13, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
The "worst" kind of doping case's becaus it's a twilight case .... not QUITE doping, but doping still.... it puts gasoline on the fire for legalizers and question the prohibition list....

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Wednesday 13.Dec 09:53, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Well this adds some spice to my day off work :D

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Wednesday 13.Dec 09:32, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
Froomey is the new Johnsrud Sundby

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 12.Sep 20:56, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
No figure Nibali had a tough ride up l'Angliru .... he broke a rib in the crash a little earlyer on the stage ....

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Monday 11.Sep 17:06, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Speaking of badges, Contador has been my Captain for 21 times since i'm here!..

I should have thought about this badge thing before make my Vuelta team... :D

P.S. Anyway, i'll have his badge all the time, here on the left side.. :)

Kristian-K [Green Bullet Cycling] Monday 11.Sep 16:43, 2017
Bystrøm badge for me? for picking him in Ponferrada?

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 11.Sep 15:56, 2017
Never thought of playing Popo in that race. Or any race in the last few years.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 11.Sep 15:49, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Still waiting on my Fränk + Zaugg-badges :D

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 11.Sep 15:47, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Speaking more about badge's, the best is still Yaroslav Popovych's, that nobody qualified for :)

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 11.Sep 15:43, 2017
15th FC-manager overall

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 11.Sep 15:25, 2017
Thanks! Talking about badges, the reason there's no Purito badge, is because of his questionable date of retirement?

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 11.Sep 14:03, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Contador badge fixed (and this time checked outside of Andyman's team that didnt trigger errors - twice).

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 11.Sep 13:09, 2017
Still missing the Contador badge. He was my captain all race, so that can't be it.

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 11.Sep 09:55, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
There you go :))) now it looks right :)))

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 11.Sep 09:39, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Everything added in offline version - now also here online. Soz.

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 11.Sep 09:39, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Well .... something seems very wrong .... example : MartinK got same gc as me + Lopez and Kruijswijk at 100% .... still he is only 100 points ahead ..... I had Degenkol : 0 point first week and Jungels : 6,4 points first week ....
So it's not like i had a big headstart here :D

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 11.Sep 09:35, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Wierd. Double checking.

Kristian-K [Green Bullet Cycling] Monday 11.Sep 09:35, 2017
GC points is not added.

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 11.Sep 09:23, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
GC points added before I moved it to finished :)

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 11.Sep 09:10, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Hmmm ... something doesn't look right .... GC bonus seems to be forgotten ..... this without doing the math .... so I might be wrong :))

sker [Team Paracarri] Monday 11.Sep 03:26, 2017
It has been a great Vuelta, but one of my worst managed ever I think!

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 10.Sep 23:16, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Apologies about that, all correct now

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 10.Sep 23:15, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
On official results he was DNF stage 19 so not sure who gave him time, wasn't me :D

Loebas [Loebas] Sunday 10.Sep 22:47, 2017
No clue if he DNF'ed or DNS'ed, but because you put him as last on stage 19, I thought he DNS'ed, but the I checked PCS

Loebas [Loebas] Sunday 10.Sep 22:46, 2017
Mamykin DNF on stage 19, Isn't in the results

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 10.Sep 20:45, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
No quick step between Trentin and Froome ... hmmm well, I guess it wasn't that important :D

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 10.Sep 20:40, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Froome 11th is just enough to keep green jersey :D .... he is not exactly Santa this guy :D

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Sunday 10.Sep 17:47, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
What a day, today.
Feeling so strange with mixed emotions...
I'm going to miss this guy on the road so damn much!!!

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 10.Sep 17:23, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Celebration of new record in a GT then .... 49th place ... 10 minute closer to the winner than last year :D .... apperently in good shape, disappoints big time with not catching one of the many successful breakaways ..... 10 if i'm not mistaken

Ole A.Fikerud [The Rockets] Sunday 10.Sep 17:12, 2017
24th FC-manager overall
Probably pissed himself. Rumours says he went to the bar after Angliru.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 10.Sep 16:57, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Pissed on a Guarda Civil officer is my bet

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 10.Sep 16:57, 2017
15th FC-manager overall

Wonder what Eiking did yesterday. He and FDJ hasn't been a good match, but didn't expected this to come.

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 10.Sep 11:30, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Yeah .... a well deserved win by Alberto Contador yesterday, and almost made podium as well .... really really strong. .... and you might ask the question .... could he win this race without the unfortunate stumac issue on stage 3 ..... well, he would've been in a different situation, and more dangerous to Froome, so it's hard to say .... but that he missed the podium that day, i think it's safe to say ..... anyway, yesterdays great performance saves the race for him, and he can leave the sport with his head held high :)))

Koronin [Koronin] Saturday 9.Sep 20:55, 2017
A great stage win today to basically end his career. More great memories. He is going to be greatly missed.

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 9.Sep 17:32, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Wow contador .... I am starting to believe in you now ... maybe not podium, but stagewin and a GREAT GREAT way to end your career

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 9.Sep 11:50, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
I think Contador will attack in either Cobertoria or Cordal and lose a stage win because of too early attack, but he will win more cycling hearts because of that in his last real race day.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Saturday 9.Sep 11:47, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Dificult to chose between a stage win in Angliru or a podium place tomorrow in Madrid...
Maybe both?.. :)

This Vuelta greatest team: Lotto Soudal.
Armée, De Clercq, De Gendt, Debusschere, Marczinsky, Mertz, Monfort, Wallays and Hansen.
Not even them in their best dreams could imagine they would win 4 stages with 3 diferent riders.
So far... Who knows De Clercq can do it today?.. :)

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 9.Sep 10:56, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Some how it's writen in the manual that Contador is suppose to win today, and I really think he can .... a couple of questions though ... will he go for the podium or will he settel with a stage win .... If stage win is his goal, I give him 60% ... becaus he seems to be the gc in slightly best form at the moment ... next in line must be Nibali and Zakarin .... so this is my podium prediction of the day ....
Zakarin ..... this finish climb doesn't care about what team or what kind of climbing skills you got .... it cares only about whos got the best legs of the day ....

