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2017 Tour de Romandie

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Koronin [Koronin] Monday 24.Apr 22:54, 2017
I keep going back and forth with Amador and Fernandez or just put them both on my team. Amador should be headed to the Giro to be the top helper for Quintana. Fernandez is not headed to the Giro. Amador is a proven team leader for Movistar while Fernandez is not, yet he has gotten some very good results for the team when needed.

Assassin [TheTrueAssassins] Monday 24.Apr 19:16, 2017
He has but i still think when push comes to shove, Bob is better.

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 24.Apr 18:55, 2017
Actually De la cruz has two really strong TTs behind him this season ... 5th on a 28 km in pais Vasco, and 6th on a 15 km ( with the steep climb last km ) in Paris Nice .... he has definitely taken a step this season :)))

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 24.Apr 18:43, 2017
I am sorry Andy .... I don't agree at all .... weither some of the climbs are cancelled or changed into something easyer, or remains as they are, the "long" TT is still the crucial stage, and it won't matter that much either way .... so that is not a question at all .... besides, when we set teams, we can't take other precautions than what the parcours descriptions tells us .... I am much more interested in what people in here has to say about the riders .... De la Cruz or Jungels fex ? Thats one of my big doubts ... and what about Zakarin and Spilak ... Spilak known as mr. Romandie, but hasn't showed anytring for a long time, and Zakarin, potentially the 3rd strongest guy here, done really well here before and SHOULD be in great shape for the Giro now .... showed great form before i crached out off catalunya a month ago ......

Assassin [TheTrueAssassins] Monday 24.Apr 18:41, 2017
if the TT is the crucial stage, surely Bob. De La Cruz is by no means awful TT'er but he's no Bob when Bob is in full flow

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 24.Apr 17:20, 2017
The biggest issue here is to find out how tough the stages are and to figure out if any stages are due to changes because of weather, that has happened in Romandie before recently.

goon1221 [BMC] Monday 24.Apr 14:19, 2017
Tour de Romandie ... Last prep for some of the Giro guys like Jungels, Zakarin, Van Garderen and Simon Yates. ... that opens up a couple of questions managervize .... at first glance, 9 guys just ran out of the startlist into my team, but unfortunately, my brain startet to run with it, so the doubts was unavoidable :D .... De la cruz or Jungels ? Zakarin or Spilak ? Simon Yates ? I mean the TT km are crucial here, and Albasini got some really good chances for a stage win or two ..... Van Garderen in addition to Porte ? .... what do we think here people ?