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Vuelta a España

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Old/young winners Stage victories Victory table Yearly overview

Youngest winners

1961 Angelino Soler Spain 21y 5m 16d
1935 Gustaaf Deloor Belgium 21y 10m 21d
1960 Frans De Mulder Belgium 22y 4m 29d
1936 Gustaaf Deloor Belgium 22y 11m 7d
1948 Bernardo Ruiz Spain 23y 5m 27d
1978 Bernard Hinault France 23y 6m
1984 Eric Caritoux France 23y 8m 21d
1980 Faustino Ruperez Spain 24y 2m
1970 Luis Ocaña Spain 24y 10m 3d
1982 Marino Lejarreta Spain 24y 11m 26d
1985 Pedro Delgado Spain 25y 27d
1991 Melcior Mauri Spain 25y 1m 11d
1962 Rudi Altig Germany 25y 1m 26d
2015 Fabio Aru Italy 25y 2m 10d
1977 Freddy Maertens Belgium 25y 3m 2d

Oldest winners

2013 Chris Horner USA 41y 10m 23d
1994 Tony Rominger Switzerland 33y 1m 19d
2006 Alexandre Vinokourov Kazakhstan 33y 1d
1979 Joop Zoetemelk Netherlands 32y 5m 10d
2017 Chris Froome Great Britain 32y 3m 21d
1993 Tony Rominger Switzerland 32y 1m 20d
1988 Sean Kelly Ireland 31y 11m 22d
1971 Ferdinand Bracke Belgium 31y 11m 22d
2014 Alberto Contador Spain 31y 9m 8d
2005 Roberto Heras Spain 31y 7m 17d
1957 Jesús Loroño Spain 31y 4m 2d
1956 Angelo Conterno Italy 31y 2m
1992 Tony Rominger Switzerland 31y 1m 21d
2004 Roberto Heras Spain 30y 7m 25d
1975 Agustín Tamames Spain 30y 7m 1d


WhatGrand Tour
Nation Spain
Last winner Simon Yates
First winner Gustaaf Deloor
Editions 74 (inc.2019)
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Most victories

Roberto Heras 4
Alberto Contador 3
Tony Rominger 3
Julián Berrendero 2
Pedro Delgado 2
Gustaaf Deloor 2
José Manuel Fuente 2
Bernard Hinault 2
Alex Zülle 2