The question is .... how important is it for Contador to reach podium at this stage of the race, and does he belive he can reach it just by winning the stage ? ..... well, time will show

goon1221 [BMC] Friday 8.Sep 17:57, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
2 category 1 Mountains plus Angliru within the last 46 km tomorrow .... well, I always hope the action starts earlyer than the last climb, and when theres no wally inbetween, it sounds both likely and reasonable for that to happen .... but i'm afraid the respect for Angliru is so big among the top 10 guys and the risk for dropping way down the list is too big ... so tomorrow i actually expect nothing fun before pretty far up Angliru ..... but let's hope still :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 7.Sep 19:20, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Yeah, I can agree that ... I just speak out of Aru's point of view :D
Nice to see Contador in this shape .... all in all, without his stumac problems on stage 3, he is the next best guy in this race, and that is a little better than i thought pre race .... i will say that the podium is still in play for him if Kelderman and Zakarin is slightly off on saturday .... I mean, Contador will bleed out of his ears in his atempt up Angliru ..... or maybe we can hope for a little "surprise" tomorrow ? .... that would be a classic :)))

sker [Team Paracarri] Thursday 7.Sep 19:05, 2017
I think is still Lopez the captain they will try a double threat attack to reach the best postion possible. Aru from range and Lopez on Angliru makes sense

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 7.Sep 18:16, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
CONTADOR BADGE: there was an rider ID error, fixed now.

goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 7.Sep 18:14, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Looks like Lopez is done, Aru back in the Captaincy and Nibali pays for yesterdays big gc win .... well Angliru is sooooo fucking disgusting long and steep that nothing is done deal here yet ..... can't wait for Saturday ..... :)))

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Thursday 7.Sep 15:49, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Ok, makes sense the "rule" about Pistolero's badge!

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 7.Sep 15:03, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Just admit it - your such a Wiggo fanboy :)

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Thursday 7.Sep 14:45, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
I would have been the proud owner of 0 badges if not for the weak requirements regarding Wiggo. More than half of the managers had him on their team and got the badge.

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 7.Sep 14:40, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Contador badge in place already actually - kicking in if captain or semi-capt.

Reckon "everyone" has him in some kind of role within the teams - so it would just be an "I participated in Vuelta 2017" badge if there wasn't any other criterias.

goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 7.Sep 14:26, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
We don't. ... Badge is coming when the race is over ..... isn't that right Tomas ?

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Thursday 7.Sep 11:45, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Contador leaving his mark in his last week racing...
How wonderful he was yesterday, Denifl didn't let him take the glory but still a day to remember!
Still more chances to come, i hope.

P.S.Why do we need to have Contador at Captain role to have his badge?..

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 7.Sep 03:14, 2017
Why do I miss that Contador badge? He's my captain here!

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 6.Sep 23:22, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Almost becoming a Contador-fan the last few years, really since Vuelta'12, since then his duels with Andy was over, and the Sky-era started. He is for me the opposite of the boring Sky-way to race, and therefore easy to like him now. I even got a Contador-badge, while I'm not getting any Schlecks-badges :/

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 6.Sep 23:18, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Collada de Ozalba and Collada de la Hoz-combo tomorrow, same as in 2012 on Fuente De-stage. Can we hope on same to happen again? Shorter to finish line also, although the climb up to finish line is tougher. The problem is that Sky is much stronger than Katusha was, we saw that today when Froomie had 4 team mates for a short time after Contador attacked and they could pace him, not much help he got today, mostly psychological when it is so steep. And with only 4 stages left of his career, I'm actually surprised if Contador doesn't attack on the following 3 stages, stage 19 looks like the stage Froomie crashed twice. I still think the Dawg wins overall, but the others must make he fight for it.

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 6.Sep 10:18, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
When i come back from work today, i am looking for a scenario like this .... Contador attack in Alisas followed by .... ooooh Lopez and why not Nibali .... That sounds to be something that shake up SKY a little bit :D ... a decent gap opens up before the summit and Nibali helps increase it in the decsent and we got a good minute a minute and a half into mochucos. ... which got some monsterous steep parts in the beginning up to 30% :D .... wow ... it's only one way out off this expection-wice ... and thats disappointment :D

sker [Team Paracarri] Tuesday 5.Sep 19:14, 2017
Was on my shortlist too. I left him out because I Thought he could crack with the heat in the hard stages and wasn't sure about his 3rd week.
Less than 30 seconds from this Froome in a 40 km TT is remarkable

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 5.Sep 18:51, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
I had Kelderman on my plate for this game , becaus of his TT skills actually, and his short steep climb skills, but I thought he might drop in the long ones .... and at some point crack compleatly ... so I went for a genius Jungels in stead, even though i was warned about De la cruz :D ... I just wont listen :D

sker [Team Paracarri] Tuesday 5.Sep 18:37, 2017
Froome almost close the race. Almost only because there are still 2 though stages where he can crack, but I don't see this coming.
Surprised by Keldermann going so good in a 40 km TT in the 3rd week of a though GT

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 5.Sep 18:28, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
1.58 down to Nibali and 2.40 down to Kelderman for Froome ..... he can aford a little crack in Angliru now, and still win this thing ..... yaaaaaaawn :D a little exitement regarding the 3rd podium spot still :))) Kelderman will get his hands full of Zakarin ..... Contador and Lopez is a little to far behind now ....

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 5.Sep 15:46, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
It will be interesting to see what Lopez can do today .... my guess is PRETTY good :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 5.Sep 15:43, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Haha .... this moto racing course doesn't look ideal for TT riding :D

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Tuesday 5.Sep 13:46, 2017
5 non starters: Dennis (sick), Frankiny (injured), Denz and Geniez (punished by team for holding on the team car)

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Monday 4.Sep 19:30, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
another combative award for froomey then

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 4.Sep 19:02, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
If anyone is tempted to include Roan Dennis for the TT tomorrow, DON'T. .... he is sick and will DNS

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 3.Sep 23:57, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
This one is so classic! Without mentioning names, some Sky-riders is also on the club of such posts

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 3.Sep 23:49, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Possibly not Niki's best moment.... :D


goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 3.Sep 21:21, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Wow ... Again Froome Steals the green jersey from Trentin on the rest day .... and keep him out of my team :D

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 3.Sep 18:09, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Well, it couldn't be another outcome of this Contador ..... I hoped though, but deep down i knew .... time for your time trail of your life tuesday then .... and you know what .... thats exactly what will happen .... Just you wait and see :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 3.Sep 16:17, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Lopez and contador. ... Contador COULDN'T get a better guy with him .... podium mission is on big time now :))) I cross my fingers for this atempt :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 2.Sep 22:56, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
So goes for Nibali :D

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 2.Sep 22:55, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Agree .... thats where the fun starts .... and I guess you owes money if you bet on contador to attack there :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 2.Sep 21:04, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
I look most forward to Alto de Hazallanas actually, mostly because of a certain Vuelta-stage in 2013! Anyway a great stage, but maybe so hyped up that it will lead to disappointment without a Formigal-stage.

