FC Manager info & rules

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The rules are simple

* choose your team of riders (the number of riders differs based on the teamsize for the teams actually competing)
* your riders have different roles inside your team, from captains to domestiques (the different roles gets calculated in how many points a rider get for a victory etc, the variables are shown where you select your team)
* the riders score points for places between no.1-30
* the riders get 2x the scale for GC positions in stage races
* the riders get points from places no.1-30 on stages in stage races
* the riders also get points from racing in the jerseys (20pts for a day in the leader jersey, and 10pts for the others)
* riders winning the combative title are given 40 pts a stage
The team with the most points at the end wins!!

Grand Tour specials
* on the rest days you can make changes on your team
* the riders who stays in place (same role) the WHOLE race get 4x points for their placement in the GC
* team time trials doesnt count

Points scale
No.1 = 100 pts
No.2 = 80 pts
No.3 = 60 pts
No.4 = 50 pts
No.5 = 45 pts
No.6 = 40 pts
No.7 = 36 pts
No.8 = 32 pts
No.9 = 29 pts
No.10 = 26 pts
No.11 = 24 pts
No.12 = 22 pts
No.13 = 20 pts
No.14 = 18 pts
No.15 = 16 pts
No.16 = 15 pts ..... No.30 = 1 pts.