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Giro Ciclistico D'Italia

Results 2017 Victorytable Stage victories Year-by-year


Year # Links Winner Second Third
20122.2Results Joe Dombrowski Fabio Aru Pierre Paolo Penasa
20112.2Results Mattia Cattaneo Winner Anacona Stefano Agostini
20102.2Results Carlos Betancur Edward Beltran Antonio Santoro
20092.2Results Cayetano Jose Sarmiento--
20062.2Results Dario Cataldo--
2004AmResults Marco Marzano--
2003AmResults Dainius Kairelis--
2002AmResults Giuseppe Muraglia--
2001AmResults Davide Frattini--
2000AmResults Raffaele Ferrara--
1999AmResults Tadej Valjavec--
1998AmResults Danilo Di Luca--
1997AmResults Oscar Mason--
1996AmResults Roberto Sgambelluri--
1995AmResults Giuseppe Di Grande--
1994AmResults Leonardo Piepoli--
1993AmResults Gilberto Simoni--
1992AmResults Marco Pantani--
1991AmResults Francesco Casagrande--
1990AmResults Wladimir Belli--
1989AmResults Andrei Teteriouk--
1988AmResults Dimitri Konyshev--
1986AmResults Alexandre Krasnov--
1985AmResults Sergei Uslamin--
1984AmResults Piotr Ugrumov--
1983AmResults Vladimir Volochin--
1982AmResults Francesco Cesarini--
1981AmResults Sergej Voronin--
1980AmResults Giovanni Fedrigo--
1979AmResults Alf Segersall--
1978AmResults Fausto Stiz--
1977AmResults Claudio Corti--
1976AmResults Franco Conti--
1975AmResults Ruggero Gialdini--
1974AmResults Leone Pizzini--
1973AmResults Gianbattista Baronchelli--
1972AmResults Giovanni Battaglin--
1971AmResults Francesco Moser--
1970AmResults Giancarlo Bellini--


WhatStage race
Nation Italy
Former namesBaby Giro