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 2.Sep 18:49, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
In fact, i think he already did .... overtake the Captaincy :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 2.Sep 18:46, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Wow ... Alto del Purche and the Alto Hoya de la mora combo tomorrow :D .... well, I guess it's hard to get away from Lopez as big favourite again ... can he pass Aru and overtake the Captaincy in Astana tomorrow ? .... I think so :)))

sker [Team Paracarri] Friday 1.Sep 17:32, 2017
Trentin is really on fire. With him and Alaphilippe I don't think Quickstep are over with this Vuelta. And they have also Mas for the mountain and De la Cruz for a top 10 GC

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 1.Sep 17:27, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Some splits in peloton today, De La Cruz and Zakarin losing 7 sec of those top 10

goon1221 [BMC] Friday 1.Sep 13:44, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Lobato LLSG Rojas .... some candidates :)))

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Friday 1.Sep 10:12, 2017
a spanish stage win?

goon1221 [BMC] Friday 1.Sep 09:44, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Alaphilippe attack in the small climb 3 km togo today, and Eiking in a touch and go breakaway and a sprint beween the two :D .... pretty specific ha ..... you fix ? :D

Marek_c [Passionforbiking] Friday 1.Sep 09:37, 2017
When I wrote that Froome would keep his yellow all the way to Paris in TdF - Froome lost his yellow the following day..
Right after I wrote that Froome must watch out for mechanical problems - Froome gets mechanical and crashes twice..

What should I wrote now :) Make a wish :)

Koronin [Koronin] Thursday 31.Aug 22:39, 2017
This stage is why we will really miss Contador next year when he's retired. :( He's always willing to try something.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 31.Aug 21:20, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
It was a good push, and i reckon that fan could make into the Man City starting lineup with a dive like that

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Thursday 31.Aug 21:12, 2017
Oh and the second one, yeah he shouldn't have done that, but the Guardia Civil has being doing an extremely good job at controling the fans this Vuelta. He could have grabbed him and pulled him away to his side. You shouldn't push somebody onto the street where motorcycles are driving.

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Thursday 31.Aug 21:09, 2017
I'm astounded that there was less of a mob mentality against the pusher. I guess he was lucky the Guardia Civil was there.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 31.Aug 20:59, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
What do say about these two incidents?


goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 31.Aug 17:30, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
I had found my peace with this to be a boring no action stage there for a while :D THANK GOD for Alberto Contador :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 31.Aug 17:25, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Woooops. .. Froome of the bike twice. ... I guess he hasn't won vuelta quit Just yet :D

Marek_c [Passionforbiking] Thursday 31.Aug 15:15, 2017
Picking Trentin at the rest day was a good choice, but Chaves and van Garderen just betrayed me :(.. especially Chaves looked strong the last days.. the only rider to follow Froome. Lets hope this was just one bad day.

I also translate Majkas 10 minutes drop down as "let me go, I'm not a threat any more" and expect some break actions.

The big question is: will Froome see a bad day too? Othervise Vuelta will be as boring as was TdF. There is no way to outsmart the Sky-train in ordinary battle, and the TT wil only make it worse.

Froome must watch out for mechanical problems, toilet stops etc. The "dirty tricks"-Nibali is just waiting for it :)

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 31.Aug 13:36, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
RIP Aqua Blue Bus

goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 31.Aug 10:02, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
No gc battle today ... ? yesterday showed us that contador is not strong enough to reach podium just by pumping long climbs .... for that, both Kelderman and de la cruz was too strong, and Zakarin hang on ... he can pass Woods that way, and maybe Aru and Chaves as well, but that won't do it for him ... he needs to go on a podium mission .... is it today ? ...... well, you never know ..... if he does, i hope he succeed :)))

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 30.Aug 13:57, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Very descriptive Triple J.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 30.Aug 13:55, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Hasn't made the fourteen man break, shame. Can't see this one getting home with Anton in it, and only five mins down on GC. Perhaps a Bardet solo?

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Wednesday 30.Aug 13:50, 2017
He looks like a spider in a puddle when he is descending :D

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 30.Aug 13:49, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Not unless he has sorted it overnight. Was using his legs as stabilisers in yesterdays break. Jaw dropping technique, but seems to work for him, and fun to watch.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Wednesday 30.Aug 13:07, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
Perhaps he has trained? Dawg was one of the Geniez's back then and these days he goes full Mohoric :O

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 30.Aug 11:58, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Hope Geniez is in the break again, and get to see his amazing wet weather cornering technique.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Wednesday 30.Aug 11:32, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
If only Tim Wellens was here...

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Wednesday 30.Aug 11:30, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
A tough stage today with a tough weather, too...
Who will sing in the rain, today?..

P.S.Just wishing no crashes in the descent between the two climbs!!!

Koronin [Koronin] Tuesday 29.Aug 23:18, 2017
That the same climb that Valverde attacked on in the fog back in February to win the Vuelta a Murcia. That's the descent from the Vuelta a Murcia that Valverde bunny hopped a pot hole and the picture ended up all over the internet.

sker [Team Paracarri] Tuesday 29.Aug 22:33, 2017
Didn't see that coming! That was a proper climb, I though it was between De Marchi and Sanchez. Instead it was Trentin doing a Sagan

Koronin [Koronin] Tuesday 29.Aug 22:04, 2017
Trentin is looking very strong. I was debating between him, Rojas, and Laboto and went with Laboto. Picked the wrong sprinter. Oppps....

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 29.Aug 20:10, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Absolutely. .. very strong looking ... with his jersey open like a pro climber :D

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 29.Aug 18:46, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Trentin didn't just win today's stage, he owned it. Easily bridged the gap to the three leaders, did almost all the pulling on the front when he got there to the summit. Then easily kept up the descent with Rojas on one of his home mountains, then left him for dead in the sprint. Impressive.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 29.Aug 18:36, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Exactly why I didn't consider him.

