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The rules are simple

* choose your team of riders (the number of riders differs based on the teamsize for the teams actually competing)
* your riders have different roles inside your team, from captains to domestiques (the different roles gets calculated in how many points a rider get for a victory etc, the variables are shown where you select your team)
* the riders score points for places between no.1-30
* the riders get 2x the scale for GC positions in stage races
* the riders get points from places no.1-30 on stages in stage races
* the riders also get points from racing in the jerseys (20pts for a day in the leader jersey, and 10pts for the others)
* riders winning the combative title are given 40 pts a stage
The team with the most points at the end wins!!

Grand Tour specials
* on the rest days you can make changes on your team
* the riders who stays in place (same role) the WHOLE race get 4x points for their placement in the GC
* team time trials doesnt count

Points scale
No.1 = 100 pts
No.2 = 80 pts
No.3 = 60 pts
No.4 = 50 pts
No.5 = 45 pts
No.6 = 40 pts
No.7 = 36 pts
No.8 = 32 pts
No.9 = 29 pts
No.10 = 26 pts
No.11 = 24 pts
No.12 = 22 pts
No.13 = 20 pts
No.14 = 18 pts
No.15 = 16 pts
No.16 = 15 pts ..... No.30 = 1 pts.

Coming up..

Women TTT Sun 23.Sep
TTT Sun 23.Sep
Women ITT JR Mon 24.Sep
ITT U23 Mon 24.Sep
Women ITT Tue 25.Sep
ITT JR Tue 25.Sep
ITT Wed 26.Sep
Women RR JR Thu 27.Sep
RR JR Thu 27.Sep
RR U23 Fri 28.Sep
Women RR Sat 29.Sep
RR Sun 30.Sep


Eurométropole Sat 22.Sep, 12:30 CET

Victories by nation

29 Netherlands
15 Norway
13 USA
8 Great Britain
7 FirstCycling
7 Portugal
6 Belgium
4 Eritrea
4 Germany
4 Italy
4 Poland
4 Venezuela
3 France
3 Romania
2 Finland
2 Greece
2 Thailand
1 Australia
1 Ireland
1 Spain
1 Sweden