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GP Impanis - Van Petegem

Results 2017 Victorytable Year-by-year


Year # Links Winner Second Third
20161.HCResults Fernando Gaviria Timothy Dupont Maximiliano Richeze
20151.HCResults Sean De Bie Dimitri Claeys Floris Gerts
20141.1Results Greg Van Avermaet Tosh van der Sande Michal Golas
20131.1Results Sep Vanmarcke Pieter Weening Jerome Baugnies
20121.1Results André Greipel Kevyn Ista Kevin Peeters
20111.2Results Sander Cordeel Maarten Craeghs Kirill Pozdnyakov
19941.2Results Carlo Bomans--
19931.2Results Phil Anderson--
19921.2Results Louis De Koning--
19911.2Results Wiebren Veenstra--
19901.3Results Wiebren Veenstra--
1989CB-2Results Eric Vanderaerden--
1988CB-2Results Stephen Hodge--
1987CB-2Results Paul Haghedooren--
1986NEResults Allan Peiper--
1985NEResults Jelle Nijdam--
1984CB-2Results Ad Wijnands--
1983CB-2Results Ludo Peeters--
1982CB-2Results Willem Peeters--
1980CB-2Results Willem Peeters--
1979CB-2Results Gerrie van Gerwen--
1978CB-2Results Ludo Peeters--
1977CB-2Results Frans van Vlierberghe--
1976CB-2Results Frans Verbeeck--
1975CB-2Results Jos Jacobs--
1974CB-2Results Frans Verbeeck--
1973CB-2Results Walter Godefroot--
1972CB-2Results Eddy Peelmann--
1971CB-2Results Eddy Verstraeten--
1970CB-2Results Herman Vrijders--
1969CB-2Results Herman Vrijders--
1968CB-2Results Valere Van Sweevelt--
1967CB-2Results Jerome Kegels--
1966CB-2Results Julien Stevens--
1965CB-2Results Marcel Van Den Bogaert--
1964CB-2Results Joseph Hoevenaers--
1963CB-2Results Joseph Dewit--
1962CB-2Results Constant Goossens--
1961CB-2Results Willy Vannitsen--
1955CB-2Results Jean Brankart--
1953CB-2Results Ernest Sterckx--


WhatOne-day race
Nation Belgium
Last winner Fernando Gaviria
First winner Ernest Sterckx
Editions42 (inc.2017)