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 29.Aug 18:32, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
The reason I didn't pick him, and I guess that goes for most players concidered him, was that Froome took green jersey on sunday .... and todays stage, even though he was thinkable in the break, looked a little too hard for him ... but he climed like a god today, and he most be in the shape of his life right now :)))

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 29.Aug 18:32, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
I only had one spot going. For me it was between Majka, and one of the GC guys, Tejay or De la Cruz. Went with Majka.

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 29.Aug 18:17, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Never concider him ? 6 stages that in principle all can end up as breakaway wins .... and we all got the gc we want ( pretty much ) .... he must be first in line in the concider departement :D .... either him or the guessing game on breakaways and KOM jersey .... I went for an Aru backup and de la cruz. ... Alaphilippe stays as stage winner .... but Trentin was definetelly on the table for this week :)))

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 29.Aug 17:42, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Never considered bringing Trentin in. Wished I had. 150pts today. Now with Green Jersey daily points, and another stage before the rest day with his name written all over it.

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 29.Aug 17:37, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Smart move by Katusha today sending Mørkøv into the break .... they predicted Zakarin to drop in the descend today. ... Mørkøv did a great job bringing him back in the gc group on the flats :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 29.Aug 17:13, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Roche Steals 29 seconds, and nobody seemed to care :D

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 29.Aug 15:02, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
PPS. NO jinxing ilnur :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 29.Aug 14:55, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Zakarin is the last guy i expect to crash in the decent today .... I mean, a more careful descender you need to look long and hard for .... but he will definetelly loose time :D

PS. I guess his crash in Giro last year got something todo with his extremly careful decsending .... ?

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Tuesday 29.Aug 14:30, 2017
I've gone for Atapuma at 80%, so I hope all the mountain stages.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 29.Aug 13:37, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
How many breakaway wins in the next six stages? I'll go for a conservative four.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 29.Aug 12:30, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
First day after rest day and Tejay is not a good fit, so will he crack today and lose minutes? Normally it is the second rest day he has most problems about however.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Tuesday 29.Aug 12:27, 2017
Zakarin to fall on final descent.

sylvainm [sylvainm] Tuesday 29.Aug 12:14, 2017
27th FC-manager overall
Rainy day today

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 28.Aug 23:55, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
You should be worried about #AruFace.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Monday 28.Aug 23:54, 2017
Bertie stays put at 100%. More torn on winky-Majka.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 28.Aug 23:46, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Upgrading him to captain?

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Monday 28.Aug 23:42, 2017
Plus - as far as wishing for Alberto to repeat latter-day Alberto-stages: stage five of the 2014 Tirreno - Adriatico. BOOOOOOOM.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Monday 28.Aug 23:39, 2017

Well, it took about four years, but I finally noticed where that information is available now. Some dudes are slower than others.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 28.Aug 23:31, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Haha, you don't see the deadline time on the manager? Since you are so lazy that you didn't see it, it says 13.20

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Monday 28.Aug 23:27, 2017
When does the manager close again tomorrow? #CorporateWankerNeedsToSetAnAlarm

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 27.Aug 21:45, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Well, these short explosive climbs isn't exactly contadors speciality, and the fact that he for about a week now has looked like the second guy in this race whit specialists like Chaves, the Yates's and Alaphilippe on place, not to forget a inshape Michael Woods, tells me that he is in great shape ... Even today he was close to a monster Froome in a disiplin that doesn't suit him peticulary well ..... the long climbs on the other hand, is what he is known for, so i am not even close to worried about that .... what worries me is his consentration and ability to get into unnecessery trouble .... if he stays out of trouble and stay heathy, i'm sure he will appears as next best guy in the long climbs coming up :))) although Nibali and Zakarin will be there also .. and maybe Chaves :))) we'll see :)))

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 27.Aug 21:40, 2017
It's stages like this that really also show how much this year's Vuelta is missing Valverde. These type of climbs are his specialty and he was targeting this race.

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 27.Aug 19:31, 2017

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 27.Aug 19:28, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Manager opened up (actually thought that happened a week ago since it was all set up from stage one...).

sker [Team Paracarri] Sunday 27.Aug 19:12, 2017
Contador just paid a little his effort the previous days, for him the real test would be the long climbs where he seems to struggle a little bit lately

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 27.Aug 18:38, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
A minor setback for Contador, and he never look like a winner today .... funny though .... really long teeth and a grim frace behind Froome, and when Froome turned around to take a look at him, he straiten his face out and pretended everything was fine :D

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 27.Aug 18:35, 2017
When does the manager open up to make changes for the 2nd week? I have a few changes I need to make.

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 27.Aug 10:14, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Ah .... what a threat yesterday, and today doesn't look less of an explotion ..... I hope for an even bigger pot of seconds to Chaves, Aru and Nibali for Contador today, although the climb is actually a little shorter than yesterday ..... but hopely bonus sec is in play for him :)))

PS. No jinxing Alberto :)))

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 26.Aug 17:24, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Yeah Aragonite, he's a proper grinder. Can't live with those pace changes but never gives in :D

sker [Team Paracarri] Saturday 26.Aug 17:21, 2017
Majka is worried that I would drop him and decided to do something about it :D

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Saturday 26.Aug 17:20, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Very impressed with your boy Assassin. He was like a dog with a bone.

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 26.Aug 17:20, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Contador picks up 17 and 28 seconds on a whole bunch ahead on the list, and slowly eating his way up to podium :)))

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 26.Aug 17:09, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Jan... so close :( :D

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 26.Aug 16:41, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Not 100% the break will make it Just yet, but anyway, what a finish ahead ... either two interesting fights, with Majka and Alaphilippe and a gc fight behind. ... or a mix of the two :)))

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 26.Aug 16:01, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
I need a new brain. Can't even remember Andy & Stuey from Vuelta 2010, or even Dupont from Bincky Bancky just a few weeks ago.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Saturday 26.Aug 16:00, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Need some new glasses I think. Read that as 12 rather than 1/2. Was just about to post something, and make a fool of myself.

sker [Team Paracarri] Saturday 26.Aug 12:23, 2017
From today to the end of the race we got only 1/2 stages with no GC implication, plus the final one in Madrid. Just crazy parcours but I like it!

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 26.Aug 11:59, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
First to be excluded from a race of his team since Rasmussen?

