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Le Tour de Langkawi

Overview 2018 Jersey Stats

Year # Links Winner Second Third
2018 2.HC Results Artem Ovechkin Lukasz Owsian Benjamin Dyball
2017 2.HC Results Ryan Gibbons Cameron Bayly Alberto Cecchin
2016 2.HC Results Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg Daniel Jaramillo Miguel Angel Lopez
2015 2.HC Results Youcef Reguigui Valerio Agnoli Sebastian Henao
2014 2.HC Results Samad Pourseyedi Merhawi Kudus Isaac Bolivar Hernandez
2013 2.HC Results Julian Arredondo Pieter Weening Sergio Pardilla
2012 2.HC Results José Serpa José Rujano Victor Niño Corredor
2011 2.HC Results Yonathan Monsalve Libardo Nino Corredor [*] Emanuele Sella
2010 2.HC Results José Rujano Hyo Suk Gong Hossein Askari
2009 2.HC Results José Serpa Jai Crawford Jackson Rodriguez
2008 2.HC Results Ruslan Ivanov Matthieu Sprick Gustavo César Veloso
2007 2.HC Results Anthony Charteau José Serpa Walter Pedraza
2006 2.HC Results David George Francesco Bellotti Gabriele Missaglia
2005 2.HC Results Ryan Cox José Rujano Tiaan Kannemeyer
2004 2.2 Results Freddy Gonzalez Martinez Ryan Cox Dave Bruylandts
2003 2.2 Results Tom Danielson Hernan Dario Munoz Freddy Gonzalez Martinez
2002 2.3 Results Hernan Dario Munoz Robert Hunter David George
2001 2.3 Results Paolo Lanfranchi Paolo Bettini Chris Wherry
2000 2.4 Results Chris Horner Julio Perez Cuapio Fortunato Baliani
1999 2.4 Results Paolo Lanfranchi Sergei Ivanov Allan Iacuone
1998 2.5 Results Gabriele Missaglia Giuliano Figueras Niklas Axelsson
1997 2.5 Results Luca Scinto Jens Voigt Alberto Elli
1996 2.5 Results Damian McDonald Chris Newton Brett Dennis


WhatStage race
Nation Malaysia
Last winner Artem Ovechkin
First winner Damian McDonald
Editions 24 (inc.2019)

Most victories

Paolo Lanfranchi 2
José Serpa 2