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Settimana Coppi e Bartali

Results 2017 Victorytable Stage victories Year-by-year


Year # Links Winner Second Third
20162.1Results Sergej Firsanov Mauro Finetto Gianni Moscon
20152.1Results Louis Meintjes Ben Swift Matija Kvasina
20142.1Results Peter Kennaugh Dario Cataldo Matteo Rabottini
20132.1Results Diego Ulissi Damiano Cunego Miguel Angel Rubiano
20122.1Results Jan Barta Bartosz Huzarski Diego Ulissi
20112.1Results Emanuele Sella Diego Ulissi Stefano Pirazzi
20102.1Results Ivan Santaromita Przemyslaw Niemiec José Serpa
20092.1Results Damiano Cunego Cadel Evans Massimo Giunti
20082.1Results Cadel Evans Stefano Garzelli Vincenzo Nibali
20072.1Results Michele Scarponi Riccardo Riccò Luca Pierfelici
20062.1Results Damiano Cunego Vincenzo Nibali Mario Aerts
20052.1Results Franco Pellizotti Mauro Facci Damiano Cunego
20042.3Results Giuliano Figueras Mirko Celestino Michele Scarponi
20032.3Results Mirko Celestino Francesco Casagrande Franco Pellizotti
20022.3Results Francesco Casagrande Peter Luttenberger Cadel Evans
20012.4Results Ruslan Ivanov Dario Frigo Freddy Gonzalez Martinez
20002.4Results Paolo Bettini Wladimir Belli Marco Velo
19992.4Results Romans Vainsteins Gianmario Ortenzi Paolo Bettini
1997NEResults Roberto Petito--
1996NEResults Gabriele Colombo--
19942.3Results Rodolfo Massi--
19932.3Results Michele Bartoli--
19922.2Results Moreno Argentin--
19912.2Results Phil Anderson--
19902.2Results Rolf Sørensen--
1989CB-1Results Bruno Leali--
1988CB-1Results Adriano Baffi--
1987CB-1Results Maurizio Rossi--
1986CB-1Results Giuseppe Saronni--
1985CB-1Results Laurent Fignon--
1984CB-1Results Moreno Argentin--


WhatStage race
Nation Italy
Last winner Sergej Firsanov
First winner Moreno Argentin
Editions32 (inc.2017)

Most victories

Moreno Argentin 2
Damiano Cunego 2