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Tour du Poitou-Charentes

Overview 2018 Jersey Stats

Year # Links Winner Second Third
2018 2.1 Results Arnaud Démare Sylvain Chavanel Yoann Paillot
2017 2.1 Results Mads Pedersen Jonathan Castroviejo Jempy Drucker
2016 2.1 Results Sylvain Chavanel Wilco Kelderman Nelson Oliveira
2015 2.1 Results Tony Martin Adriano Malori Jonathan Castroviejo
2014 2.1 Results Sylvain Chavanel Svein Tuft Cyril Lemoine
2013 2.1 Results Thomas Voeckler Jesus Herrada Lopez Mikhail Ignatiev
2012 2.1 Results Luke Durbridge Jérémy Roy László Bodrogi
2011 2.1 Results Jesse Sergent Alex Dowsett Michal Kwiatkowski
2010 2.1 Results Jimmy Engoulvent Dominique Rollin Martin Elmiger
2009 2.1 Results Gustav Erik Larsson Brett Lancaster David Le Lay
2008 2.1 Results Benoit Vaugrenard Kevyn Ista Florian Morizot
2007 2.1 Results Thomas Voeckler Emilien Berges Lars Boom
2006 2.1 Results Sylvain Chavanel Rick Flens Jussi Veikkanen
2005 2.1 Results Sylvain Chavanel Christophe Moreau Linas Balciunas
2004 2.3 Results Stéphane Barthe Ronald Mutsaars Jimmy Engoulvent
2003 2.3 Results Jens Voigt Sylvain Chavanel Jørgen Bo Pettersen
2002 2.3 Results Guido Trentin Sylvain Chavanel Nicolas Jalabert
2001 2.4 Results Jens Voigt Ivailo Gabrovski Lauri Aus
2000 2.4 Results Floyd Landis Peter Wrolich Marcel Gono
1999 2.4 Results Christophe Moreau Jean-Cyril Robin Lauri Aus
1998 2.4 Results Lauri Aus David Millar Marc Streel
1997 2.4 Results Joaquin Adrego Andrade Stéphane Barthe Uwe Peschel
1996 2.5 Results Eddy Seigneur Jacky Durand Emmanuel Hubert
1995 NE Results Nicolas Aubier Arnaud Pretot Laurent Roux
1994 NE Results Philippe Gaumont Hervé Boussard Frederic Laubier
1993 NE Results Thierry Marie François Simon Francis Moreau
1992 NE Results Pascal Lance Laurent Bezault Eddy Seigneur
1991 NE Results Kim Andersen Christophe Manin Arturas Kasputis
1990 Am Results Yuri Manuylov --
1989 Am Results Pavel Tonkov --
1988 NE Results Pascal Peyramaure --
1987 Am Results Jean-Louis Conan --


WhatStage race
Nation France
Last winner Arnaud Démare
First winner Jean-Louis Conan
Editions 33 (inc.2019)

Most victories

Sylvain Chavanel 4
Thomas Voeckler 2
Jens Voigt 2