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1921 Giro d'Italia

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General Youth Points Mountain


Pos Name Born Nation Team Time
01Giovanni Brunero1895 Italy-120t 24' 39''
02Gaetano Belloni1892 Italy-+ 41"
03Bartolomeo Aimo1889 Italy-+ 19' 47"
04Lucien Buysse1892 Belgium-+ 39' 00"
05Angelo Gremo1887 Italy-+ 47' 28"
06Federico Gay1896 Italy-+ 59' 33"
07Alfredo Sivocci1891 Italy-+ 1t 24' 27"
08Clemente Canepari1886 Italy-+ 2t 24' 08"
09Giovanni Rossignoli1882 Italy-+ 2t 24' 25"
10Luigi Annoni1890 Italy-+ 2t 36' 57"
11Alfredo Comminetti- Italy-
12Giovanni Scaioni- Italy-
13Nicolino Di Biase1894 Italy-
14Michele Gordini1896 Italy-
15Giuseppe Santhia1886 Italy-
16Lauro Bordin1890 Italy-
17Enrico Sala1881 Italy-
18Angelo Erba1889 Italy-
19Louis Luguet1892 France-
20Ugo Bianchi1903 Italy-
RaceGiro d'Italia
Nation Italy
DateMay 25th-12th
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