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 26.Aug 10:57, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Bystroem out with a fracture in his shoulder .... thats really bad news for Kristoff's world champ plans ..... I will say, it almost excludes him compleatly as a winning candidate ..... thats how bad this is for Kristoff

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 26.Aug 10:23, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Alberto Contadorrrr show ? :D a perfect attacking ramp with a 3 km downhill to the finish ....

No jinxing Alberto :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 26.Aug 10:19, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Some finish today .... real explosive 5 km easy starter with 3 BRUTAL km that won't get lower than 10% and max 18 ..... this sounds like great fun :)))

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Saturday 26.Aug 10:12, 2017
Barguil kicked out of the Vuelta by Sunweb, according to Dutch medium AD. Bystrom DNS today, broken shoulder, according to the team.

Koronin [Koronin] Friday 25.Aug 21:33, 2017
He was finally racing decently for a change and then this horrible luck. Another point is he doesn't have a contract for next year. I did a picture that was posted of Betancur after his surgery. He's got his face bandaged up and a cast on his ankle.

sker [Team Paracarri] Friday 25.Aug 19:56, 2017
Mohoric at 1 in the fantasy looks sweet now:)
I'm sorry for Betancur, that crash looks really nasty

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Friday 25.Aug 16:25, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Sky deciding the finish yet again.

goon1221 [BMC] Friday 25.Aug 09:23, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
No figure he is badly hurt, and a bit of a miracle he didn't break his neck, and made it to the finish line after this brutal high speed face plant ....


LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Friday 25.Aug 05:36, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
Poor Betancur. He looked pretty good for once

Koronin [Koronin] Friday 25.Aug 03:29, 2017
Carlos has abandoned la Vuelta. He has a broken ankle to go along with the injuries to his face. He was having surgery today.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 24.Aug 23:00, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Take off your infamous suit and you may compete with Carlitos. I hope no very serious injury so I can watch him in Bergen, would be so great if he won!

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 24.Aug 20:57, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Carlos's face still looks better than mine tho....

Koronin [Koronin] Thursday 24.Aug 20:55, 2017
Remember Movistar went into this race saying they had no team leader. They did name Moreno as road captain. Then said all their riders were free to ride the race for themselves as they see fit and it is especially for the young riders on the team to learn and gain experience on their own. Yes they can manage to loose the team title as well as manage to not win a stage. On the other hand at least they haven't totally disappeared from the race like they did at the Tour.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 24.Aug 20:55, 2017
15th FC-manager overall

That face doesn't look good. He was looking so good, and then he crashes because of Tejay... (Probably not only Tejay since many others also crashed in the same corner)

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Thursday 24.Aug 20:30, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Thanks Tomas. No out and out favourite, it seems.

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 24.Aug 19:04, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
@Aragonite: FC-manager -> Fantasy

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Thursday 24.Aug 18:50, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Where do we go to get a look at the Vuelta auction game?

sker [Team Paracarri] Thursday 24.Aug 18:34, 2017
Betancur also crashed out of any GC hopes. Movistar can manage to loose also the team competition here?
Teejay is not a rider I like, but damn it was unlucky today (the final crash is on him though, lack of concentration but it's understandable)

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 24.Aug 18:26, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Yes i suspect there was some Team Car related assistance involved

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Thursday 24.Aug 18:21, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Imo, there was no way Tejay could only have lost only 17secs to the Froome group today, without a serious amount of help from his team car.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Thursday 24.Aug 17:20, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
it's like the chicken's time trial in 2005

goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 24.Aug 17:13, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Wow ... Van Garderen ...
About to limit his lost, aaand it's time for a punchure and another crash ....

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Thursday 24.Aug 16:49, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Was looking to be another tedious stage. What are we going to do without Bertie next year?

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 24.Aug 16:38, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
My boy Polanc sat with Froome and Berti. Jan u don't belong there :D

goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 24.Aug 16:36, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Ooooh van Garderen ... it will never happen for you ....
what a great stage this turned out to be .... didn't expect much actually, even though it sliped my mind when i mention "Alberto Contador stunt" yesterday .....

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 24.Aug 16:36, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
That Tejay crash, Ouch!

goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 24.Aug 16:24, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
A aaaand tv2 is out for a break as usual :D .... what a dumb tv canal

goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 24.Aug 16:21, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Contador stund today ? Already .... well, why not .... do the best out of a good day and great shape :)))

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Thursday 24.Aug 16:21, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Old Bertie lighting it up.

sker [Team Paracarri] Wednesday 23.Aug 21:02, 2017
There was no way I would drop Contador in this race, even if he is out of GC :)
Today he looked good, we will see if the condition hold up on the true tests.
No surprise Nibali lost time today (he always suffers short steep climbs), more a surprise that Aru was dropped so easily

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 23.Aug 18:22, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Yes ... that was just sad ..... by the looks of him today, he is podium guy .... Lets not exclude that just yet .. besides Froome he is the best TT guy here .... and by the looks of Nibali today, Podium is not impossible for Contador :)))

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 23.Aug 18:18, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
A real shame he had stomach issues on Andorra stage. He looked so good today, and now it is maybe down to a Froome vs Chaves battle where Froome takes at least 2 min on the TT, so can't see how anybody can beat him. Couldn't see it before start either, so not a big surprise really.

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 23.Aug 18:13, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Hahaha Alberto contador ..... he will be top 10 when this is over ..... no reason to drop him from your teams people :D 

And a contador stunt coming up soon :)))

Koronin [Koronin] Tuesday 22.Aug 21:52, 2017
Soler said today before the stage that he's just here to learn and that yesterday was a learning experience. This will make him better in the future, but he still has a lot to learn.

As an aside to this but still Movistar related news. Valverde is back riding his bike on the road. He's been cleared to start training. He's posted pictures today of himself on the trainer as well as him and a friend out riding. He's planning on racing a stage race in mid/late October in China.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 21.Aug 23:03, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Difficult to be surprised after the bad Burgos. Think he should aim for just completing the Vuelta and then come back stronger next year as domestique for the one Movistar decide to use as captain next year. We know his potential, but he need form also.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Monday 21.Aug 22:59, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Soler i'm not surprised about, needs another year before i can see him being any sort of player in a GT. Fernandez i agree.

