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2017 Trofeo Laigueglia

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Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 14.Feb 00:49, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Had some really close duels this year. Lost to Bendit by 1.7pts in the Marseille race, and beat T-Unit by 0.05pt in the Cadel race.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 14.Feb 00:00, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Lucky for me that. So now I have seven consecutive duel wins, never had so many before I think.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Monday 13.Feb 23:50, 2017
4th FC-manager overall
Lost my duel on that one. Onwards and upwards, I hope.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 13.Feb 20:11, 2017
18th FC-manager overall
Bouet was first listed as DNS, but was actually on spot 14. That has been changed yesterday evening.
Just processed ELO duels.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 12.Feb 21:27, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
I had a very good August and September last year, but thenI had to pick Fränk and Zaugg to Lombardia and then nothing worked out until I was second in Worlds, which was a disappointment since I was hoping for a win there after the race. But now, I don't have to do picks like that, although I consider Bob for Oman, but still many years for retirement race for him thankfully.

Felline new allrounder? He secured a win in Criterium International for me some years ago, that was his breakthrough in mountains, and now he seems to have recovered from his Amstel crash, so expect a very good season from him this season.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Sunday 12.Feb 21:08, 2017
Beware LUX, I was more or less in your position at this stage last year but reverted back to my mediocre mean very soon. However, your hot spell has endured for the latter stages of last season too - perhaps it was the Schlecks holding you back all along?

I have to say Felline and Restrepo (hello Ritle) are staking their claims as two of the most exciting new allrounders at the moment, climbing just as well as they sprint. Perhaps Felline can become rider everyone thought Moreno Moser would turn into in 2012.

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 12.Feb 18:22, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
Andy .... it's not like anyone has opened up a gap here though :D but don't you worry Andy ....
you will soon be left out of this uncomfortable position for you :D soon soon :)))

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 12.Feb 18:20, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
* the riders also get points from racing in the jerseys (20pts for a day in the leader jersey, and 10pts for the others)
* riders winning the combative title are given 40 pts a stage

Nathan [CT Glory] Sunday 12.Feb 18:16, 2017
14th FC-manager overall
Little question, does a rider get points for wearing the youth classifications jersey or being 2nd in it?

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 12.Feb 18:11, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
My boi got some points

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 12.Feb 18:09, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
You probably picked him this time because I couldn't tell you to not do so for this race.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 12.Feb 18:08, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
When he says discuss, he means rip the **** out of me for picking Polanc :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 12.Feb 18:07, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
No, but have discussed with Partyfinn and Assassins among others earlier, but not for this one. For Steinvik, I was logged at his profile, so had to enter a team with Nico Vinz as the captain of course.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 12.Feb 18:03, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
he was in an earlier attack with Polanc Andy, then got into the chasing group :)

Nathan [CT Glory] Sunday 12.Feb 18:03, 2017
14th FC-manager overall
Andy, you make teams together with your team? :O

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 12.Feb 18:00, 2017
15th FC-manager overall
Still wondering how I can be the best of the rest in the overall. Second with only Ruvu ahead of me shouldn't be possible. The big question after Tomas didn't chose a proper team here is when do I crack?

Logreid: Was Cattaneo in the breakaway? I see he actually was top 10 and was on the Steinvik team we set up Friday evening.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 12.Feb 17:36, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Didn't see Bettiol or Moser in Top 30 :)

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 12.Feb 17:35, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Hey he scored

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Sunday 12.Feb 17:31, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
Polanc didn't do shit, who'd have thought

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Sunday 12.Feb 17:30, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Meh i'll take 14th

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Sunday 12.Feb 15:55, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
Nice scenario Logreid. Felline just won after solo and I think Hardy might be up there as well.

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 12.Feb 15:14, 2017
30th FC-manager overall
Well well, thought we all put together teams at FC HQ friday night. Hmm..

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Sunday 12.Feb 15:03, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
anyone have a stream for this?

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Sunday 12.Feb 14:55, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
Tomas :D

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Sunday 12.Feb 13:41, 2017
Only way I'm winning is if Felline defeats Ulissi in a two-up sprint whilst Gavazzi wins the gallop in the chasing bunch with Petilli and Hardy on the subsequent placings.

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 12.Feb 11:24, 2017
19th FC-manager overall
My mocking didn't help at all .... hmmm :D

goon1221 [BMC] Sunday 12.Feb 11:21, 2017
19th FC-manager overall

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Sunday 12.Feb 11:20, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
lol @ Tomas who was gonna compete in the season competition.
his first DNS comes in Laigueglia. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Sunday 12.Feb 11:14, 2017
Steinvik's team is my guess of breakaway-composition, he wins if all nine are in #JustBaroloThings

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Saturday 11.Feb 18:09, 2017
2nd FC-manager overall
Startlist updated.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 11.Feb 16:26, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
You can never be 100% sure what might happen, and being sure of 3 guys doesn't really help. And as EPO says, you can have most of your team up there and still finish miles downs. Not an easy race at all

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Saturday 11.Feb 16:19, 2017
3rd FC-manager overall
Last year I had 6 riders in the top 7, placed 1-5 and 8th in my team, and still only finished 61st...

Bst222 [Bst222] Saturday 11.Feb 16:00, 2017
I can for sure give you guys 3 names that will make top 10

Nathan [CT Glory] Saturday 11.Feb 13:03, 2017
14th FC-manager overall
Totally agree Assassin, Italian squad makes it even harder...

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Friday 10.Feb 21:00, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
but there are a lot of guys who can get top 10 depending on what outcome

Bst222 [Bst222] Friday 10.Feb 16:58, 2017
The squads are very balanced and equal in terms of quality imo, just pick the guys that will get top 10 for sure.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Friday 10.Feb 15:21, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Yeah reach for the stars :)

Remi [LSK Cycling] Friday 10.Feb 15:18, 2017
Will be a LSK Cycling tripple at the podium :)

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Friday 10.Feb 15:08, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Totally agree Logreid. Great quality field and too many outcomes.

Nathan [CT Glory] Friday 10.Feb 14:08, 2017
14th FC-manager overall
Bst, We all have our dreams don't we?

Nathan [CT Glory] Friday 10.Feb 14:08, 2017
14th FC-manager overall
Bst, We all have our dreams don't we?

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Friday 10.Feb 09:42, 2017
Hard to pick a team even before the Italian national squad was announced. Still feels like one of those races with such a wide array of plausible outcomes with so many riders still only getting started that a couple of outsider picks could make sense.

Hope proper coverage is available this year, has looked like a very exciting race from the highlights package in previous years. Would be good to catch a glimpse of Carboni who I expect to sign for WT or good pro conti-team for next year.

Bst222 [Bst222] Thursday 9.Feb 17:31, 2017
Nathan we all know I'll beat you ;)

Nathan [CT Glory] Thursday 9.Feb 16:43, 2017
14th FC-manager overall
That was not planned Logreid!

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 9.Feb 16:15, 2017
5th FC-manager overall
Better field than usual. damnnnnnn

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Thursday 9.Feb 12:16, 2017
Belletti and Fedi out, both star-marked