2017 The Larry H. Millar Tour of Utah

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General Youth Points Mountain Sprint

Results after stage 07

Pos Name Born Nation Team Time
01Rob Britton1984 Canada Rally Cycling22:48:03
02Gavin Mannion1991 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 22
03Serghei Tvetcov1988 Romania Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 32
04Neilson Powless1996 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 35
05Brent Bookwalter1984 USA BMC Racing Team+ 02:00
06Giulio Ciccone1994 Italy Bardiani - CSF+ 02:16
07Jonathan Clarke1984 Australia UnitedHealthcare+ 02:41
08Chris Butler1988 USA Caja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 02:47
09Sepp Kuss1994 USA Rally Cycling+ 02:55
10James Piccoli1991 Canada Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling+ 03:00
11Taylor Eisenhart1994 USA Holowesko - Citadel+ 03:03
12Pierpaolo Ficara1991 Italy Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 03:24
13Nigel Ellsay1994 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 05:01
14Antonio Molina1991 Spain Caja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 05:13
15Jhonnatan Narvaez1997 Ecuador Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 06:00
16Kyle Murphy1991 USA Cylance Pro Cycling+ 06:32
17Eder Frayre1991 Mexico Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling+ 07:31
18Ivan Santaromita1984 Italy Nippo - Vini Fantini+ 11:09
19Killian Frankiny1994 Switzerland BMC Racing Team+ 12:34
20Silvan Dillier1990 Switzerland BMC Racing Team+ 13:03
21Martin Elmiger1978 Switzerland BMC Racing Team+ 16:04
22Marco Zamparella1987 Italy Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 16:16
23Manuel Senni1992 Italy BMC Racing Team+ 16:17
24Daniel Alexander Jaramillo1991 Colombia UnitedHealthcare+ 17:19
25Robbie Squire1990 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles+ 17:50
26Francisco Mancebo1976 Spain Hangar 15 Bycicles+ 20:55
27Marco Canola1988 Italy Nippo - Vini Fantini+ 21:23
28Ruben Companioni1990 Cuba Holowesko - Citadel+ 21:53
29Manuel Sola Arjona1992 Spain Caja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 21:55
30Adam De Vos1993 Canada Rally Cycling+ 22:33
31Keegan Swirbul1995 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 22:40
32Dennis Van Winden1987 Netherlands Israel Cycling Aca+ 24:31
33Lachlan Norris1987 Australia UnitedHealthcare+ 26:10
34Joey Rosskopf1989 USA BMC Racing Team+ 26:11
35Emerson Oronte1990 USA Rally Cycling+ 26:57
36Luca Wackermann1992 Italy Bardiani - CSF+ 27:31
37Luis Lemus1992 Mexico Israel Cycling Aca+ 28:09
38Alex Hoehn1997 USA Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling+ 29:38
39Travis McCabe1989 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 32:03
40Alex Aranburu1995 Spain Caja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 32:11
41Patrick Muller1996 Switzerland BMC Racing Team+ 35:34
42Chad Beyer1986 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles+ 37:04
43Gonzalo Serrano Rodriguez1994 Spain Caja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 37:14
44Miguel Angel Benito1993 Spain Caja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 37:31
45Lorenzo Rota1995 Italy Bardiani - CSF+ 38:29
46Redi Halilaj1989 Albania Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 39:49
47Christopher Jones1979 USA UnitedHealthcare+ 40:32
48David Galarreta Ugarte1993 Spain Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 41:53
49Jacob Rathe1991 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 42:02
50Logan Owen1995 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 42:13
51Simone Sterbini1993 Italy Bardiani - CSF+ 42:15
52Simone Velasco1995 Italy Bardiani - CSF+ 43:13
53Rui Oliveira1996 Portugal Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 45:40
54Stephen Bassett1995 USA Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 45:41
55Connor Brown1996 USA Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling+ 45:51
56Guillaume Boivin1989 Canada Israel Cycling Aca+ 47:20
57Andrei Krasilnikau1989 Belarus Holowesko - Citadel+ 47:28
58Steve Fisher1990 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles+ 47:34
59Chris Winn1984 Australia Hangar 15 Bycicles+ 47:50
60Diego Rubio Hernandez1991 Spain Caja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 48:15
61Simone Andreetta1993 Italy Bardiani - CSF+ 49:08
62Giacomo Berlato1992 Italy Nippo - Vini Fantini+ 49:36
63Marco Bernardinetti1991 Italy Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 50:09
64Adam Roberge1997 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 50:22
65Kaler Marshall1986 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles+ 50:47
66Eric Marcotte1980 USA Cylance Pro Cycling+ 51:48
67Janier Alexis Acevedo1985 Colombia UnitedHealthcare+ 52:06
68Fabio Calabria1987 Australia Team Novo Nordisk+ 52:33
69Justin Oien1995 USA Caja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 52:35
70Erik Slack1988 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles+ 52:49
71Jonathan Brown1997 USA Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 52:54
72Ulises Castillo1992 Mexico Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 53:26
73Andzs Flaksis1991 Latvia Holowesko - Citadel+ 53:35
74Josh Berry1990 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 53:47
75Michael Rice1996 Australia Axeon - Hagens Berman+ 53:51
76Mihkel Raim1993 Estonia Israel Cycling Aca+ 53:53
77Tom Bohli1994 Switzerland BMC Racing Team+ 54:08
78Evan Huffmann1990 USA Rally Cycling+ 54:56
79Vincenzo Albanese1996 Italy Bardiani - CSF+ 55:02
80Cortlan Brown1989 USA Hangar 15 Bycicles+ 56:04
81Tyler Williams1994 USA Israel Cycling Aca+ 57:12
82John Murphy1984 USA Holowesko - Citadel+ 57:56
83Bryan Lewis1990 USA Cylance Pro Cycling+ 58:02
84Colin Joyce1994 USA Rally Cycling+ 58:41
85Lucas Sebastian Haedo1983 Argentina UnitedHealthcare+ 59:15
86Umberto Poli1996 Italy Team Novo Nordisk+ 01:00:27
87Besmir Banushi1988 Albania Amore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 01:01:32
88Oscar Clark1989 USA Holowesko - Citadel+ 01:02:33
89Andres Miguel Diaz1984 Colombia Cylance Pro Cycling+ 01:02:41
90Taylor Shelden1987 USA Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 01:03:40
91Paolo Simion1992 Italy Bardiani - CSF+ 01:04:25
92Rik Van Ijzendoorn1987 Netherlands Team Novo Nordisk+ 01:05:52
93Jordan Cheyne1991 Canada Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis+ 01:06:34
94Sam Brand1991 Great Britain Team Novo Nordisk+ 01:06:39
95Joseph Schmalz1990 USA Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling+ 01:10:35
96Alan Marangoni1984 Italy Nippo - Vini Fantini+ 01:10:49
97Eric Young1989 USA Rally Cycling+ 01:11:23
98Damiano Cima1993 Italy Nippo - Vini Fantini+ 01:14:23
99Pier-Andre Cote1997 Canada Silber Pro Cycling Team+ 01:14:41
100Stephen Clancy1992 Ireland Team Novo Nordisk+ 01:19:07
RaceThe Larry H. Millar Tour of Utah
Nation USA
DateJuly 31st-6th
Leader R.Britton
Youth N.Powless
Points T.McCabe
Mountain J.Rathe
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Nr.1 Rob Britton

Manager results
1 Kneet
2 Team Paracarri
3 K92-Team Neverland
4 lola cycling team
5 Movistars