Koronin [Koronin] Monday 21.Aug 22:43, 2017
I'm not sure Alaphilippe is in race shape yet after he spent basically most of the year sidelined with a knee injury.
Tejay will loose a bunch of time after one of the two rest days. The first week he'll be fine for.
I'm disappointed in both Soler and Fernandez. I expected a lot more out of both them esp this early in the race.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Monday 21.Aug 22:13, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
just everyone say nothing then tejay storms to victory :)

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 21.Aug 21:12, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Hehehe .... he will loose time in the same second he is mention as one of the favourites again :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 21.Aug 21:10, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Only 7? ;)

Most surprising today must be that Tejay didn't lose time, just wait on the day after second rest day and he will lose minutes if he still is in the battle then.

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 21.Aug 21:01, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
7 times GT winner will always place himself in the gc group.... thats where he feels at home ... but i agree, he can have a great vuelta still if he refocus on stages ..... I can't help feeling a little sorry for him though ..

sker [Team Paracarri] Monday 21.Aug 19:25, 2017
Disappointing Majka.
Contador was predictable, I think he better focus on stage hunting. We could have a lot of fun if he does that

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 21.Aug 18:01, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
I mention 2 guys for the win to day ... Axelgaard mention 25 guys ... i mention Nibali ... Axelgaard didn't :D

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Monday 21.Aug 17:51, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Well... that was something

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 21.Aug 16:24, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Alaphilippe dropping WAY too early

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 21.Aug 15:54, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Ah ..... refreshing when red jersey fill up his back with bottles :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 21.Aug 10:32, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Nibali pick up 8 seconds on Froome yesterday .... shouldn't that be the other way around ? .... I mean, it was SKY and Trek that tryed to split up the peloton .... Froome lost 8 and Contador lost 13 seconds to Nibali with his weak team .... I guess he is on from the start this time .... and a favourite for todays stage, together with Alaphilippe ? .... we'll see :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 21.Aug 10:22, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Nobody is talking about van Garderen anymore ..... is that what it takes for him ? :D .... anyway, he is best potential gc guy still ..... if he was mentioned as one of the big favourites, he would for sure miss some splits yesterday :D ..... Alaphilippe in red after today ?

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Sunday 20.Aug 01:41, 2017
An odd alphabetical order in the numbers of Trek...

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Saturday 19.Aug 23:14, 2017
Ah yes, what a climb. 2.5 km, 1.5% average and a top at 38 m.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 19.Aug 22:41, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Yeah it appears so

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Saturday 19.Aug 22:33, 2017
False alarm. No shooting happened.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 19.Aug 22:10, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Apparently 3 armed men open fired at nimes train station or something, Not good news

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 19.Aug 19:22, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Yes, Roche got 3 for being first BMC rider over the "mountain top".

Tomas [Second Coming] Saturday 19.Aug 19:21, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Haha, for real?

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 19.Aug 19:21, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Not many races gives out mountain points on TTT. But La Vuelta is no ordinary race.

Tomas [Second Coming] Saturday 19.Aug 19:20, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Manager teams displaying correct now.

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 19.Aug 17:41, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Seems i keep my money ..... well, Giro next .... 50 euro for my Giro team :)))

Tomas [Second Coming] Saturday 19.Aug 17:19, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
@goon: that was ofc my own team ;)

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Saturday 19.Aug 16:03, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
froome nib zak bert julian degenkolb aru majka ayates

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 19.Aug 15:47, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Tomas is close .... but still some problems getting it right :D .... nice try though :)))

Tomas [Second Coming] Saturday 19.Aug 15:34, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Winning 9 part one: Alaphilippe, Froomie, Nibs, Ilnur, Contador, Aru, Degenkolb, Majka, Chaves.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Saturday 19.Aug 15:30, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Here's your team, goon:
Chris, Chaves, Nibali, Julien, Degenkolb, Magnus, Ilnur, Steven and Alberto...

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 19.Aug 15:02, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Haha ... you must guess the whole team guys .... 200 kr worth :)))

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 19.Aug 14:43, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
6 must be Jungels, nobody else is stronger than him!

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Saturday 19.Aug 14:42, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
8 is Pozzovivio.

Nathan [CT Glory] Saturday 19.Aug 13:19, 2017
14th FC-manager overall
I know Froome!

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 19.Aug 13:14, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
1 = Jan Polanc then :D

goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 19.Aug 13:12, 2017
19th FC-manager overall

Sat team .... pretty comfy with it .... it goes like this

Top 3 spots got who i think podium in a trusting order
Spot 4 is who i HOPE podium
Spot 5 and 6 are the guys i think pick most points first week
Spot 7,8 and 9 are top 6 favourites in trusting order

I got 7 gc and 2 stage/point jersey guys .... 2 riders from 2 teams, but no gc back up from non of them ... I got 4 obvious leaders from 4 teams and 3 most likely leaders from 3 other .... riders from 7 teams in all

1. Obvious favourite
2. Obvious challanger
3. Well known Great potential
4. One of the big names of the sport
5. One of greatest talents of the sport ever
6. Strong as hell when the shape is on place
7. This is the nut .... great potential gc ... not quit there yet to win a GT ... seems to do well even when the terain doesn't speak for him
8. Great 3 week guy .... not the biggest name on the tour, but always there
9. One of the big names .... done great things before ... seems to strugle a little bit to find his peak this season ....

25 euro or 200 kr to the first guy guessing my exact team pre deadline .....


PS. Exact % will do it ..

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 19.Aug 12:16, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
That team is missing a certain Nico Vinz, also called Nico Denz for the main-stream fans.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Saturday 19.Aug 11:00, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Goon will have gone for Magnus Cort, not Degenkolb.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Saturday 19.Aug 10:39, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
150 froome
125 nibali
125 zakarin
100 contador
100 alaphilippe
100 degenkolb
80 aru
80 chaves
80 a yates


goon1221 [BMC] Saturday 19.Aug 10:00, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Sat team .... pretty comfy with it .... it goes like this

Top 3 spots got who i think podium in a trusting order
Spot 4 is who i HOPE podium
Spot 5 and 6 are the guys i think pick most points first week
Spot 7,8 and 9 are top 6 favourites in trusting order :)))

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Friday 18.Aug 08:04, 2017
Well now he is :D

There were rumours about Fortuneo, Euskadi-Murias and BMC extension also, but that doesn't matter now^^

Koronin [Koronin] Thursday 17.Aug 21:01, 2017
Esp when he's apparently retiring at the end of the season.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 17.Aug 14:54, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Andy i'll start, Jan :D

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Thursday 17.Aug 14:40, 2017
I think it's slightly bordering on slander, but I'm surprised Samu got busted before Luis Leon...

