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Draft order June 1st comments [newest on top]

Nathan [CT Glory] Friday 1.Jun 19:14, 2018
14th FC-manager overall
Much appreciated!

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Friday 1.Jun 18:31, 2018
Right - I have to go now, please can another admin implement the last changes before 19:00 and text me when zKobalt is due if he's not here?

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Friday 1.Jun 17:56, 2018
5th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Thanks Nathan. I shall remove my name from the Krieger queue due to your kindness. :)

Nathan [CT Glory] Friday 1.Jun 17:52, 2018
14th FC-manager overall

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Friday 1.Jun 17:50, 2018
5th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks
We start at 19.00? Yes?

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Friday 1.Jun 17:05, 2018
Fjellda can’t make it tonight and not sure he can make a list either. If he’s not here in time, he’ll have to use his draft picks on riders unsigned after the draft. He’ll also be able to reduce length and increase wage of 4 of those left in his squad. But he’ll have to do it by within a few days of the draft, I reckon.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 1.Jun 15:33, 2018
Since you got first draft; just send the one you want to me and I can draft for you in case you are not back then.

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Friday 1.Jun 15:31, 2018
10th FC-manager overall - 25th FC-manager last 6 weeks
I hope I can be back on time. Didnt have time for a list sadly.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Friday 1.Jun 15:16, 2018
I've been a single parent all week and is still tonight (wife arrives late tonight to find me passed out on Bulmer's/shouting UGLY DUSAN in a state of coma) - so I'll be a bit on and off until the draft starts - and most likely I'm not fully in front of the computer until 19:30.

Andy - text me if I'm needed prior to this. I have the drafts of Bendit, zKobalt and Francisco's first in addition to mine - but I'm only a backup for zKobalt. I can text you his draft if I'm still putting the kids to bed when it's his turn and he's not here.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Friday 1.Jun 10:40, 2018
23th FC-manager overall
Forgot Quintana, just thought about Sagan and Dumoulin. Of course i don't know what their managers will do!
After a close look i can add Kristoff, Porte and Chaves to the group!

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Friday 1.Jun 08:52, 2018
Nairo will be fired in December unless he steps up and starts fulfulling his potential properly.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Friday 1.Jun 01:52, 2018
23th FC-manager overall
Many managers gathering good amount of wage.
I’m wondering if thinking in tomorrow’s draft or in January when it is possible that we will have two BIG names in the market. At least...:)

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Thursday 31.May 23:31, 2018
5th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Certainly not complaining. :)

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Thursday 31.May 23:30, 2018
You better believe your eyes, Aragonite! :)

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Thursday 31.May 23:28, 2018
5th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks
This order suggests newcomers are still getting two extra picks. Thought they had gone.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Thursday 31.May 23:26, 2018
Fair point, EPO - easier to skip until needs be.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Thursday 31.May 23:24, 2018
2nd FC-manager overall - 3rd FC-manager last 6 weeks
> Will post amended order if he doesn't take any action by 19:00 tomorrow:
he can still be stolen from, and then he will make drafts

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 31.May 23:16, 2018
Put it on rules page

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Thursday 31.May 23:14, 2018
Tomas - perhaps we put this on a sub-page in season fantasy and update continously tomorrow?

1-6 and 112-117 are the extra picks for the new managers. Draftpick 95 has been traded to EPO from boris.

Steinvik currently can't do any drafts to being maxed out budgetwise - he knows this as I texted him early this week. Will post amended order if he doesn't take any action by 19:00 tomorrow:
Draftpick Team
1 JohnJackJoe Racing
2 CT Glory
3 FruitnOats
4 sylvainm
6 El pistolero
7 JohnJackJoe Racing
8 CT Glory
9 FruitnOats
10 sylvainm
11 Cycling lions
12 The Rockets
13 Ritlefant
14 Skjelstadmark IL
15 Il Piccolo Partykjepps
17 Second Coming of Horsetrading
18 Troy The Trader
19 Luxembourg Finest p/b #JungelsGate
20 JuhaMieto
21 Erythropoietin
22 nibalies
23 El pistolero
24 K92-Team Neverland
25 LSK TIFOSI Cycling
26 Green Bullet Cycling
27 Bendit
28 JohnJackJoe Racing
29 CT Glory
30 FruitnOats
31 sylvainm
32 Cycling lions
33 The Rockets
34 Ritlefant
35 Skjelstadmark IL
36 Il Piccolo Partykjepps
38 Second Coming of Horsetrading
39 Troy The Trader
40 Luxembourg Finest p/b #JungelsGate
41 JuhaMieto
42 Erythropoietin
43 nibalies
44 El pistolero
45 K92-Team Neverland
46 LSK TIFOSI Cycling
47 Green Bullet Cycling
48 Bendit
49 JohnJackJoe Racing
50 CT Glory
51 FruitnOats
52 sylvainm
53 Cycling lions
54 The Rockets
55 Ritlefant
56 Skjelstadmark IL
57 Il Piccolo Partykjepps
59 Second Coming of Horsetrading
60 Troy The Trader
61 Luxembourg Finest p/b #JungelsGate
62 JuhaMieto
63 Erythropoietin
64 nibalies
65 El pistolero
66 K92-Team Neverland
67 LSK TIFOSI Cycling
68 Green Bullet Cycling
69 Bendit
70 JohnJackJoe Racing
71 CT Glory
72 FruitnOats
73 sylvainm
74 Cycling lions
75 The Rockets
76 Ritlefant
77 Skjelstadmark IL
78 Il Piccolo Partykjepps
80 Second Coming of Horsetrading
81 Troy The Trader
82 Luxembourg Finest p/b #JungelsGate
83 JuhaMieto
84 Erythropoietin
85 nibalies
86 El pistolero
87 K92-Team Neverland
88 LSK TIFOSI Cycling
89 Green Bullet Cycling
90 Bendit
91 JohnJackJoe Racing
92 CT Glory
93 FruitnOats
94 sylvainm
95 Erythropoietin
96 The Rockets
97 Ritlefant
98 Skjelstadmark IL
99 Il Piccolo Partykjepps
101 Second Coming of Horsetrading
102 Troy The Trader
103 Luxembourg Finest p/b #JungelsGate
104 JuhaMieto
105 Erythropoietin
106 nibalies
107 El pistolero
108 K92-Team Neverland
109 LSK TIFOSI Cycling
110 Green Bullet Cycling
111 Bendit
112 JohnJackJoe Racing
113 CT Glory
114 FruitnOats
115 sylvainm
117 El pistolero