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 17.Aug 14:37, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Should we start a game guessing the rider to be busted before 2018 Giro?

goon1221 [BMC] Thursday 17.Aug 14:23, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
It's a tradision :D ..... to keep things on the edge :D

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 17.Aug 14:15, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Sammy the sacrificed before GT doping rider for Vuelta :D

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Thursday 17.Aug 14:15, 2017
Slightly strange how they pop one dude before each GT now...

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 17.Aug 14:11, 2017
5th FC-manager overall

Good job Sammy

sker [Team Paracarri] Wednesday 16.Aug 21:19, 2017
I'm struggling to decide if taking any sprinter at all for the manager. I would probably go for just one

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 16.Aug 16:08, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Never is Aragonite :)))

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Wednesday 16.Aug 16:07, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Yep never is one, just that stupid combined classifications jersey :)

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 16.Aug 15:49, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Am I correct in thinking that there is no Young Riders comp. in this years Vuelta?

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 16.Aug 14:49, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Theuns seems to be getting back to his previous form after injury. Degenkolb seems to be getting desperate, if his behaviour with Matthews in the Tour is anything to go by. Personally not touching either, but if I had to choose I'd go with Teddy.

Nathan [CT Glory] Wednesday 16.Aug 14:06, 2017
14th FC-manager overall
Sammy D is not riding :). And Theuns and Degenkolb situation is quite interesting.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 16.Aug 13:47, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
There are a good few 'sprinters' not been mentioned. Ted Theuns, Molano, Debusschere, Van Genechten, and little Sammy D. could all be involved in a podium position in three or four of the stages in the first 'week'.

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 16.Aug 10:50, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Surprisingly starless though :D

goon1221 [BMC] Wednesday 16.Aug 10:47, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Cort looks better and better .... he got two stages from last years Vuelta, and can very well add a couple of new ones this year :)))

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Wednesday 16.Aug 10:36, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
sprinter level is pretty lol indeed. Modolo doesn't have any kind of leadout man here and usually without a one he sucks big time. They should've brought Ferrari here as he's been sprinting better than their designated sprinter this year.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 16.Aug 06:17, 2017
I wouldn't call Degenkolb a real top level sprinter. In a regular Tour bunch sprint with all of his competitors fresh, it's already difficult for him to finish top 10. He needs a tough course or race before he's capable of winning. I would rate Modolo higher as a pure sprinter.

I'm not really sure if Rojas will sprint, as he has done that pretty rarely. He's transformed into a Spanish Bennati, mostly a road captain, ocassionally sprinting. But on the other hand, it's probably the first Grand Tour in years Movistar starts without a GC contender. Rojas doesn't need to help a team leader now, like he did with Valverde or Quintana.

sker [Team Paracarri] Wednesday 16.Aug 04:18, 2017
Well there are good second rate sprinter (the only real top level is Degenkolb).
Modolo, Lobato, Cort, Manzin, Rojas, Trentin and Blythe are in my opinon the guys who can contend the sprint stages.
Stage 2 and 21 are the only sure bunch sprints, but I would bet that a few othe can finish with maybe somewhat reduced bunch but with many of those guys still in it

Koronin [Koronin] Wednesday 16.Aug 01:21, 2017
Actually I did forget Cort is there. I included Rojas because of how weak of a field of sprinters are at the Vuelta. At this rate, we could easily see Zakarin and Alaphilippe up there trying to win sprint stages.

Nathan [CT Glory] Wednesday 16.Aug 00:52, 2017
14th FC-manager overall
I would not say Rojas is the top here. Do not forget Modolo Cort

Koronin [Koronin] Wednesday 16.Aug 00:34, 2017
Labato, Degenkolb and Rojas appear to be the top sprinters for the Vuelta. I would think with Movistar not really knowing what they are doing that Rojas will be given the freedom to go after the sprint stages such as they are.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Tuesday 15.Aug 22:24, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Add that to the fact that there are hardly any good sprinters here then yeah, doubt we will see too many sprints.

Koronin [Koronin] Tuesday 15.Aug 22:07, 2017
Most of those possible sprint stages have climbs in them. Valverde made a comment back when the route was released that if anyone thought any of these stages were flat outside of the ride into Madrid they don't understand Spanish landscape.

sker [Team Paracarri] Tuesday 15.Aug 19:11, 2017
So we have 44 km of TT and only 5/6 possible sprint stages. This is going to be interesting

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Thursday 10.Aug 14:56, 2017
Looks like he's slipping in the pecking order too with Formolo coming in.¨

We'll obivously be doing our separate GT-fantasy manager, details here:

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 9.Aug 16:35, 2017
Lost season for König.

Koronin [Koronin] Tuesday 8.Aug 22:50, 2017
La Vuelta has announced they are giving the #1 to Contador.

Koronin [Koronin] Tuesday 8.Aug 00:13, 2017
I´m not surprised that Hernandez is retiring with Alberto. Valverde tweeted that basically he's sad he won't get to race with Contador in his final race, but that it has been an honor having shared many KMs enjoying their sport.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 7.Aug 23:04, 2017
Hernandez follows his friend Contador literally anywhere.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Monday 7.Aug 22:14, 2017
Biggest shock of the day - Jesus Hernandez retires too :D

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 7.Aug 20:50, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Adam Hansen is the biggest hero in professional cycling by far :)

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 7.Aug 19:19, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
So Adam Hansen continue his GT streak nonetheless.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 7.Aug 18:54, 2017
Rafael Valls misses the Vuelta (broken hip), replaced by Adam Hansen(!). Source: team Twitter

Koronin [Koronin] Monday 7.Aug 17:30, 2017
Very sad even though we all knew it was coming. He is going to be missed. Purito last year, Contador this year. 2/3rds of the great Spanish riders of this generation. Hopefully Valverde will be back next year and somewhat close to what he was before the injury. We are definitely at the end of an era.
It makes sense for Alberto to choose him home Grand Tour as his final race. The only thing that is truly sad is Valverde won't be there to race it with him as they are great friends.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 7.Aug 17:21, 2017
Last year Cancellara, Rodriguez, this year Contador, Scarponi and Boonen. End of an era, I guess.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Monday 7.Aug 14:59, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Both right, you two! :)
Alberto's leaving with a handful of podiums in Spain and decent results in France!
It's the right time, yes, no more chances to battle for Tour, time to enjoy his life!!!

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 7.Aug 14:21, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
I guess you can say the exact same thing about Bolt :))

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Monday 7.Aug 14:09, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
Very entertaining rider, but his 9th place in the Tour showed that he just doesn't have it anymore, so it makes sense for him to want to retire.

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 7.Aug 13:47, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Contador and Bolt on the same year .... the world of sport will be alot poorer. .. :(

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Monday 7.Aug 13:24, 2017
23th FC-manager overall
Mixed emotions!
Glad to see him walk away in a year in good results, sad for losing my all time favourite rider! :(

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 7.Aug 11:04, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Vuelta to be last race for Contador

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Sunday 6.Aug 23:18, 2017
Montaguti broken hand, will miss the Vuelta

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 6.Aug 22:21, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
If u mean the season fantasy Loebas then you won't be able to join until the start of next season

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 6.Aug 22:15, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
We haven't done Vuelta fantasy yet, that is probably coming up 2 days before the race starts.

Loebas [Loebas] Sunday 6.Aug 21:57, 2017
Then why are there teams that are already made?

Tomas [Second Coming] Saturday 5.Aug 00:50, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Fantasy for Vuelta will be opened for registrating in this forum within the next week. And your welcome to join :)

Loebas [Loebas] Saturday 5.Aug 00:40, 2017
I wanna join the fantasy game? Is that still possible?

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Friday 4.Aug 15:27, 2017
Looks like most provisional squads are up, I'm get them punched tonight to open the manager.

I'd say this startlist more of the top 10-15 GC names than the Giro and Tour. However, as always with the Vuelta the question is how many go into the race with realistic ambitions to win/podium, and who are here mostly for fitness and a stage win.

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Friday 4.Aug 14:50, 2017
Enric Mas is on the Quickstep 10 rider list for the Vuelta. Would be great to seem him compete for a stage at the Vuelta.

goon1221 [BMC] Friday 4.Aug 14:26, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Whaaaaat? ? .... I thought he had a 20 consecutive steam going ?

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 4.Aug 14:19, 2017
No Adam Hansen for his 18th consecutive Grand Tour.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Tuesday 1.Aug 10:59, 2017
Hope Enric Mas gets to ride

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Tuesday 1.Aug 10:43, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
what :D

BoulderSalad [The Acorn Mixture] Monday 31.Jul 21:58, 2017
Since there are no summit finishes on this year's La Vuelta, I don't think that Samuel Sanchez will win.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 31.Jul 12:10, 2017
Nibali can timetrial under such circumstances.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Sunday 30.Jul 11:21, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
there is 40km individual time trial my friend :)

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 30.Jul 02:27, 2017
IF Fernandez and Soler can race they way they are capable of they MIGHT surprise some people. Of course they will also have to prove they can lead this team and hold it together as well. I hope at least one of the two can manage that.

BoulderSalad [The Acorn Mixture] Saturday 29.Jul 22:14, 2017
I think Nibali will win because he will be the freshest out of the contenders and there is a lot of descending down the finishes or to the last climb so I think he can beat from Froome and Dumoulin as there is not any individual time trials.

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 9.Jul 18:16, 2017
Movistar is now being just flat out stupid. They are now saying that they are going to send Quintana to the Vuelta. Um do they not remember that Valverde could not manage a top 10 in all 3 GTs in one season. If he couldn't do it no one can. Are they really this insistent on POing the Spanish fans who want Fernandez and Soler to go to the Vuelta as co leaders and give them a shot to show what they can do. Are they really this insistent on turning off their fan base?

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 2.Jul 23:21, 2017
Yes, Taylor Phinney was definitely worse. He's said he's sent Valverde a message. He said he hopes Alejandro can read English. He also said he's planning on visiting him after the Tour. Figures just maybe his own experience with a similar but much worse injury can help. Then he said, he needs to go find a translator to take with him. I think he's right he may be able to give some insight because Taylor's injury should have been career ending. Oh and the team has given a time table as long as there are no complications, he goes home Tuesday, 6 weeks from today with his leg and ankle immobile, 5 months rehab, 2nd surgery, and they expect him in the peloton by the end of Feb. Then said pray there are no complications.

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 2.Jul 22:25, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Yeah ... too bad with valverde ... but this is cycling so .... seen wors, and we will see it again .... I don't stop looking forward to great races for that reason .... I saw the parcours just today, and I gotta say .... this must be the best route in a GT ever :)))

BartVelo [BartVelo] Sunday 2.Jul 22:04, 2017
18th FC-manager overall
Yes Goon, I'm looking more forward to it. More interesting race, more surprises.
And for me as a Dutch, there's no Dutch GC contender in TDF and perhaps a shot on a stage, but that's it.
For the Vuelta we have Dumoulin and Kruijswijk back in contention, makes it more interesting to watch, more excitement.

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 2.Jul 21:59, 2017
I was until yesterday. Now I don't care about any of the races left this season at all. I only care about Alejandro healing. I feel so badly for him. He was so looking forward to the Vuelta this year. 3 stages near his home and on his training roads including one mountain top finish that he had targeted for a win since they released the route.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 2.Jul 21:55, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
I was until yesterday when my favorite for the race was badly injured.

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 2.Jul 21:09, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Is it Just me, or does anyone else already looking forward to vuelta, and its FANTASTIC parcours .... wow .... the highlights is lined up 3 weeks throughout :)))

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 2.Jul 19:28, 2017
Valverde couldn't do it, why would anything think anyone else could. Although he did say that because Alejandro tried it he wanted to try it sometime. Not like they have anything to loose at this point. They have already more or less said their season is done.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Sunday 2.Jul 19:20, 2017
Quintana triple-GT assault!

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 2.Jul 19:08, 2017
It will be interesting to see what Movistar chooses to do. They don't have many good options here. Esp with their riders not even wanting to be racing at the moment. My guess is they send Fernandez and Soler to the Vuelta as co-leaders with no expectations of them doing anything.

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 2.Jul 16:20, 2017

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Sunday 2.Jul 13:46, 2017
Time for Bonifazio to change teams again :(

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 2.Jul 11:52, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Nice, a new domestique for Jan Polanc :)

BartVelo [BartVelo] Sunday 2.Jul 10:39, 2017
18th FC-manager overall
Elia Viviani (Sky) to ride for UAE Team Emirates at Vuelta a España, according to Gazzetta.